Why Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker Lid Shattered?

People are using multiple brands of kitchenware. Have you heard the name of Hamilton? Hamilton is one of the brands of kitchenware. Similarly, do you suffer from using a stove? when you have to stand by for a long time. Then the slow cooker is the final solution for you.

So, if you use the Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker, I think you will passing a good time during cooking time. Just you have to be careful with the equipment and maintain some rules before and after cooking.

But sometimes you may face some difficulties. One of the main issues is the Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker lid shattered. But don’t worry! We have collected some information that you will have to know. Just you have to follow our instructions. So, enjoy the article!

What Is A Universal Glass Lid?

A universal glass lid is an extraordinary lid for all of the pots and pans. It is used for all purposes of cooking. The glass lid is 12 and 6 inches in diameter.

You can use the lid for your whole cookware collection. Suppose, if you have one stock pot lid or lost the lid, you can use a universal glass lid. You can also use the lid to cover the bowl, oven polenta and in other cooking processes.

A shattered lid should not use for cooking. If your lid is Shattered and you want to replace it, you can buy a glass lid for your slow cooker.

universal glass lid

Can A Universal Glass Lid Break From The Heat?

A universal glass lid can break for thermal shock when it is heated. If the glass material gets different temperatures for different surfaces, the thermal inflation causes stress from one side to the other of the glass material.

When the stress overtakes the yield stability of the glass material, it leads to cracks. As it’s fragile, slowly it shatters into pieces from its first crack.

Compressive stresses may be the cause of glass breakage. When the strengthened piece of glass heats up over the tempering point, it will break. The main point is that any glass material will break when the temperature reaches above its maximum temperature.

Different types of glass including Borosilicate glassware, Tempered glass, toughened glass, and bulletproof glass have different temperatures to break the glass.

Slow Cooker Warning – Glass Lid Shatter

Many companies make slow cookers or crock-pots that are set on clear glass lids. Among these, some are with locks or some without locks. The lid may be the kind of heat exposure like a slow cooker’s setting from warm mode to high.

If you cook a dish in a pot for a long time with a locking lid, maybe from night to morning, and let it continue to cook, you can notice that the lid shattered or broke down into pieces. But it maintained its shape and position. And its handle will pop up with pieces of glass clinging to it.

As glass is a non-porous formless solid. It’s a very useful substance in our everyday lives. And every single piece of glass has a stress point. If once the lid exceeds the point, it can shatter.

Remember that you won’t hear any sound of cracking the lid. So always be aware. Hence, before using any kitchen equipment, read the instructions properly. And take care of the appliances.

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Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker Lid Shattered (5 Things To Consider)

Not always but sometimes crock pot lid shattered. When you are using a Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker lid, you should consider some things for its shattered. Here are the 5 things:


After the end of cooking, you need to clean your slow cooker lid and slow cooker. Sometimes you are in a hurry to wash everything. However, you should not wash too hot a lid with cold water. Because it may be shattered by your hands.

So, firstly you have to cool down the lid to room temperature. Sometimes continual wrong washing methods will affect the lid quality. This may increase the shattering possibilities. Because sudden temperature fluctuations can cause microfractures. This can also impact on the quality of the lid.

Lid Quality

Slow Cooker lids are made with formal glass. Regular glass can be easily broken down by small mishandling. So, you should use a high-end material based lid such as Pyrex. Because it assures higher quality along with lower possibilities of breakage.


If you don’t want to use a regular glass lid or even pyrex material, you can try plastic lids. Because they have lower risk of breaking or shattering.

Similarly, thermal glass is made with a mixture of two various glass kinds. So, it is unable to mix with different glass kind proportions. As a result, the change can cause uneven construction. And also increase the chance of breakage.


To reduce the shattering of the slow cooker lid, you must be sure that the lid doesn’t clamp down. Because clamping is the main reason for the slow cooker into pressure cooker transformation. As a pressure cooker develops heavy pressure. And the slow cooker can’t handle such pressure. So, be careful.

You may use a slow cooker lid with a hole in the top. This hole helps to pass out excessive steam and heat for sufficient discharging. This will also reduce the chances of shattering.

