Are Slow Cooker Liners Safe for Daily Use? Pros and Cons

Although slow cooker produces perfect delicious food along with easy cooking. But when it comes to cleaning the slow cooker, how will you feel then? It can be irritating because of the stickiness of the pot. Then how to solve this issue? Here is the most effective solution.

Slow cooker liners are popular in this case. Many people prefer to use slow cooker liners. If you have no idea about slow cooker liners, don’t worry! We are here to supply accurate information about slow cooker liners. But there may be some confusion!

Are slow cooker liners safe? Yes, slow cooker liners are safe to use. But all slow cooker liners are not safe. You can use those liners which are FDA recommended. The FDA has discerned that a little number of chemicals can pass to food from plastic. It does not create any health threat.

But Bisphenol A (BPA) containing slow cooker liners has a health-concerning problem with plastic. So these liners aren’t safe to use. So, you should use BPA-free slow cooker liners.

Besides, there is more information about slow cooker liners. To know more messages and clear out your doubts, read this content cordially.

What is A Slow Cooker Liner?

A slow cooker liner is a sheet made of plastic, a type of nylon. So, nylon can resist high temperatures. This plastic sheet makes a line between the base of the pot and the food.

The cover separates the food from contacting and sticking with the pot during cooking. Thereby you can easily clean up the pot. You just remove it after use. It saves your energy and time.

A slow cooker liner is used as a single-use plastic sheet. Bisphenol S-free (BPS-free) and Bisphenol A-free (BPA-free) slow cooker liners are widely used.

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Why Should You Use Slow Cooker Liners?

The greatest benefit of slow cooker liners is that it doesn’t create any mess for clean-up. After eating, you remove the liners and throw them away. There may be some moisture in the pot. So, you have to wipe the pot. No washing or soaking is necessary.

But still, people think that slow cooker liners aren’t safe to use. Why? Because nylon resin, it’s a kind of plastic that is used to make slow cooker liners. It creates concern for the use of plastic not only for the environment but also for our health.

But the FDA has determined a small amount of chemicals leaching from plastic has no health problems. Yet, you always have to avoid BPA-containing slow cooker liners. You should remove the liners carefully because they can be hot and cause burns.

Are Slow Cooker Liners Safe for Cooking?

Yes, you can safely use slow cooker liners. For this, you can set the liners in the slow cooker. Then put the raw ingredients on the slow cooker liner. After that, you have to refrigerate the pot overnight before beginning the cooking process. When you use slow cooker liners, you don’t require to spray inside the pot.

Slow cooker liners are advantageous, but always keep in mind that the surface of the liners is very hot. So be careful of hot food, plastic, steam, or appliances. This can cause burns to yourself or others. Therefore, cool the slow cooker before removing the liner.

Are Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners Safe? Yes, Reynolds slow cooker liners are completely safe to use. Reynolds is a brand of slow cooker liners. These liners are BPA-free and made with polyester fiber or heat-protected nylon. Reynolds slow cooker liners can prevent the mess of the pot after a meal.

Slow cooker liners are not used for broiler, barbeque grill, oven, or toaster oven. Liners are also not used to store food in the fridge. Serve food immediately after cooking from the liner of the slow cooker pot.

Are Crock Pot Liners Safe?

Yes, crockpot liners are also safe to use. Because generally, crockpot liners are made with nylon resin. Nylon resin can resist high heat. Depending on the brand, it can resist around 400°F. They are durable enough that they can’t melt when using liners.

Some crockpot liners are a combination of polymer resin and their additives. They are mixed in together to improve the performance of the crockpot liners. Additives containing crockpot liners can resist high heat and food contact for extended periods.

But are plastic crockpot liners safe? It isn’t easy to give the exact answer. Because many compounds are found in plastics that come in contact with food during cooking. But FDA authorized crockpot liners to have specifications or limitations for their intended use.

For example, each additive has allowed concentration in the final product. And the temperature is also acceptable during cooking for liners.

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How to Use A Slow Cooker Liner Quickly?

