How to Prepare Oyster Stuffing Crock Pot Recipe

Have you ever tried the oyster stuffing crock pot recipe? The oyster stuffing recipe is a combination of cornbread stuffing and canned oysters. It is a traditional food item in different regions of the world.

Can you prepare the famous oyster stuffing recipe in a crock pot? Yes, you can. Your recipe will be more delicious for cooking in a crock pot. But, it is crucial to know the proper instructions to cook this item.

Let’s check how to cook the dish by using a crock pot. First, you need to prepare all items for the recipe, like dry cornbread, canned oyster, and other ingredients. Finally, set all items in your crockpot and slowly cook for four hours.

How to Prepare Oyster Stuffing Crock Pot Recipe?

Do you know how to make oyster stuffing in a crock pot? It is not difficult to make the stuffing recipe. People like to enjoy the dish on special occasions.

The crispy edge of the bread adds an extra tasty feeling. Plus, the inner part of the bread piece becomes very soft and tender. Cornbread is the essential ingredient of the recipe. So, it is impossible to prepare the dish without the dry cornbread piece.

What ingredients do you need to make the oyster stuffing recipe? Dry cornbread, canned oyster, egg, chicken broth, etc., are the main ingredients of the popular recipe.

Ingredients Quantity

  • Dry cornbread pieces three cups
  • Egg one piece
  • One cup of oyster
  • One cup of broth (chicken)
  • Chopped onion in one piece
  • The particular amount of butter and salt
  • Two tablespoons of parsley (minced)
  • A specific amount of black pepper and celery
  • Poultry seasoning (¼ teaspoon)

You can take other vegetable items according to your choice. For example, you can choose carrots, mushrooms, etc. The different ingredients will make different tastes.

slow cooker oyster stuffing

Directions for Making the Crock Pot Oyster Stuffing Recipe

Detailed instruction is essential for cooking the oyster stuffing recipe in a crock pot. So, let’s check it out.

1. Cornbread Preparing

Bread is the essential ingredient of oyster stuffing. So, you should first prepare the bread perfectly. Now, what should you do? First, slice the bread. Then, make the slice into small pieces.

Ensure that you will eat every part in one bite. Spread the small bread pieces on the large baking tray.

You should keep the baking tray in your microwave oven for nineteen to twenty minutes. Set the right temperature. After being toasted, you should remove the bread from the oven. Finally, your cornbread is ready for the recipe.

2. Vegetables Preparing

You can prepare your vegetable items at bread toasting time. First, take a skillet to prepare the vegetables. Set the heat to a medium temperature.

Then,  add some butter to the skillet and melt it properly. Now, you should put the chopped items in the pan. Simmer them for five to ten minutes.

Now, you should place mushrooms and garlic and cook them properly. Add other ingredients like salt, black pepper, thyme, seasoning, etc. Mix all ingredients properly. You can now remove the skillet from the heat.

3. Preparing the oyster

The canned oyster can be significant. In this case, you should cut the oysters into small sizes. Remove the extra liquid from the oyster. And keep the liquid in a different bowl.

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4. Oyster Stuffing Setting in a Crock Pot

First, take a crock pot and place the toasted cornbread in the crock pot. Then, add the cooked vegetables to the bread. Now you should mix them very well.

Do not forget to add the prepared oyster. After adding the oyster, you should add the beaten egg and broth and mix them properly.

You can use a large bowl to mix all ingredients properly before setting it in a crock pot. It will be best to use a bowl for proper mixing. If you add a sufficient amount of broth to this dish, it will hold the taste rightly.

5. Cook the Stuffing in a Crock Pot

After Setting the ingredients in a crock pot, you should leave the dish to cook. It can take four to six hours for proper cooking. You should check the stuffing during the cooking period. For a perfect consistency, you may need to add chicken broth.

If you like to add some seasoning, you can do it. Do you like to enjoy crispy and crunchy stuffing? Yes, you need to fry the oyster stuffing in a frying pan. Add some butter and place the stuffing on the pan. Fry the stuffing before making it crispy.

crock pot oyster stuffing

Another Way to Cook the Oyster Stuffing Recipe in a Crockpot

Some people like to add sauce and sugar to an oyster stuffing recipe.  So, how to prepare the recipe differently? You need some extra ingredients. Besides, the cooking method can be a little bit different from the conventional way.


