Why Instant Pot Slow Cooker Stuck On Preheat?

People use an instant pot as an electric pressure cooker. Do you know about the pot? This instant pot has many functions and features. But sometimes, an instant pot slow cooker stuck on preheat, and many people ask why? I will tell you everything about the instant pot and preheat issue.

Pressure cooking is one of the functions of an instant pot. The instant pot needs the amount of pressure to cook your food properly. The pot also requires some time for this. The process is known as the preheating process.

Some people use the instant pot as a slow cooker. But should you? Sometimes there may be some difficulty when you use an instant pot slow cooker. One of the main issues of using an instant pot slow cooker is that it is stuck in its preheat phase.

This problem can happen due to many reasons. Some factors can result in the instant pot slow cooker being stuck in the preheat phase. To know the details, keep an eye on this article. Then you can clear all your doubts.

Instant Pot:

Someone asked me why is my instant pot stuck on preheat? So, I will tell you some details about instant pot. There are three settings of instant pot: More, Normal, and Less.

What do you think? Less setting gives you the equivalent temperature of a slow cooker! No, less setting temperature is up to 190°F. At this temperature, the food takes a long time to cook.

The normal setting temperature reaches 195-205 °F. And the more setting reaches the temperature of 195-205 °F.

Slow Cooker:

A Slow cooker also has three settings, including Low, Warm and High.

  • Low setting Reaching temperature 209°F. It takes time to cook food fully for up to 9+ hours.
  • High setting – To cook your food thoroughly takes about 4 hours. Reach 209 °F.
  • Warm setting – Keeping the food warm like the function of an instant pot.

Slow Cooker Setting + Less – Cook low heat.

Slow Cooker Setting + Normal – Cook food at medium heat like the low setting of a slow cooker.

Slow cooker setting + More – Same as a high setting of a slow cooker that cooks food at high heat.

So, you should use normal or more setting modes of instant pot avoiding fewer settings. By the way, to know about egg cooker setting and water measurements, you can read our guideline.

instant pot stuck on preheat

Cooking Time Of Instant Pot Slow Cooker:

Slow Cooker Function + Normal = Cooking temperature is low, and cooking time keeps up the same in a regular slow cooker.

If you use the slow cooker function + more = The temperature is high in a classic slow cooker. Cooking time will be, for example,

  • 1 hour of slow cooker = 1.15 hours for Instant Pot
  • 8 hours of slow cooker = 10 hours for Instant Pot
  • 4 hours of slow cooker = 5 hours for Instant Pot

Heat Distribution:

Heat distribution is the main reason for producing such amazing results in an instant pot slow cooker. The bowl of the pot is ceramic and heavy.

The bottom is the main heat source. The walls of the pot also heat up, along with emitting energy from all other sides. That’s why food is heated properly, and the texture is very tender.

Function Of An Instant Pot:

The instant pot provides a lot of services with multifunction within a very short time.

  • To cook flavorful, delicious food within a little time, you can use the instant pot as a pressure cooker or slow cooker.
  • Tremendous for cooking rice. Because it has a timer system. When the timer goes off, the cooking process will also automatically stop.
  • You can also use the instant pot as a steamer. It not only steams and boils your food but also contains sauteing mode to caramelize your vegetables.
  • You can also use the pot to make yoghurt.
  • Instant pots keep your food warm for a long time (hours).
  • Another wonderful function of the instant pot is that it contains several modes for boiling eggs and baking cakes.

Instant Pot Preheat:

As you know earlier about the preheating process of Instant Pot. When you use an instant pot for cooking, the display panel of the instant pot will show ‘On’ in the preheat phase. After attaining the required temperature, it begins to pressurize and turns on the timer.

The required time for preheating differs from one model to another. It also depends on the quantity of food inside the pot. If the amount of food is more, it will take longer to preheat.

When the needed amount of pressure will presents inside the pot, only then the timer of the instant pot will start.

But if you use an instant pot as a slow cooker with a slow cook function, the pot may not be stuck on preheating. Because it doesn’t create pressure. But it may get stuck on preheat if you use the pot as a slow cooker.

Why is My Instant Pot Stuck On Preheat?

It’s common to face particular issues for new users when using the instant pot. Do you have any problems with instant pot preheating? Maybe or not. The difficulty is the instant pot stuck in the preheat level. If you don’t care about some factors, instant pot can create a problem when it gets stuck in the preheat phase.

Release Valve Not Set To Seal

One of the main faults of causing the instant pot to be stuck on preheat is the release valve not setting the seal. So you should check that the release valve is set to seal.

If the release valve is set on the vent, the pressure will get out inside the cooker through the release valve. Then the instant pot won’t pressurize.

You must ensure that the steam is released from the float valve, not the release valve. The float valve remains automatically sealed. When adequate pressure rises, the steam stops releasing.

When the release valve is not set to seal and set on the vent, the instant pot won’t pressurize. As a result, the preheating and cooking process will remain incomplete. When the instant pot begins to pressurize, the steam will come out from the float valve.

