Cuckoo Rice Cooker Not Working: How To Solve It

A Cuckoo rice cooker is the perfect home appliance to cook almost every type of rice dish. Sad but true, it can ruin your day by making some trouble. What will you do when a Cuckoo rice cooker not working properly? Yes, you need some solution, right?

These days, most rice cookers survive a few years. After knowing all the problems and solutions, you can run your rice cooker for a few more years.

It is even true for your Cuckoo rice cooker. That’s why knowing all the tips and tricks to get rid of a rice cooker not working situation is important for you.

Follow my guideline, identify all the problems and get the solution in this article.

How To Solve If Cuckoo Rice Cooker Buttons Not Working?

The Cuckoo rice cooker is an electric appliance and it can malfunction. Most of the time, the issue arises from the control buttons. Yes, you heard right.

All these buttons are used to set the cooking mode. Your rice cooker button is the culprit if both your relay and power cord are working.

So, what types of buttons does your rice cooker have? Let’s cross-check them from below.

External Control:

  • Switch (to receive inputs)
  • Switch (to set modes like cooking mode to warm mode)

Sometimes, switches trigger a false alarm. In this case, it can turn on the warm mode. It’s a completely premature situation for this mode.

To solve this specific problem, you need a specific solution. All you need is a proper guideline for it and you can find them all below.

  • First of all, find the controlling switch (look for it right behind the external dial knob)
  • After getting access, take a multimeter.
  • Use the multimeter to test the continuity of the switch.
  • Your switch is completely fine if the result shows “0”.
  • The switch is dead when there is no reading.
  • In the dead switch situation, replace the switch.
Cuckoo rice cooker buttons not working

10 Most Common Cuckoo Rice Cooker Problems

The Cuckoo rice cooker is a great home appliance available to cook different dishes, especially rich dishes. It is made in South Korea.

South Korea is best for manufacturing different home appliances for cooking, like pressure cookers, water purifiers, air purifiers, and multi-pressure cookers. The Cuckoo rice cooker is one of these appliances.

Maybe cooking rice or other dishes is a child’s game for you. In times of trouble, you can’t relate its mechanism to your cooking experience.

It’s not that easy! After all, a rice cooker is an electric appliance. So, what are all these problems you might face in a rice cooker? Let’s discuss it more below.

#1 The lid is not letting up

Another common but unusual problem is the Cuckoo rice cooker. It’s important to release the pressure that builds up inside the cooker.

Most of the time, it causes problems with the help of steam. As a result, the lid gets stuck, and it gets hard to lift the top. The Cuckoo rice cooker doesn’t have any pressure valves.

The handy solution is using cold water. Yes, pour cold water to cool down the top. Now try to lift the lid. It will come up.

#2 Gasket problem

The gasket is a mechanical seal, and it’s made of rubber. It is used to connect two different surfaces of the rice cooker.

Rubber is not a material to serve in the same way as needed in any condition. It became loose and let the thing malfunction. Excessive use or rough use makes the rubber loose.

To avoid such a situation, the solution is in your hand. Yes, it’s the way you use it. Prevent Gasket problems by using it carefully and gently. Don’t do anything forcefully. Install a new one if the gasket is already loose.

#3 The strange smell of rice

The Cuckoo rice cooker is also useful for cooking other dishes like soups and many more. After use, the smell is not getting out. Even the dish you made absorbs the smell.

We found the reason behind it. Did you keep your rice cooker warm for more than 12 hours?  With some home remedy methods, it’s easy to solve this problem.

Take water and fill the cooker. Now, add warm vinegar (1 tsp). Use 1.5 tsp vinegar if the smell is very hard and not easy to get rid of.

Set the cooker for 30 minutes and clean it. One more thing, after applying this method, don’t keep the cooker warm for more than 12 hours again.

#4 Overcooked or uncooked rice

After doing everything right to cook rice in a Cuckoo rice cooker, you may notice something is wrong with the rice. It’s overcooked or not cooked perfectly as you wanted. Such a thing happens even in a decent rice cooker. For a few reasons, it can happen.

First of all, it is happening due to using the wrong amount of water. To get rid of it, use the water meter. Secondly, the wrong cooking setting can let you face this overcooked or undercooked problem. You know, everything in the recipe is correct. So, check the cooking setting.

