Instant Pot C6, C6L Error Code – Reasons and How To Fix

Just imagine, suddenly, you can hear a beep beep from your instant pot. You can also see twinkling lights on the screen. How will you feel then? You may be afraid if you never face this situation. But when will you face this problem? This occurs when your instant pot shows an error.

Although instant pot comes with versatile kitchen applications, users can face multifunctions and errors sometimes. The C6 and C6L errors are the most common issues that users may face.

So, what does the C6, C6L mean on instant pot? The C6, C6L error code on the instant pot means one of the pressure sensors of the instant pot isn’t functioning.

When a C6 error shows on the instant pot display, that means you will face an error problem. There are some specific reasons behind the C6, C6L or C7 errors of the instant pot.

In this discussion, I will inform you of some important content you need to know about C6, and C6L error codes, including the causes of these errors and how to fix them.

What Does The C6 Error Mean On The Instant Pot?

The error code C6 means the faulty pressure sensor of the instant pot. That means the pressure sensor isn’t working appropriately or has stopped working. The instant pot won’t be pressurized.

There are a few different things that cause the C6 error code on the instant pot. If the instant pot isn’t vented properly or the pressure sensor is dirty, a C6 error can occur. This error then shows on the display of the instant pot.

Instant pot contains multiple pressure sensors. The sensors ensure that the food gets cooked and your safety by working together. Yet, the error code occurs on the instant pot.

And like the C6 error, there are two other error codes named C6L and C6H that are similar. Now, I’m going to talk about the C6L error code.

instant pot c6 code

What Does Mean The Instant C6L Error Code?

The C6L error code on the instant pot implies the faulty low-pressure sensor. That means the low-pressure sensor of the instant pot won’t pressurize or function properly.

This can occur for various reasons, including the wrong placement of the sealing ring and venting knob and food residues on the pressure sensor.

Other reasons are insufficient liquid inside the instant pot and improper closing of the pot. The C6L error code on the instant pot is the most familiar error code users face often.

Do you want to know more details? Let’s talk about the sensors associated with the error code of the instant pot. So, keep reading and continue…

The instant pot comes with two types of sensors, including temperature and pressure sensors. These sensors are used to create pressure and a perfect environment for cooking. Actually, the pressure sensors act as temperature switches.

When one of the pressure sensors won’t work properly, the instant pot will stop functioning. Then an error code like C6 or C6L will show on the front of the instant pot. This ensures your safety.

Here, one question may arise: what are the causes behind the pressure sensor error code? There are some reasons behind getting the pressure sensor error code of the instant pot:

  • Faulty pressure sensors
  • Faulty connections
  • User error for the sealing knob or the amount of liquid

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Instant Pot C6, C6L Error Code: What Causes and Solutions

As the C6 and C6L errors are similar, the causes will be the same. Many causes occur the instant pot C6, C6L error code:

1. Faulty Pressure or Temperature Sensor

The main cause of the C6 or C6L error code is the faulty pressure sensor. If the pressure sensor is destroyed or not operating correctly, it won’t create pressure or can’t observe the temperature inside the pot exactly.

As a result, you will see the C6 or C6L error code on your Instant Pot.

How to Fix:

Firstly, you should check the pressure sensor. If the sensor is damaged or dirty, it will be unable to measure and detect pressure accurately.

You can use a soft cloth to clean the sensor. You can also replace the sensor if it’s damaged.

2. Damaged or Loose Wiring

Damaged or loose wiring also can be the cause of the C6, C6L error code. If the wires are damaged or not connected properly, the temperature sensor will be unable to deliver signals to the control panel.

How to Fix:

You must have checked the wiring inside the pot. Ensure that all the wires are attached correctly. If the wires are loose or damaged, try to fix or repair them with the help of professional services.

3. Overheating

Overheating is another cause of C6 and C6L error codes. When the instant pot becomes too hot, it can defect the temperature or pressure sensor and other components. As a result, error codes will appear on the display.

