How to Fix Ninja Foodi Lid Errors [Effective Ways]

Recently, I encountered a lid error popping up on the display while cooking on Ninja Foodi, and it didn’t let me continue my cooking. So, I decided to figure out how to deal with the Ninja Foodi Lid errors. As I’m on it, why not share how I solve the pressure cooker lid errors?

If you see the LID sign appearing on your display of the Ninja Foodi, you wonder what’s wrong with it, right? It means the lid needs to be in the correct position. It’s causing issues with locking and sealing. Or the sensor of the lid is faulty.

To make it easier for you, let’s help you with how to deal with Ninja pressure lid errors.

What Is A Ninja Foodi Lid & How It Works?

The Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker is a great kitchen appliance for any pressure cooking recipe. This innovative appliance combines the speed of pressure cooking with the versatility of air frying, crisping, roasting, and baking.

As Ninja Foodi has multiple functions, the lid is a cover for food and a medium to shift from pressure cooking to air frying. By moving the lid slider from left to right, you can use a pressure cooker or an air fry.

ninja foodi lid sensor location
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The lid is another essential part of a pressure cooker. We must know how a lid works to understand why the error happened. Before that, you must know everything about pressure cookers and lids.


There are three options on the lid slider that allows you to use three different functions.

  1. Pressure
  2. Steam crisp
  3. Air-fry


Knobs are essential components of a Ninja pressure cooker lid that help to control the release and absorption of pressure, allowing the user to regulate the cooking time and temperature. There are two knobs for pressure release valves. One is for sealing, and the other one is for venting.

Sealing ring:

There is a sealing ring to airtight the lid with the cooker so that the pressure stays inside. A sealing ring is an essential part of the pressure cooker, as it helps to create pressure for the food you are cooking. It is a rubber gasket-like ring that fits inside the lid of a pressure cooker and creates a seal by pressing against the inner wall of the pot.


The lid is banded together with a magnetic plate that holds the disc when the motor spindles. There are two lids. One is for crisping, and the other one is for pressure cooking.

The crisper lid is used for air frying, broiling, baking, or roasting and dehydrating meats, fruits, and vegetables. Saute, steam, and slow cook are done with the pressure lid.


There is a pressure sensor to regulate the steam. In case of over-pressurization, the sensor trips the device to avoid damage. And electric leakage protection is also given. The Ninja Foodi lid sensor location can be found on the top of the appliance, near the handle.

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What Errors Might You Face While Using the Ninja Foodi Lid?

If you’re using a Ninja Foodi lid, there are high chances that you’ll stumble upon lid errors. So, let’s know about the Ninja Lid error:

  • The “shut error “code will not disappear easily. It means your crisping lid is open.
  • There are other error codes, “Turn lid” and “Othr lid.” These errors mean the lid faces a sealing issue or needs to be locked.
  • Sometimes, sensors stop working on the lid. And you can’t start any of the functions of the lid. Also, none of the buttons will work if the sensor is faulty.
Ninja Foodi Lid errors
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Why Do Ninja Foodi Pressure Lid Won’t Close?

If you’re using a Ninja Foodi lid, there are high chances that you’ll stumble upon lid errors. To ninja foodi pressure lid won’t lock, you should ask me why lid errors appear in the first place.

Well, there are many reasons. Shut Lid errors can be caused because of six different reasons.

  1. In case the sealing ring is not washed correctly or has expanded because of constant use.
  2. A damaged seal ring with cracks can also be a reason.
  3. The vent knob is not installed correctly.
  4. You have overfilled the pot with food or water.
  5. The locks of the lid have broken or deteriorated.
  6. Magnetic plate needs to be seated appropriately.

Like the “Shut lid” error, “turn the lid, and “other lid” errors also happen because of being overfilled with ingredients, a loose or broken seal ring, or broken locks.

However, there are other reasons behind the ninja foodi pressure cooker lid won’t seal or lock error.

  • The lids are not secured the way they should be.
  • Wrong positioning of the arrowheads that need to be appropriately set.
  • If a particular function needs to be installed properly. Like, to pressure cook, you need a matching lid. If you install a crisper lid by mistake, it will show the turn lid error on the screen of the foodi.

