What To Do If Crockpot Blinking Red Light? Easy Fixes

Sometimes people can’t differentiate between blinking light and a flashing light. Do you also need clarification when comparing them? Don’t be confused. Blinking light indicates the raising time and falling time are of equal magnitude.

On the other hand, flashing means the raising time is too short, and the extent is less than the falling time. Do you familiar with the crockpot blinking red light? The crock pot power light blinking when there’s a power outage. The crockpot restores power when the lights and display blink.

Can any disturbance occur during cooking? Yes, at this time, all settings of the slow cooker have been cleared. The meal that was prepared may be ruined and unsafe to eat. The settings must be reset. It would be great if you throw away the food inside.

Besides, there may be another reason behind the blinking red light. Do you want to know the reason? Then read our short content. We will also advise how you will solve the setting problem of the crockpot blinking light.

Let’s start with some common questions that people want to understand.

What Does It Means Of Crockpot Blinking Light?

Generally, light blinking means there may be a problem with the electrical system. It can be the reason for electrical fires or electrocution. You have to be careful to prevent danger.

But what does it mean when the power light is blinking? Let’s explain the point with an example. The power light blinks or flashes when a crockpot (any electric devices) is on standby or sleep mode.

That means, yet the crockpot is on, and its power-saving mode is on. However, you can exit the power-saving mode by pressing a button of high or low setting in the crockpot.

Why Is My Crock Pot Power Light Blinking?

Crockpot power light blinking means the unit has been plugged in, but it’s not turned on. After completing the cooking time, the crockpot automatically changes the setting to ‘warm.’ Then the warm setting light will enlighten.

For cooking, the time range has to be selected that will be the nearest setting time of the slow cooker. There may be confusion: why is my crockpot not working? It may be if there’s any defect in the electric cord of the crockpot.

As a result, your crockpot won’t heat. And if there’s any faculty in the thermostat, the cooker will overheat. So, you should check the thermostat and the electric cord. If needed, you can replace the crockpot.

crock pot power light blinking

Can I Use A Crockpot If Power Light Blinking?

No, you shouldn’t use your crockpot if you see the power light of the crockpot blinking. It may be the sign of an overloaded device. That means, no power will hamper the heating functions. This can happen only for wiring problems or overload.

If you plug in another new appliance, like a mixer, blender, or iron, please discard it. And attempt to reset the crockpot again. If you still face the same problems, locate the crockpot in another place.

But How To Check The Outlet That You Plug Into? Unplug the slow cooker for a few seconds. Then plug in the back. If you use a power strip or any extension cord, check its functioning. And whether there aren’t any breakers tripped or loose connections.

How To Fix Crockpot Power Light Blinking instantly?

Most people have faced this problem. So, they are looking for the answer to this question. So, let’s look into the solutions:

Plug the Crockpot: 

If you use an extension cord to plug the crockpot then the wall, you may experience power light blinking problems. But if you plug the crockpot directly into the wall, you won’t face a blinking problem.

Besides, you can plug the crockpot into another outlet. If this trick doesn’t work, you may require to replace any of your electrical elements, such as a switch.

When you unplug the crockpot, it may look like the lights are shattered. But some plugs or outlets can prevent the appliance from receiving power due to some error. After unplugging, when you plug the crockpot back, but the crockpot isn’t still turned on, you should check faithfully at the cord.

Tightening Cords:

Some crockpots contain removable cords. So it can be replaced easily when it is damaged. But if it’s not, check if any elements are loose. Then you should tighten it by hand.

Reset the Circuit Breaker: 

Can circuit breakers involve blinking lights? Yes, circuit breakers may be involved in blinking lights. Circuit breakers are designed to maintain our home from overheating. But when there is a problem in the circuit breaker during plugging appliances, it may blink light or turn off. So, you need to reset the circuit breaker.

But how do you reset the circuit breaker easily? By flipping the circuit breaker back on, you can easily reset it. If it doesn’t work, then call an electrician.

Reset the Outlet Switch:

However, if the light of the crockpot is still blinking, you may also reset the outlet switch. Again, the fuse is located in the outlet. It is used to supply power to the slow cooker. Accessing a multimeter, continually checking between prongs. Then ensure that there isn’t any electrical short.

Replace the Outlet Fuse:

Without a multimeter, you can swap out the fuses with one device from another. Just ensure that the crockpot is plugged back into an adjacent outlet. If the crockpot isn’t powered, unplug it. That means you may need to replace the outlet fuse.

Frequently Asked Question’s [FAQ]

Why Is Your Crockpot Not Heating Up?

If the crockpot doesn’t heat after turn on, you should reset the crockpot. When the light of the crockpot is faulty, this problem may be created. But it may still heat. You should also check the electrical cord, outlet, and electronic circuitry.

How Do You Reset Your Power Cooker When Blinking Light?

First, you have to unplug the cooker for about 5 minutes. As a result, the power cooker could reset its software. But software problems are rare. Some cookers need to run their interior electronic management unit.

Why Are The LED Lights On Your Crockpot Blinking?

Perhaps the crockpot LED lights are blinking when there is a power outage. The buttons of the crockpot will stop working. You should reset the crockpot quickly by holding the ‘Select’ option for 30 seconds. Make sure that the electric cord is plugged into the socket of the wall directly. You shouldn’t use extension cords because this may create issues.

How Do You Test If Your Crockpot Is Working?

By checking the temperature of the crockpot. Firstly, you have to fill the crockpot with ⅔ to ¾ of tap water. Then set the crockpot to a low setting. After eight hours, please check the temperature with a food thermometer. If the temperature is at least 185 degrees, the crockpot is working.

Do Crockpots Turn Off Automatically?

Yes, crockpots are turned off automatically. You turn on or set the crockpot before cooking. After completing the cooking, it can automatically turn off. The foods also remain warm. And the food isn’t excessively hot and overcooked.


However, you already know several reasons are responsible for the crockpot blinking red light. Hope we could cover the maximum reasons. We also have been discussing some easy solutions to solve the problems.

The issue of the crockpot blinking light is resolved easily. It’s a common issue for a crock pot or slow cooker. So you don’t need to worry about that. We will also be there for you for any solutions.

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