Which ingredients do you need to make the recipe? Baked cornbread (sweet side), toasted white cornbread, canned oyster (chopped in small pieces), hot sauce, one-fourth cup of lemon juice, half cup of chicken broth, green bell pepper, and vegetables are the main ingredients of the recipe.

Directions for Making the Dish

  • Take a pan on a stove and set medium heat. Add eight tablespoons of butter and melt it properly. After melting it, add chopped onion, bell pepper, and celery. Cook them for two or three minutes.
  • Add the chicken broth and also cook for three to five minutes.
  • Now, remove the pan from the stove and add the prepared cornbread. Mix them very well.
  • Then, take a large bowl and add the oyster, hot sauce, parsley, sage, salt, lemon juice, and white pepper. Mix them well. Now you need to add the mixed bread to the bowl. Stir the bread with the mixture.
  • If the mixture becomes dry, add the oyster liquid and the chicken broth.
  • Then, transfer the mixture to a crock pot and close the cover. Slowly cook them for four to six hours. You should turn off the cooker after the food is brown.
  • Therefore, your oyster stuffing is ready for serving.

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Alternative of Slow Cooker for Oyster Stuffing

How can I make the dish if I have no crock pot? You can prepare the oyster stuffing without using a crock pot. You can use your oven for cooking the Thanksgiving dish as an alternative to a crock pot.

So, what can I do to prepare the oyster stuffing in an oven? It is not difficult and hugely different from preparing the dish in a crock pot. Let’s see the proper instructions.

  • Take the same ingredients for the oven cooking, like the crock pot.
  • Prepare the cornbread for the dish. Besides, you need to prepare vegetables and oysters. Plus, prepare the egg by beating it.
  • First, turn on the oven before placing the baking dish on it. You should set the temperature at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Take a large baking dish and keep the dry bread in it. Add the cooked vegetables, egg, all liquid, and oysters to the dish.
  • Mix all ingredients very well. Now, it is important to cover the baking dish with foil paper.
  • Finally, transfer the baking dish to the oven.
  • After cooking the dish, you need to cover it for forty to fifty minutes to decrease the internal temperature of the dish.
  • Before serving the dish, you can place the baking dish under the boiler to make it crispy and crunchy.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you put oyster stuffing warm in a crock pot?

Yes, you can put your stuffing warm in a crock pot. The crockpot is the best option to keep your stuffing warm. If your stuffing is hot, transfer it to a slow cooker. Then, set the low temperature to keep it warm.

Why do you add oysters to your stuffing instead of turkey?

Oysters are not as expensive as turkeys. Plus, it has the proper amount of protein, like turkey. Also, the flavor and taste are good. That’s why most stuffing lovers add oysters to the stuffing.

Can you keep the stuffing in a freezer for a long time?

Yes, you can keep cooked stuffing in your refrigerator for a long time. The fridge will keep it good for up to three months. Just melt the dish and reheat it in your oven before eating.

How do you make your stuffing moist and warm?

You can make your stuffing moist by adding a particular amount of chicken broth before reheating. The broth amount depends on the stuffing. Finally, add some butter to the stuffing before preheating.

Is it good to use canned oysters in your stuffing?

Yes, you can use canned oysters with stuffing without any confusion. Canned oysters are full of antioxidants like fresh or raw oysters. It is a good source of low-fat protein. But canned oysters have higher calories than fresh oysters.

Final Thoughts

What do you think? Are you ready to make an oyster stuffing crock pot recipe? Yes, oyster stuffing is a very easy recipe. If you follow the proper instructions, you will successfully prepare it.

Can you prepare the stuffing recipe without using the oyster? Yes, you can prepare the stuffing using turkey without oysters. Besides, you can make the recipe without using turkey and oysters. By using vegetables, eggs, and chicken broth, you can make it easier.

You have already noticed that it is a thanksgiving dinner item. So, you can prepare the oyster stuffing before the day. Keep the food item in a refrigerator before serving it; you will preheat the oyster stuffing.

Indeed, oyster stuffing is a healthy food item. You can eat five to six oysters in a day. So, prepare the food in your home and enjoy it with your family.


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