Crockpot On Warm Instead Of Low: Warm and Low Settings

Are you using a crockpot for the first time for cooking? Maybe or not. But do you have any idea about the setting option of the crockpot? If not, you have to know the temperature setting of the crockpot during cooking.

But why? Because it’s very important for proper cooking and to get safe food. The crockpot has three settings: low, warm, and high. Each setting has its particular use. It’s difficult to say which setting is used for which food!

Generally, low and warm settings are most used. On the low setting, the crockpot normally heats up to 87-99°C. On the other hand, a crockpot in a warm setting is about up to 74°C.

Do you want to get a more clear concept of the crockpot setting? Well, we will supply extra needed information to gather knowledge on crockpot settings. Let’s explain some tips and basic information in this article.

What Temperature Does A Crockpot Cook At?

Crockpots are a great way to cook a variety of food, from meats and stews to soups and vegetables. It’s a type of slow cooker that is used for cooking food over a long period of time. However, if you are using the crockpot for the first time, you should know what temperature a crock pot cooks at.

Generally, a crockpot can heat up to around 87-99°C (190-210°F) on a low setting, and it will go up to approximately 149°C (300°F) on a high setting. The crockpot warms very slowly. So, the high temperature doesn’t create any disturbance during cooking food.

In addition, a slow cooker will heat up at about 165°F temperature in a warm setting. You already know that the warm setting is not for cooking; it keeps your food hot after cooking.

So, the temperature of a crockpot should cook up to around 190 degrees Fahrenheit to 300 degrees Fahrenheit for low and high settings. Moreover, the crockpot temperature may vary based on brand, model, cook time, etc.

crock pot low and high settings

Crockpot Setting: On Warm and Low Settings

Can you keep a crockpot on warm instead of low setting? To get the answer, you should know more about the crockpot setting. Maintaining temperature stability over extended periods consistently separates the crockpot from a conventional cooking pot.

To keep food safe above the danger zone, the temperature must reach high enough between 4-60°(40-140°). Bacteria can multiply in this zone. So, the crockpot’s lowest temperature should be above 60°C.

Most crockpot’s Low and Warm settings are:

  • Low Setting- 88°C(190°F). This setting temperature is used for the slow cooking of most food.
  • Warm Setting- 74°C(165°F). This temperature setting keeps the cooked food warm.

The thermostat of the crockpot allows for maintaining the inner temperature. For example, the temperature range of the crockpot in a warm setting is between 165-175°F.

So, when you set the warm mode, the food will remain the whole of its ON duration at a stable temperature within the range. For slow cooking, a temperature lower than 100°C is needed.

But will the crockpot cook warm? No, a crockpot won’t cook warm. The warm mode may overcook the cooked food. But it can’t cook food.

As the range of cooking temperature is between 175°F-215°F. And the temperature of warm mode is too low. So, you won’t use this setting for cooking food. Because it can’t protect the meal from bacteria.

So, to keep the food warm, crockpot on warm instead of low. Remember that the warm mode of the crockpot isn’t similar to the slow mode.

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What Temperature Is Warm on A Crockpot?

The FDA suggests that the interior temperature of meals should keep at 140°F or higher. So, to keep food healthy and safe, you should keep the food above this temperature.

So, the crock pot or slow cooker should cook at about 74°C(165°F) in a warm setting. That means keeping the pre-heated or cooked food hot. But not to cook the food.

Yet you are confused! Keep low or warm? Well, let me explain clearly. A crockpot on a low setting is used to cook food. Keep on low to develop flavors and soften the food, especially for soup and meaty stew.

On the other hand, keeping crockpots in warm settings is self-explanatory. This mode keeps the food warm. So, you can eat hot food anytime. For example, you can warm dishes like soup or meat. But you won’t keep the cake warm for long periods.

Frequently Questions and Answers [FAQ]

Can You Leave A Crockpot On Low Overnight?

The slow cooker is made for cooking food for long periods. So, you can leave the slow cooker safely overnight. And you can also leave a crockpot on low overnight because the crockpot remains only hot to keep the food on a simmer. And the crockpot wattage is very low. But when you leave the crockpot on all day or overnight, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Can You Leave A Crockpot On Warm Overnight?

The warm mode of the crockpot provides less heat to warm food than the low setting. So, you can easily leave a crockpot warm overnight. Besides, you can set the timer on low to cook. Then change the button to warm until morning.

How Long Does The Crockpot Stay In Warm Mode?

As you will use the setting for a short time. Because some dishes can’t resist longer warming periods, so, the warm mode may last a few hours to up to 6 hours.

Is It Better To Use A Crockpot For Cooking On Low Or Warm?

For cooking food, it is better to use a crockpot on low. Because this mode uses a high enough temperature to cook food in a warm setting. Moreover, a warm setting isn’t used to cook food at its low-range temperature.

How Long Can You Leave A Crockpot On Warm?

You can leave a crockpot on for a warm maximum of 24 hours. But generally, most users leave the crockpot warm only for working time or overnight. As the warm mode simply maintains the crockpot’s temperature.


Hope you understand the difference between the crockpot setting on low and high. One is for cooking food, and another mode is for warm food, as we discussed above.

The low setting is for long-simmered items like exotic curry, spicy chilli, or tougher cuts of meat. And the warm setting is for warming dishes like meat, soup, and other cooked food. But you shouldn’t leave the food to cook or to warm for a long time.

It can ruin the texture and flavors of the dishes. So, always follow the recipe and instruction manual to get safe and healthy food. We expect that you will be cleared out of all your doubts.

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