Can I Use A Cracked Crock Pot? Reasons and How to Fix it

The crockpot is an essential kitchen appliance. But, it can be cracked due to negligence. Do you see a crack in your crockpot? If yes, it is a big question: Can I use a cracked crock pot? The answer is both yes and no.

You can use the hairline cracked crockpot. But, it is important to be conscious of cooking in such a cracked slow cooker or crockpot. On the other hand, you should not use a half-broken crock pot.

Why should I not use a half-broken crockpot or slow cooker? Because of the possibility of mixing ceramic material and non-stick coating with the cooking food.

Can I repair the cracked slow cooker or crock pot? Yes, you can. However, it will be best to repair the crockpot at a primary cracking level. You should follow the proper instructions to fix your cracked slow crock pot.

What are the Reasons for Cracking a Crock Pot?

There are several reasons to crack the crock pot. If you use your crock pot carefully, it will serve you for many years. So, before starting to use the crock pot, you need to know the reasons for cracking a crock pot.

  1. Sudden Temperature Change: The sudden temperature change of the crock pot is the most remarkable reason for cracking the crock pot. The inner ceramic bowl can not withstand sudden temperature changes. The users can occur the rapid changes differently
  2. Soaking the hot crock pot in the cold water: Sudden cold temperatures can crack the hot crock pot. So, what should you do? You should give rest to your hot crock pot to become cool down. Then, you can wash it.
  3. Reheating the crock pot after immediately getting it from the fridge: Another reason for cracking a crock pot is reheating the crock pot directly from the refrigerator. The cold crock pot can not tolerate the sudden hot temperature. So, you should bring out the crock pot from the fridge for at least one hour before reheating.
  4. Frozen food cooking: Frozen food cooking in the crock pot is the other reason for cracking a crock pot. Sometimes, people place frozen meat in the crock pot for cooking. It is dangerous for the crock pot. So, it will be best to leave the frozen meat at room temperature.
  5. Keeping hot crock pot in the refrigerator: Sometimes, you place the hot crockpot in the fridge with food. But, it is bad for both the crock pot and the refrigerator. The sudden cold temperature can crack your crock pot. Therefore, you should keep the crock pot cool down. Then, please keep it in the fridge.
  6. Lacking enough liquid: The liquid is an essential ingredient of a slow cooker dish. If you do not add enough liquid at cooking time, there will be a chance of cracking your crock pot. The crock pot is a long-time cooking appliance. So, all the liquid can dry out by vaporizing.
  7. Manufacturing defects: The manufacturing defect is not a common matter for a crock pot. It is very rare. The manufacturer can crack the crock pot at the manufacturing time. So, you should check the crock pot before choosing. You may have another replacement option for the manufacturing defect.
  8. Cooking in a crock pot on the stovetop: The temperature of a stove is dangerous for the crock pot. It can not withstand the high direct flame. So, if you use your crock pot on the stovetop, your crock pot can be cracked. Therefore, it will be best to avoid the stovetop. You can use the oven.
  9. Hairline cracking: The hairline crack may increase for constant use of your crock pot. If you do not fix the hairline crack, it will develop and completely break at a particular time.

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Can You Use a Cracked Crock Pot?

Yes, you can use a cracked crockpot. But the cracking line should be minimal. Plus, the material of the crock pot should be ceramic. If the cracked slow cooker and crock pot are not ceramic, it will be better to avoid it.

What should I do for an extensive crack line? You should replace the crock pot if it has a large crack line. It is risky to cook in a cracked slow cooker.

The cracked line can completely break out suddenly. Besides, some parts of the material can mix with your cooking food. If your all-clad slow cooker insert is cracked, you should replace it with a new one.

why is crack in crockpot

How to Fix a Cracked Ceramic Crock Pot?

The crock pot stoneware cracked repairing method may not be suitable for health. If you want to use glue to fix the crock pot, there will be a chance to melt it at heating.

However, You can use glue to fix the hairline crack. But, there is no reliable way to fix the multiple broken pieces of a crock pot.

So, how can I fix a cracked slow cooker or crock pot? Let’s see two fixing methods for a cracked crockpot.

