Microwave Door Won’t Close – Troubleshooting

Some things can be irritating during the use of electrical appliances. Have you ever faced any difficulties with your microwave door? When the microwave door won’t close, it means you can’t use the appliance.

But why is my microwave door not closing? This problem can occur for some underlying causes. The main problem arises from the latch, hinges, or springs of the microwave.

When the latch, springs, or hinges are damaged, loose, or old, the microwave door does not close. Another possible reason is also responsible for that problem.

But how to fix the problem? As the main problem is in the latch, springs, or hinges, corrective action against these faulty areas can fix the problem. Besides, other preventive measures can be taken for other issues.

Since I had faced this problem with my microwave, and I discovered this issue can happen with almost every microwave. So, I am going to discuss the reasons behind it and how to fix it.

What Are The Reasons The Microwave Door Won’t Close?

Do you want to know detailed guidelines? The most common causes of microwave doors won’t close and the best ways of troubleshooting will be explored in this blog.

Let’s see at a glance all the reasons responsible for the problem:

  1. Damaged or obstructed latch
  2. Loose or broken spring
  3. Bent or damaged Hinge
  4. Improper working of the door button & the microwave sensor
  5. Worn out of the door seal
  6. Misaligned door with the hinges and tray
  7. Faulty or defective door magnet
  8. Faulty Interlock Switch
  9. Detective or Impaired door for excess heat

So, if you’re facing these microwave doors won’t close issues due to the above-mentioned reasons, you can check out the given details and solutions below.

Reason 1: Damaged or Obstructed Latch

Latch is a metal bar with a catch used for fastening a door. Latch plays the primary role in closing the microwave door properly. When the microwave door doesn’t close, you should check the latch of the microwave door.

If the latch is damaged, you can’t close the microwave door. The damaged latch obstructs the door’s path. When the latch is clogged with food debris, the latch can be damaged.

As a result, the microwave will reject to close the door.

microwave door latch broken

Troubleshoot: Repair The Latch

Before trying to make any repairs, scrutinize the microwave door and its surroundings.

Firstly, you have to remove the food debris, foreign objects, or utensils that prevent the microwave from closing the door properly.

To remove any food debris, use a damp and clean towel. After clearing the debris or the obstruction, try to close the microwave by following the steps:

  • Lift the microwave
  • Place the metal panel and unscrew the panel
  • Then open the microwave door to place the bolts in the latch
  • Disconnect the rod carefully existed in the door latch.
  • Then inspect the latch

Additional solution: You can also replace the catch or latch with a new one. Generally, maximum microwaves come with reserve or replacement parts.

Reason 2: If The Spring Is Loose or Broken

Generally, the spring helps to close the microwave door. So, you should check the spring when the microwave door won’t close.

If the spring is loose or damaged, you can’t easily close the microwave door.

microwave spring

Troubleshoot: Fix The Spring

When you notice the broken spring, you can take some steps to troubleshoot:

  • Firstly, pull the microwave door off the door hinges.
  • Find the spring by checking on the frame of the oven underneath.
  • Unscrew the panel if located in the microwave door.
  • But pull out all broken or rusted springs if screws are found in the frame

Then, if there are any broken springs, eliminate them. After that, replace those broken springs with new ones.

Reason 3: If The Hinge Is Damaged or Bent

The hinge works as a moveable joint or mechanism on which the microwave door swings as it closes and opens. So, if you can’t open the microwave door, check the hinge.

If the hinge is damaged, loose, or rusty, the normal process of the microwave door closing will hamper. It can be difficult to close the door, or it won’t close.

Troubleshoot 3: Fix The Hinge

Fixing the damaged hinge is very easy. You should check what has occurred with the hinge of the microwave door. If the hinges are rusted, you should:

  • Remove the hinge with a screwdriver.
  • Then scrub the hinges with the steel wool.
  • After that, place the hinges in a basic cola of a container.
  • Then clean those hinges with warm water and powerful detergent.

Before fixing the hinges back to the microwave door, make sure the hinges are dry.

Tips: Regular lubrication keeps the hinges free from rusting. It’s a good technique to use any lubricating oil or grease on the moving or working parts of the microwave door.

This will prevent the rusting or malfunctioning of the hinges. If the hinge is loose, you should re-tight it.

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Reason 4: If The Sensor & Door Button Isn’t Working

If the door button and the sensor of the microwave work properly, the microwave door will close correctly. But the door won’t close with a defective button and sensor.

To check if the button is working properly, press the button. If the door button is very easy to press, the button won’t work for the door mechanism. The door button may also be jammed for possible blockage.

On the other hand, if the microwave sensor isn’t working properly, the microwave door may not close. It may occur due to electricity, poor connection, or internal damage to the sensor.

microwave button

Troubleshoot: Fix The Door Button & Sensor

Firstly, you should check the door button and the sensor if they are working properly.

To fix the door button, you have to check the control panel. You can either replace or repair the door button depending on the damage.

The sensor is very effective in detecting the closing of the microwave door. So, if it is damaged or not working, you should locate a replacement sensor.

Besides, you can check the electrical outlet for the connection. If the problem exists, contact a professional for help.

Reason 5: If The Door Seal Is Worn Out

The microwave gasket or seal helps to maintain the heat inside the microwave. It can be damaged after a long time of use. Again, when the gasket is clogged with food debris, the door won’t seal properly.

As a result, this will prevent the microwave door from closing properly. To inspect if the door seal is worn out, the best way is to check if the door is hot using your hand.

If blows out the hot air, that means the door seal is worn out.

Troubleshoot: Check The Proper Sealing Of The Microwave Door

A missing or broken door gasket can escape the heat. It may affect cooking food. So, you should check the door seal or gasket.