It’s very simple to use a slow cooker liner. You just follow the instructions to ease the clean-up and use these steps:

  • First, open the liner. Then place the liner horizontally into the crockpot. After placing, tuck the end portion slightly.
  • Then fill the liners exactly to the top of the lining with ingredients.
  • Close the slow cooker with the lid. Then let the ingredients cook as usual.
  • After cooking, bring out the food from the slow cooker and serve or store it.
  • Lastly, cool the crockpot and remove the liner. Then throw the liner out.

Freezer cooking is another effective way of using slow cooker liners. Prepare the freezer meal. Then place the meal inside a liner and put it into the freezer bag to freeze.

Normally, freeze the ingredients. Then melt the ingredients before setting them inside the crockpot. This also keeps the freezer box clean.

are crock pot liners safe

Benefits of Slow Cooker Liners (Pros)

Crockpot or slow cooker liners are an easy and convenient way to cook a delicious and healthy meal. With a crockpot liner, you can avoid the hassle of scrubbing the pot afterward.

Slow cooker liners have some benefits of using them including –

  1. Quick and Easy Clean– clean up no difficulty to remove trash and burned food.
  2. Water conservation– don’t need to soak a slow cooker pot. And need less water to clean.
  3. Simply freeze the leftovers– store food in slow cooker liners. Then put the frozen meals directly into the pot when cooking. But you shouldn’t keep the meals in the freezer for a long time.
  4. Easy to transport prepared meals– simple to shift the food from liner to a vessel. Because a food-filled liner is portable, lighter, and less risky than the transportation of a crockpot.
  5. Adaptive assistance– people who have movement issues, arthritis, or other physical limitations get benefit from the liners from cleaning and lifting trouble.
  6. Dishwasher efficiency– no need for extra room for cleaning in the dishwasher.
  7. Extra nutritious meals– slow cooker liners provide extra nutritious home-cooked meals. But take out a few amounts.

Besides, the most effective benefits that you can get from a slow cooker liner. Slow cooker liners can cook multiple items at once. For this, you have to use two or more liners. You can cook various meals separately in the same crockpot.

Again, you can make two different dishes using a large slow cooker. It can save your energy cost along with time.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which is the Best Slow Cooker Liner?

There are two excellent slow cooker liners mostly used. They are crock pot slow cooker liners and Reynolds Kitchens slow cooker liners, and they are very safe to use.

They are BPA-free, BPA substitute, and FDA approved. These liners can minimize the leaching of any probable chemicals into food. That’s why they are beneficial without any health risks.

What Can You Use Instead of a Crockpot Liner?

You can use BPA-free liners. These liners are not prepared from plastic. If you pour hot liquids on the crockpot liner, it may still burn. So, you have to remember that the liner will be made from plastic, though it is BPA-free.

Should You Use a Crockpot Liner?

Crockpot liners are composed to resist extreme temperatures. That’s why you can use these liners very safely. But many people get scared to heat or cook food in plastic. So, you should always use gloves when working with liners. Sometimes you could accidentally damage the liner. So, be careful.

Can You Use Slow Cooker Liners in an Instant Pot?

Yes, you can use it. But you can use it only when you use the instant pot for slow cooking. You have to also set the setting of the instant pot like a slow cooker. Because slow cooker liners aren’t applicable for pressure cooking methods.

Are Slow Cooker Liners Biodegradable?

No. Slow Cooker liners are non-biodegradable. They are not recycled or reused. They just need to withstand the heat. So, you should throw the liners into the landfill.

Are Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners Oven Safe?

No, Reynolds slow cooker liners are not oven safe. Reynolds slow cooker liners are also certified. However, Reynolds slow cooker liners are safe to use but not oven safe. So, you should not use a slow cooker liner while cooking in the oven.


Finally, one thing is clear: slow cooker liners make life easier. You just remember some important factors when using the liners that we mentioned above.

Don’t be afraid to see the plastic liners. Just avoid BPA-contaminated liners. Then you do not have to worry about health concerns. And to prevent unwanted burns, the slow cooker liners will have to be cooled off. It will be very simple to use slow cooker liners. Slow cooker liners also give you the extra benefits that we discussed.

That’s all for today. We have tried to answer your question, are slow cooker liners safe or not? I hope you got your effective answer along with other information.

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