Power Pressure Cooker XL Not Heating Up (Troubleshooting)

The most popular electric pressure cooker is Power Pressure Cooker XL. Shouldn’t you know the details about this pressure cooker before using it? The Power Pressure Cooker XL is quite reliable, durable, and easy to use. But sometimes it goes through some difficulties.

Have you ever faced the heating problem of Power Pressure Cooker XL? It is a common issue you may have experienced. But why is the power pressure cooker XL not heating up?

Generally, it happens only when the cooker isn’t allowed to pressurize. Overloading of the cooking pot may be another cause. Besides, power boards and fuse can also create problems.

But how to fix the problem? Some required steps can be taken. Here we have plenty of solutions to the problem.

We will discuss the possible causes of Power Pressure Cooker not heating and power pressure cooker xl troubleshooting in this content. So, let’s take a look at why these crises happen and how to fix them.

Power Pressure Cooker XL Not Heating Up: 6 Reasons

Are you facing any heating problems in your pressure cooker? However, Power Pressure Cooker XL also has heating issues that occur for various reasons.

1. Insufficient Water

The proper amount of liquid maintains the pressurization inside the pot. Insufficient water or liquid prevents the pot from sealing properly. Thereby, the cooker won’t heat and warns of burn.


Needs more liquid or water. Always follow the manual and add the required amount of water. And also, seal the pot correctly.

2. Faulty Fuse

Burned fuse can be harmful to the electrical device. A faulty fuse causes electrical issues that lead to not producing enough heat. That’s why Power Pressure Cooker is not heating due to a faulty fuse.


The Replacement of the faulty fuse. Replacing a fuse can solve the complication. So, you have to remove the old fuse and choose a blown fuse. Then you can overcome the problem of heating.

3. Selected Mode

Power Pressure Cooker XL heating depends on which mode you have chosen. Because saute mode will never create heat while the lid is on. It can be disastrous when you heat oil with the lid on.


Always select the required mode. If you want to heat the pot, you have to use the heating mode that influences the heat.

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4. Failed Solder Connection

If you fix the solder joint under the circuit board, the connection will fail on the output terminal. And then the electricity will go to the heating component from the solder point.

When this solder point doesn’t work, no heat or less heat will be generated. It will depend on the damage.


If you want to fix the failed solder connection of the pressure cooker, first, you have to unplug the cooker. Then from the circuit board, disconnect all of the connections.

You have to heat the cracked solder joint area. After resolving the failure connection, you can reconnect the pressure cooker to get enough heat. A thermal heat camera is used to determine if the pressure cooker works again.

power pressure cooker xl troubleshooting

5. Food Stuck To The Bottom Of The Pot

When enough liquid is in the pressure cooker, the liquid can circulate well. Then it turns into steam in the pot. But if the food is stuck to the bottom, the circulation blocks. So, enough steam and heat won’t create inside the pot.

It generally happens due to a lack of liquid. This led to the food contents falling to the ground of the pot. Besides, when you use the browning mode, food remains at the bottom of the pot.


Some water may evaporate because of pressurizing the pan. Add liquid or food to diminish sticking food to the bottom. More water creates pressure quickly.

After doing this, you should re-pressurize the cooker, locking the lid again.

6. Filled with Food

If the pressure is overfilled, it lowers the steam. And the heat won’t create. On the other hand, too much food in the pot can create the opposite impact on the building of heat inside the cooker.

There may be extra steam created inside the pot of the cooker. Thereby, a mess will appear at the time of opening the cooking.

It is not only a simple complication but also can threaten your life. Excessive steam in the pot can cause an explosion. This explosion can cause serious injuries and even death for people.


To fix the issue, always fill the pressure cooker about 66 percent or not more than ⅔ full. And notice that extra steam isn’t built into the pressure cooker.

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Why is My Power Pressure Cooker XL Won’t Open?

The Power Pressure Cooker XL is perfect for making cooking efficient and easy. It comes with many features like long-lasting, which makes the pressure cooker the ultimate choice.

But this pressure cooker also comes with some problems. From some issues, the worst issue is when the power pressure cooker won’t open at all.

