Cuisinart Pressure Cooker Timer Not Working: 4 Fixes Ways

Can you even fathom the prospect of having the urge to cook in a hurry but your Cuisinart pressure cooker timer not working? We understand how inconvenient this situation can be. Here you’ll get helpful advice on Cuisinart pressure cooker troubleshooting.

The Cuisinart pressure cooker prepares main courses and side dishes quickly. Put all the ingredients in the cooker, secure the lid, and wait for the magic to happen. During this magical process, the timer plays a vital role.

The timer on these pressure cookers allows you to set your estimated time and return to a fully cooked meal. If you want your food to be cooked evenly and entirely in the specified time, you’ll need to understand how to adjust the timer on the Cuisinart pressure cooker.

How To Set Up The Cuisinart Pressure Cooker Timer?

On a Cuisinart instant cooker, the game begins with setting the timer through the “Menu” option. Here you’ll find 3 different sets of timers: A cooking timer, a Keep warm timer, and a Delay-start timer.

Cuisinart pressure cooker troubleshooting

1. Cooking Timer

It’s a time maintainer for pressure cooking. As soon as the instant cooker reaches the programmed pressure, the digital display turns to the selected cooking time, like 10 minutes/10:00.

Whatever time you set for cooking; the timer will stop the countdown at 00:00. Followed by the countdown if you keep the Warm setting on, the pressure cooker automatically switches to the Keep Warm timer function.

2. Keep-Warm Timer

You can use the Keep-Warm setup even if you are not cooking anything on the instant cooker. Through this function, you can see the indicated time length of keeping the instant cooker’s contents warm.

If you keep the feature activated, simply the things keeping the warm feature will turn on. As soon as the timer hits 00:00, it begins counting again up from zero until you cancel the function.

3. Reschedule The Timer

Instant cooker allows you to postpone the start of cooking by selecting this feature and setting a new start time. You can delay the starting time for cooking with this function.

Until cooking begins, it shows the preparation time in decimal form. And then, you push the start option.

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Cuisinart Pressure Cooker Timer Not Working: 4 Fixes Ways

Just as with any other kitchen appliance, Cuisinart Pressure Cooker can cause unexpected annoyance affecting the cooking quality and time. And one of the common problems is the Cuisinart Pressure Cooker timer won’t work.

Let’s see the effective Cuisinart pressure cooker troubleshooting regarding this issue.

Cuisinart pressure cooker timer won't working

1. Check If The Lead Is Well Sealed

Cuisinart instant cookers only start working after setting the pressure. You should wait one or two minutes for the pressure cooker to start working. And it takes around 60 seconds.

As the pressure limit valve of the pressure cooker goes up after creating pressure in it, the timer starts. As is the case, the timer takes some minutes. Hence the red float valve (pressure indicator) also takes time to get into action. But, if the lid isn’t sealed or closed properly, it won’t create pressure inside.

Also, putting excess levels of liquid content and frozen or cold ingredients in the pressure cooker can take extra time to build pressure. The solution to this problem is to either put ingredients at standard temperature or reduce the amount of liquid content.

By following these ways, your Cuisinart instant cooker’s timer will start working with efficient, faster pressure building.

2. Re-Setup

Another possible way to get your cooker’s timer to cooperate again is to reboot the program. It helps! All you need to do is disconnect the power cable of your instant cooker for 5 minutes.

But remember, the lid should remain on during this time. After plugging in the power cables, reset the pressure setting and the timer. In 60 seconds, the timer will begin operating.

3. Check The Gasket

The outer lid or gasket is a small part, but it is crucial in creating pressure in the pressure cooker. This critical component helps in building pressure and setting the time for action.

Loose gaskets can cause a malfunction of the timer. In such cases, you need to install a new one to get the time back to work.

4. Make Sure You Use The Appropriate Lid

Pressure won’t build inside the cooker until the lid or seals are appropriate. So, it would be best if you were attentive to the use of seals. You’ll get both the big and small seals at the time of purchasing new ones. So, you better check them on your lid to see the differences.

Hold the seals in your hand. Pull out the inner swivel part. It would help if you placed the larger seal on the cover. And the smaller one on the third spot.

However, during washing dishes, the small seals often come off. And it’s hard for you to notice. So, replacing seals and adding new ones leads to optimum pressure build-up resulting in the proper functioning of the timer.

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People Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

How to know the amount of time to cook something in an instant cooker?

Well, it depends on the item you’re cooking. You’ll find 6 functions in the Cuisinart pressure cooker labeled Saute, Browning, High Pressure, Simmer, Low Pressure, and Keep Warm. Whatever setting you choose impacts the cooking time in the cooker.

What if there isn’t enough water in the pressure cooker?

To operate a Cuisinart pressure cooker, you should keep sufficient water or liquid in the pot. Otherwise, a malfunction of the cooker will arise.

While pouring excessive liquid content in the cooking pot will be a hindrance to securing the lid, not putting enough water or fluid in the instant cooker delays the pressure buildup. Sometimes it can cause an explosion. To avoid this dangerous situation, make sure you have a minimum of one cup of water in the pot.

Can the pressure cooker start automatically?

Well, no, it doesn’t happen with a pressure cooker. Instead, after the timer reaches zero, pressure cookers turn to the Keep Warm option automatically. You can leave this function without facing any issues for a few hours.

How long can one keep an instant cooker on without it being dangerous?

One can keep a pressure cooker on for up to 10 hours. So far, the Keep Warm function keeps the food inside the pot at a safe temperature for this time duration. However, you can keep food for more than this amount of time. Considering food safety, you should only consume food kept on for a short time.

Why is your pressure cooker not counting down?

The reason behind this issue is most likely your pressure cooker may have reached the end of the timing limit. So, it starts counting up all over again. It helps the user to maintain track of the time duration of naturally releasing pressure.


Undoubtedly, Cuisinart electric pressure cooker gives you a better experience of a healthier and faster way of cooking. However, to keep the timer working in the best mood, cook in less water and avoid overfilling the cooking pot.

Make sure you lock the cooker cover in place. To ensure a proper seal, remove any food residue on the cooking pot’s upper rim. But before you move on to any troubleshooting ways, it’s wise to wait for a while, as the Cuisinart pressure cooker timer takes a few minutes to go into action.

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