Aroma Rice Cooker Not Working: 6 Reasons & Ways To Fix It

Are you in trouble because of the Aroma rice cooker not working in the middle of the cooking issue? Don’t worry; I will show you Aroma rice cooker troubleshooting ways to fix it.

Every Asian household keeps a rice cooker in their kitchen to make rice daily. Therefore, the Aroma rice cooker is one of the advanced rice-making devices helping make rice instantly and perfectly.

However, you should keep in mind that rice cookers can sometimes malfunction, like e5 errors, not heating up, and stop working properly, like all kitchen appliances. It can be frustrating and inconvenient, especially when you are relying on it to cook your meals.

So, you should know about these common Aroma rice cooker problems like aroma rice cooker not cooking rice and how to fix them. Please follow my lead to solve the issue. Let’s start-

Aroma Rice Cooker Not Working: 6 Causes & Fixes

Aroma rice cookers are a breakthrough for homemakers as they are easy to use and take little to no time. But Aroma rice cooker problems will make things much worse when you want to cook.

Therefore, here are some troubleshooting methods you should use to find suitable solutions to the problems below:

1. Battery Issue

The battery is one of the most vital components of a digital rice cooker. Just like some other kitchen appliances, digital rice cookers also consist of a Lithium battery to cook rice.

But, the battery can die down over time. Therefore, the most probable answer to the Aroma rice cooker not turning on issue is the battery.

The first-hand sign of a dead battery is that the rice cooker display will show multiple zeros (0000).

aroma rice cooker not turning on


If the battery of your Aroma rice cooker is dead, follow the steps below to fix then:

  • Take your rice cooker out and make sure it is turned off as well as unplugged.
  • Now, open the battery compartment at the bottom of the rice cooker (use a screwdriver if necessary).
  • Remove the old lithium battery, place it in a ziplock bag, and bring it to the nearest electronic/Hardware store.
  • Get the exact Lithium battery and head back home (you can even buy it online).
  • Install the new Lithium battery into where the old battery was.
  • Assemble the bottom compartment of the rice cooker.
  • Congrats, your rice cooker will work again!

2. Power Supply Malfunction

Sometimes the underlying problem is too easy to figure out. For example, the reason you are going through the “Aroma rice cooker not heating up or working at all” problem can be very simple to find out.

Regarding that, the power supply issue is the most general problem of this particular issue. Therefore, you should check whether the power cord of the rice cooker is defective by connecting it to a few power outlets.

If the result shows that even connecting to other outlets does not help start the rice cooker, then the power cord of the Aroma rice cooker is faulty or damaged.


If the power cord of the Aroma rice cooker is damaged, replace it. A broken power cord won’t be able to provide enough power essential to run a rice cooker.

You can either take your rice cooker to the nearest hardware store or follow the steps below:

  • Remove the condensation catcher by pinching it from both sides and yanking gently.
  • Take out the screw at the back of the condensation catcher and the piece attached by it using a Philip PH2 screwdriver.
  • Pull out the hinges of the lid by rotating the bottom rod upwards while pushing inwards and also remove the lid.
  • Gently pry the plastic trim (placed at the opposite side of the hinges) to get the tab from behind to the front of the steel.
  • Take out the upper black trim attached to the inside liner while spinning the trim.
  • Use the screwdriver to get to the control module and disconnect the thermostat from the module.
  • Again, use the screwdriver to remove the red and blue wires and pull out the screws on the heating element.
  • Disconnect the interface and power from the control module.
  • Find the hidden screw right behind the label and unscrew it.
  • Try to get to the black base from the steel housing and keep pushing it down.
  • Now, you will see where the power cord is connected, then rotate the cords with pliers till it aligns with the hole and carefully put it out.
  • Install the new cord and backtrack the steps to assemble the rice cooker back.

As you can see, the steps are a bit lengthy, but you’ll get through this unscathed.

3. Burnt Out Thermal Fuse

Another underlying issue that makes your Aroma rice cooker won’t work at all is a blown-out thermal fuse. A thermal fuse is a safety mechanism that ensures that the rice cooker doesn’t overheat during cooking meals.