Sometimes you may have experienced that the lid of the cooker is stuck to the pot and doesn’t open. There are several reasons behind opening the lid appropriately.

When you leave the pressure cooker for enough time, the natural pressure is released, and the lid may be jammed.

Then don’t attempt to open the lid forcefully. It is risky. So, take a moment and apply techniques that help to get opened Power Pressure Cooker XL.

Besides, when the vacuum is created inside the pressure cooker, it prevents the release of air from inside the cooker. Thereby the power pressure cooker won’t open. Then you just follow some methods.

power pressure cooker xl problems

What To Do When A Pressure Cooker Won’t Open?

Don’t be shocked to observe if the lid is still attached to the pot after releasing all the steam from inside the cooker. It’s normal. There are plenty of methods applied to open the pressure cooker.

1. Provide Heat To The Pressure Cooker

If you can’t open the pressure cooker even after depressurizing the cooker, reheat the cooker. It helps to release the vacuum from inside the cooker. The created vacuum causes blockages inside the cooker. Then after reaching the gauge marks 0, open the lid.

2. Cool Down The Pressure Cooker

After reheating the pressure cooker, let the cooker cool by turning off the switch. Then wait a few times until the lid of the cooker is ready to open.

3. Press Down The Centre Of The Lid

A little force and pressing on the lid can be helpful to release the vacuum built inside the cooker. The vacuum will be released by tapping. So, if the lid doesn’t open, apply some force on the center of the lid until it opens.

4. Repeat The Already Tried Steps

If the lid of the cooker doesn’t open despite applying all the steps, you should repeat the whole method of reopening. Ideally, these techniques are simple and effective to release the vacuum that will help to open the power pressure cooker.

On the other hand, if any tricks don’t work, you should take the power pressure cooker to a technician to fix it. But you should follow the above steps as long as you face many problems.

The steps are just some tips to fix the opening problem of the Power Pressure Cooker XL. You can resolve the issue if you follow the methods.

Frequently Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Why Is My Power Pressure Cooker XL Not Turning On?

Is your Power Pressure Cooker XL not turning on? If yes, you can follow these steps to fix your pressure cooker. First, ensure that the power cord is inserted into the outlet and adequately connected to the pressure cooker. If the power plug is loose, please try tightening it.

Now, you also need to check the fuse or circuit breaker to ensure it hasn’t been tripped. If all these things are done and don’t work, you may need to replace the heating element. If the pressure cooker does not turn on after trying these steps, please get in touch with the manufacturer for further assistance.

Why Is Your Power Pressure Cooker XL Not Working?

Your Power Pressure Cooker isn’t working because there may be a poor connection. And you don’t connect the cord properly to the plug. Besides, there may be other issues like steam issues and overloading problems with the pressure cooker. That’s why your power pressure cooker XL isn’t working.

How Do I Unlock My Power Pressure Cooker XL?

You can unlock your power pressure cooker XL by leaking out steam around the pressure cooker. When there isn’t sufficient liquid inside the pot, steam issues can create. There may also be circulation problems.

How Do I Reset My Power Pressure Cooker XL?

You have to unplug your pressure cooker for 5 minutes. As a result, the cooker will get some time to reset its software. Generally, software problems are rare. The power pressure cooker may have a few software that runs on its inner electronic control unit.

How To Get A Stuck Lid Off Of A Power Pressure Cooker XL?

Place the cooker back into the heat source. And reheat to release the vacuum from inside the pressure cooker. After doing this, remove the cooker from the heat. Then try to apply cold-water methods for lowering pressure. But it may be risky for the power pressure cooker.


Although the Power Pressure Cooker XL is excellent for making various dishes, sometimes it can cause problems for the users. As you can already observe, some of the difficulties of the pressure cooker are from this content.

You can already catch behind the reason this power pressure cooker is not getting hot. For example, an overfilled pot or insufficient liquid inside the pot. And the troubleshooting of these issues is also described in the content.

So, after implementing all the information or steps, you can easily understand whether your Power Pressure Cooker XL is working or not. Hopefully, you will get the best outcome.

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