Whirlpool Microwave Fan Won’t Turn Off – How To Solve?

Is it possible to have the Whirlpool microwave fan continuously running after using it? Do you ever face this issue? Yes, it is possible. The Whirlpool microwave fan won’t turn off for various reasons.  But there are some easy ways to fix it.

Do you notice the cooling fan in a Whirlpool microwave? The fan is very important to ensure proper cooling inside the microwave. The fan will be running until the microwave cools properly. Even if you complete your use, it will not turn off until completely cooling.

But, the fan may not turn off after cooling the microwave properly. Why does the problem occur? It may happen for over usage or internal damages.

What should you do to solve the issue? You should follow the proper fixing instructions. Or, you can take help from the technicians.

Why Is Whirlpool Microwave Fan Running Continuously?

Is it normal to have the microwave fan constantly running after using it? No, it is not. The fan automatically turns off after cooling the inside of the microwave. So, if the fan or light does not turn off after usage, the microwave definitely has a problem.

So, what should you do? You need to know why your Whirlpool microwave fan won’t stop. There are various reasons for the problem.

whirlpool microwave fan not working

Now, let’s see the main reasons:

1. Excessive Use of the Microwave

Do you use your microwave several times a day? Yes, it may be the reason for unstopping the microwave fan.

The fan stops by ensuring the temperature inside the microwave. So, if you overuse the microwave, the inside temperature will always be hot.

But it is not a big issue for your microwave. The fan will automatically turn off after reaching a cool temperature. So, you need to turn off the microwave for a particular interval.

If the microwave becomes very hot after a few usages, it will be better to repair it soon.

2. Filter Damaging

There are two types of filters in a microwave. One is an air filter, and another is a grease filter. The dirt and dust can damage the filter. The air filter helps prevent dust from going inside the machine.

A lot of dust can cause blockage in the filter. A damaged air filter cannot ensure a cool temperature inside the microwave. So, it might be a big reason for the unstoppable fan.

The grease filter is also essential for absorbing the extra fat from the food. But dirt or dust can damage it by making a blockage. So, you may need to repair the filter or replace it with a new one.

3. The Temperature of Your Kitchen

The appropriate temperature of your kitchen is crucial for the microwave fan. Your microwave fan will be unable to stop at the right time for the hot temperature of the kitchen.

The kitchen temperature can be hot for several reasons. For instance, the summer season or the excessive use of the kitchen stove can make the temperature very hot.

The microwave fan will automatically turn off after reaching a cool temperature.

4. Damper Assembly Damaging

The damper assembly helps turn off the microwave fan using the exhaust system. If the damper assembly fails to work, it will affect the microwave fan.

So, it is important to check the damper assembly. The damper assembly can be cracked or damaged.

5. Defective Fan Motor

The fan motor is responsible for turning on and off the fan based on the temperature of the microwave. A defective fan motor can cause a Whirlpool microwave fan to run continuously, even when the microwave is turned off.

If the fan motor is not working properly, it will leave the fan running regardless of the temperature. To fix this issue, the defective fan motor must be replaced with a new one that functions correctly.

Otherwise, it can lead to an increase in energy consumption and potential safety hazards. So, it is essential to check the motor of your microwave.

whirlpool microwave fan turns on by itself

6. Damaged Thermostat

What do you know about a thermostat in the microwave? The thermostat is a temperature measurement system. It regulates the temperature inside the microwave. The thermostat gives a signal when the temperature reaches a particular cooling point.

Therefore, the thermostat helps to turn off the microwave fan automatically. But if it becomes damaged, the fan will fail to turn off. So, you should replace it with a new thermostat for good performance.

What To Do If A Whirlpool Microwave Fan Won’t Turn Off

Sometimes the Whirlpool microwave does not work properly with the fan for some reason. If you identify the reason, you can easily fix it. So, how to fix the microwave fan issue?

Let’s see the easy solutions:

Keep The kitchen Temp in a Normal Range

The microwave fan turning off depends on the temperature. If the temperature of your kitchen becomes very hot, like an oven, the microwave fan will not turn off.

So, it is crucial to ensure a normal temperature in your kitchen. How can you keep your kitchen cool?

You should turn on the exhaust fan at cooking time. It will help bring out the hot temperature in the kitchen. Plus, it will help to ensure a cool temperature.

Use the Microwave Very Carefully

It is essential to use a microwave very carefully. So, please don’t use it excessively. If you overuse the microwave, it will not cool down easily. For this reason, the fan will run continuously.

Therefore, you should shut off the microwave after using it. Plus, do not use the microwave several times a day. It is harmful to the appliance. Continuous usage prevents turning off the microwave fan.

Replacing or Repairing the Faulty Air Filter

The faulty air filter is another reason for the unstoppable microwave fan. So, if the air filter is defective, the fan cannot shut off after using it.

What should you do in this situation? You should repair the air filter to solve the issue. How to fix the air filter? The dirt or dust can damage the filter.