If the thermal cutout is damaged due to overheating, it will cause many problems. To inspect, you should check the thermal cut-offs’ state by opening the bottom of the rice cooker.

If you find any burnout signs or see the fuse wires are damaged, it will mean that the thermal cut-off fuse is broken.


When a thermal cutout is damaged, there’s no repair option; you can only replace the fuse. Therefore, use the methods below with steps to replace the Thermal Fuse of the Aroma rice cooker:

  • Make sure the rice cooker is turned off and unplugged.
  • Use a Philip PH2 screwdriver to remove the bottom of the rice cooker.
  • Find the Thermal fuse, pry the wirings gently, and get to the fuse.
  • Now, unscrew the screw and sheaths attached to the Thermal Fuse and finally take out the Thermal Cutout.
  • Get a new Thermal Fuse with the same parameters and replace the old one with it.
  • Now, reconnect the Thermal Fuse in the position, attach the rubber sheath, and screw the bolts back. As well as assemble the bottom compartment of the rice cooker.
  • Use a multimeter to check the new Thermal Fuse, and you’ll see that it’s working!
aroma rice cooker not cooking rice

4. Damaged Internal Circuitry

If a rice cooker’s internal circuits and wiring connections are somehow damaged due to unknown causes, your rice cooker won’t work. Therefore, you can try to find any outer damages responsible for the inner damages.


Identifying the broken internal circuits and wiring is tough work. We are not all experts, so going to a repair shop is better.

If you still want to examine yourself, follow the steps below:

  • Switch off the rice cooker and unplug it.
  • Use a screwdriver to unscrew and disassemble the rice cooker.
  • Look for any broken, bent, damaged, or burnt wirings in the control module. Also, check the state of the bottom compartment wiring system and thermal fuse.
  • Try to locate the damaged or burnt wires and pull the damaged wires out with pliers.
  • Now, get the exact replacements for the damaged wires and connect them accordingly.
  • Lastly, reassemble the rice cooker back.

Make sure you keep a record of how you are disassembling the rice cooker and backtrack the steps if needed.

5. Fused Light Bulb

The light bulb of the rice cookers is interrelated with the timer and other cooking mechanisms. Regarding that, you need to observe if the light goes on or off when the rice cooker is cooking.

That’s because the burnt-out light bulb of the rice cooker will hinder the cooking ability significantly.

Fused Light Bulb


You can easily change or repair the damaged LED light of your rice cooker. So, follow the steps below to go ahead and fix the issue:

  • Follow the first 8 steps of Changing the Thermal Fuse.
  • Use the screwdriver to remove the cardboard covering the Interface.
  • Now, unscrew the Interface off and mark the LED solder points.
  • Get a soldering iron and heat each point to remove the LED lights off.
  • Buy the exact replacement LED lights from a hardware store and attach them to the marked points.
  • Remember not to mess up the positive and negative points, and LEDs are polarity sensitive.
  • Backtrack the steps and reattach all the rice cooker parts.

6.   Leaking Steam Gasket

The leakage in the Steam Gasket is responsible for the Aroma rice cooker e5 error. If you ever see the rice cooker display showing e5 errors, there is a problem with the steam gasket or lid rim.

Therefore, you should inspect whether there is any hole, debris, dent, or anything unusual. Thus, these are the problems you may come across while using an Aroma rice cooker.


Getting a leakage in the gasket is mainly responsible for stuck debris in the holes. Therefore, clean the rice cooker thoroughly and make sure there is food jamming the venting holes or under the rim. Thus, your rice cooker will not leak any steam anymore.

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Meaning of Aroma Rice Cooker Error Codes & Solutions

Sometimes your Aroma rice cooker malfunctions and tells you about it by showing Error Codes in the display. Here is the meaning of the error codes, along with ways to fix them:

  • E1 or E3: Your rice cooker needs to be turned off immediately, and after 4-5 minutes, you can restart it.
  • E2 or E4: The code E4 suggests you contact the help center to solve electronic malfunctions. On the other hand, the E2 code means rice is still too hard, wet, or soggy.
  • E5: this code alerts you when the cooker’s temperature gets extremely high. To fix the issue, always ensure to keep the steam release valve open before starting to cook.

