How Many Watts Does A Crock Pot Use? You May Be Surprised!

A crockpot is an energy-efficient kitchen appliance for cooking meals. But many people can’t understand how much power the crockpot uses! So, you have to be aware of the electricity usage of the crock pot when cooking.

Do you know “how many watts does a crock pot use?” Generally, the crockpot wattage depends on the set temperature. It can be set at around 175 watts on average. The lowest and highest settings are around 70 watts and 250 watts, respectively.

Besides, there may be various variables considered during the use of a crockpot. And you have to calculate energy usage based on total watts.

Here, we will deliver a short overview of the average power consumption of crockpots. Thereby, you will gather a minimum knowledge on crockpot wattage along with energy usage.

What is Crockpot Wattage?

Watts are units of energy or power. Any electrical unit uses watt. So, some units consume low watts, whereas some other units use a large number of watts.

Normally, a crockpot uses around 70-250 watts of power on average. Crockpots can do their work properly in this range of watts. While lowering the setting option, the crockpot wattage is also decreased.

The maximum wattage of the crockpot remains in the manual instruction. So, you should check and monitor the draw of power consumption.

crock pot amp usage

How Many Amps Does A Crockpot Use?

A crockpot uses 2.2 amps and 120 volts on average. That means the power is between around 0.6 amps to 2 amps. However, the crockpot amps usage depends on the make and model of the crockpot that you buy.

As a crockpot has various wattages for various temperature settings; so, you can easily determine the amperage of a crockpot through an easy calculation at any time. For this, you have to divide the wattage of the crock pot by the voltage line.

For example, if a crockpot uses 250 watts of power on a 120 volts connection, the amps of the crock pot will use 2.08. On the other hand, a high cook-crockpot needs 3-5 amps. And a crockpot needs 1-2 amps for warming a meal.

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How Much Electricity Does A Crockpot Use?

Before buying a crockpot or slow cooker, everyone should know how much electricity a crock pot use. If you consider the average power consumption of the crockpot, it’s about 250 watts. Crockpots are actual money-savers.

Crockpots have many settings. The lower the settings of the crockpot, the lower the wattage. Similarly, the higher the settings, the higher the wattage of the crockpot. So, you can use less electricity by using these settings.

You can specify the power consumption of the crockpot for each set using a wattage monitor. Thus, you can choose a crockpot wattage inverter that you require.

The crockpot converter can convert 120V DC into 12V AC. That means a crockpot wattage inverter takes a 12V current that converts into a 120V current. So, a crockpot requires a 120V AC charge.

How Much Watts Does A Crock pot Use Per Hour?

As we mentioned above, a crockpot consumes about 70 watts at low temperatures, but how many watts does a crock pot use on high? When put at a high temperature, the crockpot consumes around 250 watts per hour.

If a 250-wattage big crockpot is set on high and cooked for 5 hours, then you simply need to multiply 5 by 250. That means the crockpot will provide 1250 watt-hours. The crockpot saves a lot of energy compared to an oven.

crockpot wattage

There are some foods that take a long time to cook, like neck bones. It takes 8-10 hours to cook neckbones in a low setting. So, if you use a crock pot long time, how much electricity does a crockpot or slow cooker use in 8 hours? You should know about crock pot power consumption.

Crockpots can consume 120V outlets on average. And they have 0.6 amps at low amperage to keep food warm. When the cooking mode is high, the high amperage of 2 amps is used. The formula of the power consumption will:

Power ( watts) = Amperage × Voltage

If the crockpot consumes 1.5 amp in low cooking mode-

Power= 1.5amp ×120V= 180W =0.18kWh

Then the electricity of a crockpot for 8 hours will-

Electricity/Power = 0.18kW x 8hrs =1.44kW/hours on a low cooking setting.

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How Much Watts Does A Slow Cooker Use?

Did you know that a slow cooker uses less energy than a regular oven? Many people believe that slow cookers use a lot of electricity, but this is not the case! In fact, slow cookers use about 70-150 watts on average, which is a very low energy consumption rate.

Also, this handy kitchen appliance is a great way to save money and help the environment. A Slow cooker use about one-third the energy of an oven in the same amount of time. That means you can save a lot of money on your electricity bill by cooking your food in one!

Not to mention slow cookers are also a healthy alternative to cooking your food on the stovetop or in the oven. So next time you’re cooking something for dinner, give a slow cooker a try! That’s why a slow cooker is always a good investment as kitchenware.

how many amps does a crock pot use

How Many Watts Does Different Quart Of Crockpot Use?

The fixed temperature of a crockpot is around 70 watts on a low-temperature setting and 250 watts on a high temperature. A 2-quart crockpot use approximately 1.7 watts of power. The wattage for a 6-quart crockpot is about 4.5 watts. On the other hand, a 7-quart crockpot can use 1100 watts of power.

Do you know how many crockpots can plug into the circuit? Sometimes we use multiple cooking stuff in a  circuit. Generally, you can plug more than one crackpot into a circuit. It completely depends on the crockpot wattage and model. A 15 amps circuit can plug around 5 crockpots.

On the other hand, around 7 crockpots can be plugged into a 20 amps circuit. However, you should always read the recommended crockpot manual before using it.

Some Questions and Answers (FAQ’s):

Does A Crockpot Use A Lot Of Electricity?

No, a crockpot doesn’t use a lot of electricity. Crockpots are very energy efficient. Because it can save some energy. A modern crockpot can consume around 0.7 kWh for 8 hours of cooking. This power consumption is less than most other cooking devices like ovens, electric stovetops, or pressure cookers.

It is recommended that a crockpot can use between 70-150 watts on low settings and 150-250 watts on high anywhere. So, a crockpot can run for 8 hours.

How Many Watts Does Crockpot Pull?

Depending on the model and size, the crockpot has some fraction of electricity wattage. The smallest model of 15-quart crockpot can pull at 120 watts, whereas an 8-quart crockpot is rated at 320 watts.

What Size Generator Do You Need To Run A Crockpot?

Generally, it depends on how many watts a crockpot needs for use. For low energy requirements, you can use only 200 watts on average to run a generator. But for higher energy, a generator needs about 1400 watts to operate a crockpot on average.

Are Crockpots Costly To Run?

No, crockpots aren’t expensive to run at around 150-250 watts of power. They just cost in this wattage about 2-3 cents per hour. A meal that is cooked over 8 hours may cost between 12-53 cents. It depends on the crockpot and electricity expenses.

How Much Power Does A Crockpot Consume During Preparing Meals?

Following the setting, a crockpot can consume different power for different dishes that it needs. For low-simmer recipes, roasts, and quick soups, the crockpot uses around 0.8 kWh. Crockpots need less energy than other electric ranges. This makes the crockpot the most efficient cooking appliance.

How Many Watts Does A Small And A Big Crockpot Use?

Generally, a small crockpot uses 108 watts of power. It can run for 8-9 hours. That means a small crockpot will use about 1.5 kWh of electricity, especially on the low setting. Some small crockpots may use 223 watts of power on low settings. But a big crockpot can use around 1000 watts of power.


Crockpots are the best cooking choices for their electricity consumption. The low cost of running capability makes the crockpot very inexpensive. So, we can say that a crockpot uses different power in different settings. Generally, 250 watts is the average wattage usage of crockpots.

From the overall discussion, you already know the crockpot is best for you to save energy. Hope that you can use crockpots to get a complete outcome. And also will enjoy its wattage and amperage power.

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