How to Fix:

If the instant pot is overheated, cool down the instant pot fully before using it. If still error code remains, replace the sensor or other damaged parts.

4. Dirty Pressure Sensor

Dirty pressure sensors are not able to create a proper vent. The pressure cooker won’t be vented properly. This causes the C6 and C6L error codes.

It’s just a user error and fixable, like the NoPR error code. So, what to do if your instant pot pressure sensor is dirty?

How to Fix:

You need to use a soft, lint-free cloth or a cotton swab to gently clean the pressure sensor. Be careful not to apply excessive force or use abrasive materials that could damage the sensor.

Also, check for any debris or buildup around the sensor and remove it carefully. Once the sensor is clean, reassemble any parts that were removed during the cleaning process.

5. Software Issues

Sometimes software issues can be the cause of error codes like C6 and C6L. If there is any difficulty with the software or firmware in the instant pot, it can’t communicate with the sensors. That’s why error codes can occur.

How to Fix:

If necessary, update the software or any firmware available for the instant pot.

If all the above solutions fail, you will need to contact instant pot customer service. They can help to diagnose the problem and give instructions.

How To Fix The Instant Pot C6, C6L Error Code?

Besides, to avoid the error code, add liquid or water in the middle of cooking. Because enough liquid helps to create sufficient pressure. And check the pressure release valve to see whether it’s sealed to build up enough pressure. Always keep the instant pot clean.

instant pot c6l error

There are some common ways to prevent or fix the C6L error codes.  Let’s discuss some other ways to fix the C6L error code:

You may need a multimeter to test the low-pressure sensor that creates a C6L error code.

Step 1:

Firstly, detach the low-pressure sensor by pressing the circuit board connected to break off the lock. Then pull the instant pot straight up.

Next, the multimeter lead is attached to both opened ends of the sensor wires. Make sure the leads do not come into contact with each other.

Step 2:

The meter is set to test continuity and resistance. It is done when the sensor is depressed and resting. If the sensor remains resting, the meter will show low resistance or continuity. And the meter will show no continuity or resistance if the sensor remains depressed.

That means if the sensor operates properly, the meter will show zero resistance. But when the meter shows high resistance, the sensor may have dirty or fused contacts.

instant pot c6 error fix

Note: The sensors consist of metal springs and metal strips. So, you have to observe these for any indication of wear or corrosion.

Step 3:

In this case, you should clean or replace the sensor. To clean the sensors, you can use a right-sized or Phillips screwdriver.

Using this screwdriver, you can remove the screw underneath the bottom plate that secured the sensors. Then open the contacts by pressing down on the sensor.

Step 4:

Next, you need to use an electrical contact cleaner, a file or some sandpaper to clean the contacts. You have to clean both the metal springs and the mating surface of the sensor.

instant pot c61 code

Step 5:

Then by using a multimeter, you can test the sensors to check proper operation. For this, press the meter contacts firmly against the sensor connections. Then check if the meter still shows the mode of low resistance in the resting state.

If not, that means the meters aren’t touching, or the sensor’s worn. And if the sensor is functioning correctly, then go to the next step.

Step 6:

Finally, after checking all the components, check if the C6L error still appears. Then you have to check the sensor contact direction once more to exclude electrical dysfunction.

If the error code still shows, you should replace or repair the circuit board and the wiring to ensure proper functioning.

Lastly, turn on the instant pot to test and monitor if any error code displays or alarming beeps in cooking situations. If the instant pot is turned on without any problems, the C6L error code has been fixed.

How Do You Avoid The Instant Pot C6 And C6L Errors?

Instant Pots are a great way to cook food quickly and easily, but they can be prone to errors, including the C6 and C6L errors. These errors can be frustrating and prevent your Instant Pot from working properly.