Last, most rice recipes in a rice cooker go through 3 stages. These are the cooking, settling, and warming stages. Complete all these stages to cook the rice perfectly. Otherwise, it will be undercooked.

#5 Stem leaking

The very first problem we are going to share with you is the steam problem. Most rice cookers have this common problem. You might notice steam from your Cuckoo rice cooker leaking from the side and top.

Leaking problems come with different scenarios, like from either both sides or a single side of the cooker. If steam is leaking from both sides, that means it’s happening because of cover packing. Yes, it’s a faulty one.

In this case, change the cover packing and get an immediate solution. On the other hand, steam leaking from the single side means a rice cooker is a faulty unit.

#6 Scratched inner surface

Users of a rice cooker use different metal utensils! They don’t know what’s going to happen on the inner surface of the rice cooker. It starts to get scratched. Remember, the Cuckoo rice cooker interior is made of nonstick material.

Metal utensils start to scratch, and over time it becomes serious damage to the cooker. Even such damage reduces the useful life of a rice cooker.

You can’t cook any rice dish correctly because of this problem. Over time, the rice cooker becomes a useless home appliance. To avoid such a problem, don’t use any type of metal utensil.

#7 Making noises

Sometimes, the rice cooker makes unusual noises during the cooking. Remember, Cuckoo rice cookers come with a fan.

Maybe the noise is coming from it. The rice cooker has a built-in cooling system, and a fan is an essential part of it. The ultimate goal of this fan is to help the cooling system to ensure better performance.

#8 Not turning on the issue

As an electric home appliance, Cuckoo rice cookers cause some trouble. Most probably, it’s not turning on. It happens under two conditions.

One is when the power cord has some issues and the second is a broken internal circuit. Check the power cord to find out any visible damages.

If the cord doesn’t have any damage, try to get power from different outlets. On the other hand, change your cable because it’s a faulty one.

#9 Not turning off the cooker

Sometimes, the rice starts to burn and the cooker does not respond to turning off. It could be happening because of the broken switch, or the knob is not working. Check the whole cooker and fix the switch or knob as early as possible.

Another reason is using precooked rice as an ingredient. The fact is, precooked rice needs less time than regular rice cooking.

Set the cooking time based on the rice. If there is any defect in the design and the unit is faulty, this problem will occur randomly. Properly use the cuckoo rice cooker to avoid this problem.

#10 Rice burns every time

Rice can burn even after cooking in a rice cooker. It is happening from the bottom. The only thing you can do with it is deal with the rice cooker perfectly and know the cooking method.

Stir the rice every time. It will minimize the rice burning chance.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

How do you do Cuckoo rice cooker troubleshooting?

First, you need to find out the actual cause of the problem. Check different parameters like the flow of electricity, power cord, thermal fuse, heating element, etc.

How can I change the battery in my Cuckoo rice cooker?

To do that: 1) Switch off the cooker and turn the cooker to locate the battery compartment. 2) Remove all the screws with the help of a screwdriver. 3) Use your finger to unsnap the compartment. 4) Remove the battery and place a new one.

How long will the Cuckoo rice cooker last?

Most of the Cuckoo rice cookers are designed to last for a long time. Specifically, it will serve at least 12 hours. After this time, there is a chance of spoiling.

Why is rice still hard in my Cuckoo rice cooker?

You surely overcooked the rice. It will become mushy and hard. On the other hand, sitting in a pressure cooker for a long time also makes the rice hard.

Is it possible to open a Cuckoo rice cooker while cooking?

Cooking rice in a rice cooker means it will need time to cook. So, it’s not necessary to lift the lid. Let the cooker sit for 5 to 10 minutes after cooking is done. Now you can lift the lid.


The Cuckoo rice cooker is the best home appliance you ever have to cook different dishes. Sometimes, you might get confused about why is your Cuckoo rice cooker not working correctly.

I can feel your situation. This guideline never leaves you alone after facing a problem with this rice cooker. Rice cookers need proper attention to get a better cooking experience.

Don’t make your rice cooker inconvenient. All the problems along with the solution I’ve discussed, will help you to keep your favorite rice cooker running for years.

So, don’t worry after getting stuck with this super home appliance. Find your rice cooker problem, set your mind, and solve it. That’s it!

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