Finally, in most cases, issues with sensors happen-

  • Broken sensor’s switch
  • Ninja Foodi isn’t plugged properly
  • Switchboard has electric leakage
  • False alarm in sensor

How To Fix the Ninja Foodi Lid Errors? 5 Fixes

Whenever you face these lid errors, you must have asked yourself these questions, what should I do now? How to solve these errors? Well, No need to brainstorm too hard because I have the perfect solutions for all your problems. And the solutions are –

1. Clean the cooking unit and sealing ring:

Clear out the Ninja Foodi pressure cooker and wash the cooking unit separately with a washcloth so that you can ensure food items are not stuck on the cooking unit and sealing ring, which stops the lid from closing.

2. Don’t overfill the pot:

Instead of putting all the food items together against the lid, cook them into two portions. It’s essential to leave some breathing room. Reduce the quantity of food or liquid in the cooking pot and restart the lid again.

3. Look over the sealing ring:

The white sealing ring that covers the pressure cooker lid to ensure steam is kept inside while cooking can be damaged due to overheating. If the sealing ring is swollen, cool it down with an ice bath. To prevent the sealing ring from expanding, always clean the sealing ring with cold water only.

However, after examining, if you see the sealing ring is broken, you need to consult a professional.

4. Install the vent knob accurately:

Install the vent knob properly, or else the crisping lid won’t close, which will create a lid error. Before cooking, always make sure the magnetic plate is seated correctly on the disc. Or else the plate won’t move, and a lid error will appear.

5. Look out for broken locks:

Restart your lid after tightening the locks and hooks of the Ninja Foodi Lid. If the shut error still appears, that means the locks of the Foodi are broken. In that case, you have to replace the locks.

ninja foodi lid error
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How To Stop Turn Lid and Other Lid Errors?

If you’re having trouble with your pressure cooker lid turning, these helpful tips will solve your lid problems.

Secure the lid:

Inspect the arrowheads on the lid and the cooker, align them together and keep rotating clockwise until you hear a click sound. Because that sound means your lid is now airtight and fully secured.

Use matching lid:

Make sure you buy a matching lid for your ninja foodi, or else it will keep showing errors. Here matching a lid means installing a pressure lid, not a crisper one for pressure cooking. Also, keep in mind the brand and the version of your ninja foodi.

To fix the sensor error:

In case the lid sensor or the sensor switch is broken, it is mandatory to ask for help from a professional. But before consulting with a professional, you can follow a few steps to determine whether you need an expert or the error is because of some technical difficulty or false alarm.

First, restart the lid and the cooker. Pull the power plug from the foodi and then plug it back in. Often a simple reboot is enough to fix the sensor error, as it may happen because of plugging or electrical issues or being used for a long time.

Lift your Foodi and the lid, and give it a hard shake by flipping it upside down. If you do so, the sensor underneath the pot will be free from crumbs and move freely again.

As there is electric leakage protection on ninja foodi, the device and the sensors can shut down if there is any electric leakage. So, use a different switchboard when restarting the lid and the cooker.

Even after following these steps, if your Ninja lid still shows a sensor error or you see the sensors are not starting, it can mean two things. Either the sensor switch is broken, or the sensor itself is broken. If that’s the case, you have to call an expert and let them repair the lid sensor.

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Why does the Ninja cooker show a VENT error?

Your Ninja Foodi is showing a vent error because you haven’t released the pressure yet. So, do a short pressure cook for two or three minutes, and then let the foodi fully vent. Then you’ll be able to saute again without an error.

Why is there a LID indicator light on the display of my ninja foodi lid?

It depends on which lid you’re using for cooking. If you’re pressure cooking, ensure the right lid is on and sealed correctly. You must close the single lid if the indicator pops up using the crisp lid.

How to release pressure after doing pressure cooking?

You can release the pressure manually after you’re finished cooking. Move the pressure release valve to the vent position, or press the pressure release button; the pressure will be released.

When can I open the lid during cooking?

The lid can be opened anytime to check on food while using air fryer mode. But during pressure cooking, the lid has to be closed the entire time. If you’re using steam crisp, only open the lid if the recipe calls for it.

How should I wash the pressure cooker lid?

The best way to wash a pressure cooker lid is to use warm, soapy water and a soft cloth. Wash your pressure cooker lid, the silicone rubber gasket, the pressure release valve, and the anti-block shield with water and detergent. Finally, ensure to properly store the lid away from moisture after cleaning it to prevent rust.


Now you know how I solve every lid error while using my Ninja Foodi pressure cooker. Next time when you see any lid error appearing on the display of your Ninja Foodi, take a deep breath.

And without panicking, follow the steps I mentioned here. Your lid error will vanish in no time. So, Happy cooking, everyone!

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