Here are some tips to use and properly maintain the instant pot to avoid any error code:

  • Don’t use frozen food to reach accurate pressure and avoid errors.
  • Keep the instant pot clean, especially the rim and lid-free from any blockage.
  • Ensure the proper sealing of the pot before cooking.
  • Add the right amount of liquid and ingredients to cook food suitably without errors.
  • Allow releasing the pressure naturally over time.

Keep Your Instant Pot Clean:

One of the most important things you can do to prevent C6 and C6L errors is to keep your Instant Pot clean. After every use, you must clean the lid, sealing ring, and pressure release valve.

This will prevent any debris from building up and interfering with the pressure sensors, and you will not see any errors.

Properly Seal the Pot:

A poorly sealed Instant Pot is another common cause of C6 and C6L errors. Make sure to properly align the lid and sealing ring before starting the cooking process.

If the sealing ring is damaged or worn, replace it with a new one to ensure a proper seal.

Add Sufficient Liquid and Ingredients:

The Instant Pot needs enough liquid to create proper pressure while cooking. If there is insufficient liquid, the instant pot C6 and C6L errors may occur.

So, add enough liquid to cover the ingredients and follow the recommended minimum liquid requirements in the recipe.

Allow Natural Pressure Release:

Allowing the Instant Pot to release pressure naturally can help prevent C6 and C6L errors. This means letting the pressure release independently instead of using the quick-release method.

It will prevent sudden changes in pressure that can cause errors.

Avoid Overfilling:

Sometimes overfilling the Instant Pot can cause C6 and C6L errors. You must follow the recommended maximum fill line and not overfill the pot. This will prevent excess pressure from building up and causing errors.

Check the Sealing Ring:

The sealing ring is an important part of the Instant Pot and can cause C6 and C6L errors if it is not properly installed or damaged.

You must check the sealing ring before every use to ensure it is properly installed and not damaged. Replace the sealing ring if it is damaged or worn.

By following these tips, you can help prevent C6 and C6L errors and keep your Instant Pot working properly.


You have already realized that instant pot C6 and C6L error codes are common for instant pot users due to several reasons. The reasons may be a defective pressure sensor, overheating, loose wiring and others which are informed in detail above.

Generally, the above steps are effective ways to fix the instant pot C6 and C6L error codes. However, you may have to replace the sensor or instant pot.

So, I think you do not doubt the instant pot C6, C6L error code after reading the above discussion. One thing to remember, before fixing any errors, turn off and unplug the instant pot for your safety. I hope you have enjoyed our effective discussion.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Can You Fix The C6, C6L Instant Pot Error Code Yourself?

It depends on the cause of the error. You can fix this C6 and C6L by checking the pressure sensor and wiring. And when you are unsure how you will fix the errors, you should contact customer service or a professional technician.

Can The C6, C6L Error Code On The Instant Pot Be Dangerous?

Yes, when the pressure sensor won’t work properly, the C6, C6L error code can be dangerous for an instant pot. Because it can cause overheats for the appliance. So, it would be best if you took immediate action to prevent any hazards.

Is There Only C6, C6L Error Code On the Instant Pot?

No, some other common error codes exist, including C1, C3, C4, C5, C7, C8 and food burn errors for instant pot. Each error code implies a specific problem and needs different solutions.

How Often Should You Clean The Pressure Sensor In Your Instant Pot?

It’s recommended that you can clean the pressure sensor of your instant pot regularly. But it’s possible when you use the instant pot frequently.

So, you should use a soft cloth or brush to clean the sensor. You shouldn’t ever use harsh or abrasive cleaners that can damage the sensors.

Is It Safe To Fix The C6, C6L Error Code Or Pressure Sensor Own On My Instant Pot?

Always remember that safety should be a top priority when handling electrical appliances. So, if you don’t know the actual reasons for the problems, you shouldn’t repair them.

But if you are sure you can fix the errors, you can try. I think you shouldn’t take any risks. So, it will be better to contact professional customer service.

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