1. Using Adhesive Glue

Using adhesive glue is a popular method of fixing a cracked pot. If you follow the proper instructions, you can do it.

  • First, take a cracked pot. Then empty the crock pot if it has any food.
  • Wash the crock pot with clean clothes.
  • After cleaning the crock pot, now find the crack line.
  • Apply the adhesive glue to the crack line. Plus, wipe the extra glue and leave it to dry.
  • Now, you should squeeze on the crack line glue. Finally, clean the excess glue from the pot surface.

2. Hot Milk Using

Using hot milk to fix the crack of a crock pot is an ancient method. Hot milk is your best option if you do not want to use adhesive glue. Sometimes, the adhesive glue can fail to fix the crack. In this case, hot milk can fix the damage.

How can I fix the crack of a crock pot by using hot milk? Let’s see the process-

  • First, clean your crock pot with water and dry it properly.
  • Now, find out the location of the crack.
  • You need a saucepan, a roasting pan, a canning pot, and a particular amount of milk.
  • If the crack line of the crock pot is higher than the roasting pot, you can choose a canning pot. It is important to cover the crack with milk.
  • Now, fill the roasting or canning pot one-half with water. Then, place the water in a measuring cup to measure the water.
  • You need the same amount of milk as water.
  • Now, keep the milk in a large saucepan. Turn on the flame of the stove but do not boil the milk.
  • After heating the milk, remove the saucepan. Then, place a cunning pot or roasting pan.
  • Set the stove flame to the medium position. Keep the hot milk in this pot.
  • Now, you should set the cracked pot in the cunning pot and pour the rest of the milk into the ceramic bowl.
  • Then, boil the milk for at least twenty minutes. Make sure that the milk bubbles.
  • Now, turn off the flame. Leave the pot with milk to cool off.
  • After cooling, remove the milk from the pot and wash your crock pot.
  • Finally, you can check the crack by heating it with water.

What can I do if the hot milk method does not work? It will be best to replace your cracked crockpot.

3. Fixing a Crock Pot Stoneware Crack

Do you know how to fix cracked stoneware? Yes, the cracked stoneware fixing is not so difficult. If you follow the proper process, you will easily fix it.

First, take some five-minute epoxy. Place the epoxy on cardboard. Then, mix it with some wooden sticks. Now, apply the mixture to the cracked stoneware. Finally, set the broken piece with the main pot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the reason for stoneware cracking?

Thermal shock is the main reason for stoneware cracking. You need to know about thermal shock. Thermal shock means sudden temperature change. The stoneware can not withstand the rapid hot and cold temperature changes.

Is cracked stoneware safe?

The cracked stoneware may not be safe. Food can remain in the crack line. After a long time, the food can make bacteria. So, the food of cracked stoneware is not safe. Therefore, it will be better to avoid cracked stoneware.

How do I fix broken stoneware?

Take a particular amount of five-minute epoxy. Now, put some wooden sticks on the epoxy. Then, mix well. Take some mixture and apply it to the edge of the stoneware. Now fix the broken piece with the main part. Finally, remove the extra mixture and dry it properly.

Is it safe to use a crock pot with a hairline crack?

It is very important to be careful to use a hairline crack crock pot. But, the crack can be big for the rapid use of hot and cold water. So, it would be best to fix the hairline crack before it gets bigger.

How to fix a hairline crack of a crock pot?

First, clean the crock pot properly and dry it. Now, identify the crack. You can use adhesive glue to fix the hairline glue. So, apply the glue to the location of the crack. Let it dry and squeeze the place properly. Finally, wipe the extra glue with a cloth.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, can I use a cracked crockpot? The answer depends on the quality of the crack line. If the crack is like a hairline, you can use it with extra care. But, it will be best to use the cracked cooker pot after fixing it.

There is a possibility of bacteria attack on the food of a cracked slow cooker. The hairline crack can be improved day by day. So, you can apply the adhesive glue to the crack line to fix it.

If the adhesive glue can not work, you can use the old fashion method; hot milk. What should I do to fail the hot milk method? It will be best to replace your cracked pot.


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