So, clean the filter after some days. If you can’t do it, you can replace it with a new air filter in your microwave.

Microwave Fan Motor Checking

The fan motor is an essential item in a microwave. The fan will constantly run if there is any damage in the motor. So, first, check the motor carefully.

Then, if you find any damage in the motor, you will replace it with a new motor in the microwave fan. Now, your problem should be solved. The fan will turn off after using the microwave.

What can you do if you are unable to solve the fan issue? You can take help from a professional electrician.

Disconnect the Microwave from the Main Socket

A Whirlpool microwave is a common appliance in a kitchen. So everyone knows how to use it. But, it is essential to use it very carefully. If you find that the fan of the microwave is not stopping, it will be better to disconnect the microwave from the main power connection.

How to disconnect it? Very simple! First, turn off the power button. Then, remove the switch from the socket. The fan will automatically turn off when the power supply shuts down. You should only connect the microwave at cooking or baking time.

How to Clean A Whirlpool Microwave Fan with Motor?

Maintenance of the Whirlpool microwave fan and the motor is an important task that keeps the microwave fan running smoothly and efficiently.

how to clean whirlpool microwave exhaust fan

Please follow these steps to clean the fan and motor thoroughly:

Step 1: Preparation

Before cleaning your Whirlpool microwave fan, unplug the microwave from the power source to avoid any electrical accidents.

Notes: You must cool down the Whirlpool microwave to prevent burns or injuries if it has been recently used.

Step 2: Accessing the Fan and Motor

  • To access the fan and motor, first, you’ll need to remove the outer cover or panel of the microwave.
  • You might need a screwdriver to remove screws or a combination of screws and clips to detach the cover.
  • The process may vary depending on the Whirlpool microwave model, so you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions or user manual for guidance.

Step 3: Removing Dust, Debris and Stubborn Stains or Grease

  • In this step, use a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to loosen and remove any loose particles gently. Try not to damage any delicate components.
  • Get a stronger cleaning solution like mild dish detergent, or create a paste by mixing baking soda and water to remove stubborn stains or grease.
  • Apply the paste or mild dish detergent to the affected areas, scrub gently with a soft brush or sponge, and rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Step 4: Cleaning the Fan Blades

Get a damp cloth or sponge with mild dish detergent to wipe each blade individually to clean them.

After cleaning, you must use a dry cloth or towel to wipe the fan blades, motor, and surrounding areas. Ensure that no excess moisture remains, which can lead to corrosion or electrical issues.

Step 5: Reassembling, Final Check and Power Up

Once the fan and motor are dry after cleaning, carefully reattach the outer cover or panel of the microwave and secure it with screws or clips.

Please make sure that everything is properly aligned and tightened to avoid any loose parts. However, to reset your Whirlpool microwave, you may read my previous guide.

Follow These Tips:

Before plugging the microwave back in, you must do a final visual inspection to ensure all components are in their correct positions and no debris or cleaning materials are left inside. Once you are satisfied, plug your microwave back into the power source.

To keep your Whirlpool microwave fan and motor in good condition, you must incorporate regular cleaning into your maintenance routine.

Remember that always refer to your microwave’s user manual for specific instructions regarding cleaning and maintenance.


Therefore, what will you do if your Whirlpool microwave fan won’t turn off? You should first find out the reason behind the issue. Then, try to fix it.

But you need to be very careful to solve the issue. If you are not an expert in this work or do not have the right equipment for checking or solving the issue, you should call an expert technician.

Besides, it will be best to be careful to use the Whirlpool microwave. Try to keep the air filter and thermostat clean every time. If dirt or dust attacks the air filter, the fan will run continuously.

Indeed, it can be confusing for the new user to use it properly. So, as a new user, you should read the manuals. Besides, you can contact professionals to take any help.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

What should you do if your Whirlpool microwave fan won’t turn off?

First, you should find out the reason for the issue. Then, try to solve the problem. So, you should check the top, back, and inside of the microwave. Make sure that the microwave has enough space outside to run the air.

Why is your microwave fan running continuously?

The microwave fan may run continuously for the hot temperature. Your microwave fan motor can be damaged, or you are overusing the microwave. Sometimes, the damaged air filter can be the reason for the problem.

Is it normal to run the microwave fan after usage?

Yes, it is normal. The microwave fan runs after usage until it cools the microwave inside. But, if it takes a lot of time to turn off, you should check the fan and find out the issue. Then, try to fix the issue.

How long can a microwave fan take to turn off after using it?

A microwave fan can take fifteen to twenty minutes to turn off. It depends on the temperature inside the microwave. If the kitchen temperature is hot, it may take longer to stop.

How do you turn off the Whirlpool microwave fan?

You will get an instruction with your new Whirlpool microwave. Therefore, to enter a set-up position, press the “option” button. Then press the “enter” option. Finally, choose the “off” button and click the “enter” button to turn off the fan.

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