You should replace the door gasket to fix this problem. Then the microwave door will close or function properly.

Reason 6: If the Door Is Misaligned With The Tray & Hinges

A misaligned door means an incorrect position of the door. When the microwave door won’t close, you have to check if the microwave door is correctly positioned with the hinges and tray.

Sometimes the latches and hinges of the microwave door can be misaligned for regular use or unexpected damage.

Again, unwanted first may get stuck at the door. This can prevent aligning the door properly.

Troubleshoot: Correct Positioning Of The Door

If you notice a misaligned door, you should ensure to align the door with the hinge and tray.

Remove any foreign bodies responsible for door misalignment. But sometimes, replacing or tightening screws may be essential.

Tips: If the misalignment remains, follow the manufacturer’s instructions or call customer service for extra guidance.

Reason 7: If The Door Magnet Is Faulty

Generally, a door magnet helps to hold the door in a closed position. A defective mechanism inside the microwave causes a faulty magnet.

The microwave door will not close due to a faulty magnet.

Troubleshoot: Fix The Faulty Magnet

You should separate the magnet from the microwave door, unplugging the microwave from the electrical outlet.

If it is damaged, replace it to close the microwave door.

Reason 8: If The Interlock Switch Is Faulty

The interlock switch of the microwave prevents the device from working if the door isn’t closed properly.

When the microwave door doesn’t close, it might be the reason for a misaligned or faulty interlock switch.

microwave Interlock Switch

Troubleshoot: Fix The Interlock Switch

Check the microwave’s user manual to fix the interlock switch.

But the damaged interlock switch needs to be replaced by contacting a professional technician.

Reason 9: If The Door is Defective Due To Excess Heat

If the materials of the door can’t withstand the high temperature, it can be damaged. Inferior materials in the door also can be the cause of defective doors by the excess heat of the microwave.

The heat expands the door, which damages its structural integrity. As a result, the microwave door won’t close or open appropriately.

Troubleshoot: Repair The Defective Door

If the door is expanded due to excessive heat, you can fix the problem quickly. You just tighten the bolts around the microwave door.

But if the door is severely defective or damaged, you should replace the door. You may get some noise from your microwave if you don’t replace it.

Tips: While purchasing a microwave, you should check the quality microwave door’s quality. Make sure that it is manufactured with a high-quality material to resist high temperatures.

How to Fix if Samsung Microwave Door Won’t Close?

Like other microwaves, the Samsung microwave door also won’t close. But why? There can be many factors behind this problem. Corrective action is also to be taken to prevent the problem.

Let’s take an overall look through a table:

Junk food debris, grease, or any other dirt in the door mechanismClean debris and other accumulated dirt
Improper working of the hinges of the microwaveLook at the hinges and fix them to close the door properly
Improper functioning of the latch assembly of the microwave doorInspect the latch assembly of the microwave door carefully
Broken door hookCheck the door hook and ensure good quality door hook

As we have already discussed in detail, the reasons and troubleshooting of the microwave door problem.

So, I think you can easily understand the above table of the door-closing problem of Samsung microwave.

How to Fix if Whirlpool Microwave Door Won’t Close?

Whirlpool is another popular microwave. But do you have no idea about the Whirlpool microwave door closing error?

It’s ok. Now we are going to shortly elaborate on the causes and quick fix of this problem through a table:

Possible CausesTroubleshooting
Faulty switch sensor of the Whirlpool microwave door. The switch sensor of the door may be defective, damaged, or won’t work.Repair the faulty switch or replace the switch of the door with the new one
The Whirlpool microwave door can stick in a closed position. As a result, the door won’t open along with won’t closeFollow the manual instructions to fix the problem
A faulty door latch leads to not working of the door latch assemblyReplace a new latch assembly of the microwave door
Dust and debris stuck in the door mechanism prevent from closing the doorClean the debris and dirt from the door and check the door; if needed, replace a new door
Inactive unit of the Whirlpool microwave. Human negligence leads to improper maintenance of the microwave when not in use.If possible, try to operate the microwave regularly, even if you are not in use. Open or close the microwave door multiple times.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

How Do You Know If Your Microwave Door Switch Is Faulty?

Some signs indicate the faulty microwave door switch. One of the main signs is that the microwave won’t heat properly. Another sign is the microwave won’t turn off. You should fix this problem to prevent any damage.

How Warped Door Or Frame Can Be The Cause Of Microwave Door Not Closing?

Improper handling, excessive heat, or physical impact makes the microwave door warped. If the microwave door or frame is warped, you can’t close it. You should take effective action to fix this problem.

Are Microwaves Worth Repairing?

Generally, you can replace some of the parts of the microwave when they are damaged. But if the microwave is severely destroyed, you should repair the microwave. So, microwaves are worth repairing for good service.

What Should You Do If Your Microwave Door Won’t Latch Shut?

Firstly, don’t be panicked. Don’t take the wrong step from worry. Check the door latch and clean them. The damaged latch needs to be replaced. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions or take customer support for guidance.

Why Does Your Microwave Door Pop Open When You Attempt To Close It?

This problem may arise from the misaligned door or faulty latch. It also indicates the control board or door switch problem. You should clean the surrounding area of the door and just the door. Ensure proper alignment of the hinges.

Last Words

A microwave door won’t close for various reasons. Hope you catch the underlying causes behind the problem. To be honest, a malfunctioning microwave door can hamper your safety for cooking food.

If you can identify the underlying reasons and follow the suggested troubleshooting, you will fix the problem yourself.

But always maintain precautions and prioritize your safety while solving the problem. Hope you can deal with any microwave door closing error.

These guidelines ensure the proper functioning of the microwave door along with your well-being.

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