Seals Misaligned or Damaged

Another reason for causing the instant pot stuck on preheat is that the sealing ring is damaged or isn’t aligned appropriately. This can cause leakage of pressure.

You must check the seals before operating the pot. Replace or test them regularly or every 12-16 months. You must keep at least two rings. And you should use different ones for sour and sweet dishes.

Note: If you use an instant pot as a slow cooker with a slow cook function, the pot may not be stuck on preheating. Because it doesn’t create pressure. But it may get stuck on preheat if you use the pot as a slow cooker.

Common Instant Pot Problems and How To Fix Them

Instant pot is taking too long to start the timer. It will take a minimum of 15 minutes to pressurize and turn on the timer. However, if it takes more than 20 minutes to turn on the timer, adjust the mode and check the settings if needed.

The pow will show a ‘Burn’ message when the food is burned, or the pot might undergo damage. It may be because there is insufficient water in the pot. Or the water isn’t touching the sidewalls and bottom of the pot. Then cool down the pot.

An error code message indicates the support page of the pot. For example, when the temperature sensor doesn’t function, the pot will show a C1 sign. Similarly, when the inner pot has scarce water, it will show a C5 sign.

When the timer is set, the instant pot is generally beaten. If it doesn’t beat, check on the screen for a coded message. Then fix the issue. This usually causes overheating.

How To Use Instant Pot As A Slow Cooker?

Here are some steps that you need to follow when you use an instant pot as a slow cooker

  • Firstly, Place the food in the inner pot for slow cooking. You may need 1 cup of water to heat up the pot properly.
  • Close the lid. You may use a glass lid that will allow some of the liquid to evaporate.
  • Then press the button of Slow Cook. Hit the adjust button of Slow Cooker Function on the Instant Pot and change the setting to Normal or High.
  • If you need to cook on the low mode of a slow cooker, set ‘normal’ on the slow cooker function of the instant pot.
  • If you need to cook on a high function of a slow cooker, adjust ‘high’ on the slow cooker function. This may take an extra 15 minutes for every hour.
  • But here is a confusion: does Instant Pot use pressure for the cooker function? No, the instant pot doesn’t generate any pressure for the slow cook function. That’s why you can use various lids. The lid won’t fit into place. So, don’t worry about the position.
  • Instant pot needs 10-15 minutes to preheat before starting actual slow cooking of any recipe. If it takes a long time, cancel hit, and try again.
  • At last, set your needed time. You can also stir your food during cooking.

If you adjust the perfect setting for your choices, it will not be difficult to use an instant pot as a slow cooker.

Instant Pot Slow Cooker Recipes

I will advise you to try various recipes to differ between types of cooking time and foods of the instant pot slow cooker. Here are some choices for you to move with:

  • Instant Pot Turkey Chili
  • Instant Pot Pozole
  • Instant Pot Roast With Carrots and Potatoes
  • Instant Pot Ropa Vieja
  • Instant Pot Venison Roast
  • Instant Pot Hawaiian Beef Stew

You may prepare the recipes by using both pressure cooking and slow cooking ways. You can also make beef roast and potatoes as traditional slow cooker recipes.

Some Questions and Answers (FAQ’s):

Is An Instant Pot Better Than A Slow Cooker?

Obviously, an instant pot is better than a slow cooker because an Instant is used as a good slow cooker. But it isn’t as good as a reliable slow cooker. So, the instant pot is a great kitchen appliance. It can cook food much quicker than a slow cooker. Some people don’t think of living without instant pot. But instant pot is wonderful for slow cooker recipes.

Can You Slow Cook In An Instant Pot Without A Glass Lid?

No, you should not slow cook in an instant pot without a glass lid. However, you can do this for the first time. But you should use a glass lid to slow cook for your safety and cook food properly. You can use your regular lid as a slow cook glass lid.

How Long Does Instant Pot Preheat On Slow Cooker?

The instant pot needs about 10-15 minutes for preheating when it starts to actually slow cook on a slow cooker. But sometimes, it takes a long time to start preheating. Then cancel it and try again.

How Long Is The Slow Cook Setting On The Instant Pot?

When you use an instant pot for slow cooking, you need to use ‘Normal’ mode. In this setting, cooking time remains the same. But when you use the ‘More’ setting, you need to add 15 minutes to every hour.

Can You Use Any Glass Lid On Instant Pot?

Yes, you can use any glass lid for slow cooking. Any tempered glass lid may fit your pot size. If your slow cooker lid shattered and you don’t know why, please read this article.


I hope you can wrap up all the information about why instant pot slow cooker stuck on preheat. So, we can say that an instant pot is a very good electric pressure cooker. But it was not manufactured for slow cooking. Nowadays, people try to use the pot as a slow cooker. But it may create some difficulties that we discussed above. I hope you learned some new things and enjoyed this article.


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