Why Is Aroma Rice Cooker Timer Not Working?

Aroma rice cooker is a convenient and easy way to cook rice perfectly every time. However, if your Aroma rice cooker timer is not working, there may be several reasons why.

The most common cause is that the Aroma rice cooker timer has simply been switched off or set on the wrong setting. Another reason might be an issue with the power supply, such as a blown fuse or a loose connection.

If none of these seem to be the case, and you have already tried the solutions above but in vain, try resetting your Aroma rice cooker.

aroma rice cooker timer not working

Here are the steps to reset the Aroma rice cooker:

  • Plug in your rice cooker to the power outlet.
  • Keep pressing the Cancel button/switch for 5 seconds.
  • Ensure that no LED lights are on until you complete the next step. Also, do not unplug the rice cooker arbitrarily.
  • After that, push the Start button, and you will see that the rice cooker is reset.

What To Do If Aroma Rice Cooker Not Heating Up?

If your Aroma rice cooker is not heating up or the timer is not working, the most plausible cause is the heating coil. The heating coil is the main mechanism to manage the heating systems in a rice cooker.

Therefore, the heating coil heats up using heat and then cooks your meal. Well, it is dependent on the thermal fuse and limiting resistor. So, if either of the systems is damaged, you must repair it ASAP.

In this case, the thermal fuse is like an electrical fuse that breaks off when the heat temperature exceeds its capacity.

But when either the thermal fuse or heat limiting resistor malfunctions, it will cause the Thermostat Malfunction. Thus, your rice cooker will stop heating up, and you’ll have to hire an electrician.

How To Use An Aroma Rice Cooker for Cooking?

Cooking rice has never been easier than with an aroma rice cooker. This rice cooker can cook perfectly, and fluffy rice every time. It is incredibly easy to use for cooking rice. All you need to do is measure the correct amount of rice and water, then press the start button.

After that, it will automatically adjust the cooking time and temperature needed to cook your rice perfectly. It also has a keep-warm setting that will keep your cooked rice fresh for up to 12 hours.

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Here are easy steps to learn how to cook rice in the Aroma rice cooker. So, follow the instructions below:

Things You Need for Cooking Rice

  • Aroma Rice Cooker
  • Rice measuring cup
  • White rice (can also use Roni or Red rice)
  • Water


  • Take two cups of white rice and wash properly, pour them into the inner pot, and add water up to line 2 (water marker line).
  • Put the inner pot in the cooker, lock the lid, choose the rice cooking function (Pressure cooking), and set the time for 10 minutes.
  • After the cooking cycle is over, the rice cooker function will automatically change to the Keep Warm mode.
  • You can open the lid and take rice using a spoon to enjoy steamy/fluffy boiled rice.

Moreover, the Aroma rice cooker can ALSO cook beans, soup, stews, and other delicious meals.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Why Is the Aroma Rice Cooker Beeping?

One of the main reasons for the Aroma rice cooker’s beeping is that the water level is below the Min line. You can stop the beeping noise by adding sufficient water.

Why Is My Rice Cooker Not Working?

The rice cooker might not be working because of the power cord issue, broken circuits, or other reasons. Since the problems are not that complex, they are easy to fix by using the methods above.

Why Is the Aroma Rice Cooker Turning Off Automatically?

Usually, the Aroma rice cooker does not turn off by itself. Usually, after the cooking cycle ends, it switches to the Keep Warm mode. So, the rice cooker turning off by itself can be triggered by a power outage.

Last Verdict

Here end the guideline of why is your Aroma rice cooker not working and how to fix it.” I explained the most plausible causes responsible for the Aroma rice cooker problems.

Moreover, I taught you the easiest Aroma rice cooker troubleshooting methods. Now, you can fix your Aroma rice cooker and enjoy cooking delicious rice again.


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