Replace The Lid

If the lid has been already damaged, you can replace it from Hamilton Beach because sometimes crock pot lid exploded. Besides, Walmart also has a replacement offer for a damaged slow cooker lid. As I know that some manufacture does not offer any replacement parts, so you can buy a new crock pot lid with cheap price.

crock pot lid shattered

What Will Happen If You Put Glass In A Microwave?

Putting a glass in a microwave isn’t safe. Because microwaves contain small air bubbles. When heated, the air bubbles will swell. If these bubbles rise large enough, they can be the cause of the breakage of glass material.

The metal can also flake. It will lead the glass substance to shatter. So, before using the glass material in the microwave, you must check the glass lebel with microwave-safety.

But is it ok to microwave frozen glass? No, it can also be harmful. When you transfer a specially frozen glass pyrex from the refrigerator or freezer instantly to the microwave, it may break or completely shatter. But pyrex is a harder and thicker glass than other kitchenware materials.

Will A Heat Gun Work In Melting Glass?

When the heat gun is used, it becomes extremely hot. A heat gun generates at lower airspeeds and produces a high temperature of about 1200°F. This is sufficient heat to melt various kinds of glass. But can heat guns be used to melt all the glass? If you take a heat gun to a coke glass bottle, it can’t break down the bottle. As the glass has a higher melting point. The glass will break down at approximately 1400 °C to 1600 °C. So, the soda inside the bottle is evaporated by all the heat guns.

Why Would You Heat Glass?

When you heat a glass at 1300°F to 1350°F temperature, the glass surface becomes soft. And it is enough to start to melt. Heating by this temperature, the glass surface rounds off any quad edges. But it will not change its basic thickness or shape of the finished piece. By heating to a level where the glass surface rises this temperature. Then you can create a shiny, smooth finish.

At What Temperature Does Glass Crack?

When heating a typical float glass or windowpane, it can crack at around 150 – 200° C temperature. The first will start from one of the edges of the glass pane. Now the question is how can you prevent it from breaking? There are two guidelines to prevent breaks.

Always use heat resistant glass or ceramics for hot liquids. Prevent using common glass.

And also avoid sudden transformation in temperature during using the heat resistant glass or ceramics. A drastic temperature change will shatter anything.

Some Questions and Answers (FAQ):

Why Did Your Glass Plate Break In The Microwave?

Although it doesn’t always occur. But microwave cooking/turntable trays sometimes break. So, always you have to be careful and maintain the instructions.

Can You Cook In A Slow Cooker Without The Lid?

When you cook vegetables and meat in a slow cooker, it emits a lot of liquid. The lid prevents the liquid from evaporation. If you add extra liquid and cook without a lid, it can take 1-2 hours. But cooking without a lid can reduce liquid evaporation.

Can A Universal Glass Lid Break From The Heat?

A universal glass lid can break from heat because of thermal shock. The changes of temperature or surface stress can cause of glass lid breakage

Does A Slow Cooker Need A Tight Fitting Lid?

You have to fit the lid properly so that there are no gaps over the slow cooker for steam to exit. If the lid isn’t right, the slow cooker won’t function as efficiently. So put the lid on the slow cooker correctly.

Can A Slow Cooker Overflow?

You can fill a slow cooker with about two-thirds of its capability. When it boils, the liquid may bubble up. It can cause a mess for the spill out of the wall. So, it requires a gap at the top to cook well. If the slow cooker remains full or overflows, it takes a long time to cook.

Can You Put A Glass Lid On A Frying Pan?

Yes, you can put a glass lid on a frying pan. Tempered glass is for safety. And the lid is used for any carbon or iron steel pan. You can use the glass lid for any cooking food to retain flavour and moisture.


Finally, we can say that you can use Hamilton Beach slow cooker lid for your daily cooking. Just remember the instructions and information that we discussed above. Always clean and properly use your kitchen equipment to get the best services. And the above knowledge can help you to prevent any difficulties during using the lid. Hope that you can gather enough vital information and awareness about the Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker lid shattered.

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