Instant Pot Keeps Warm Temperature – Details You Need To Know

You want to cook homemade delicious food for your large family members or friends. But you may need to keep food warm for hours or a long time after cooking.

Are you worried about this issue? Just relax; there are solutions to every problem. Instant Pot Keep Warm mode helps you in this situation. But do you have any idea what it means by the instant pot Keep Warm settings?

The Keep Warm mode on the instant pot means staying food safe at an optimal temperature after cooking. That means food will warm even after turning off the pressure cooker.

Besides, how does the instant pot Keep Warm setting work? How long will the food keep warm? All of these questions may come to your mind. But don’t be panicked, be patient.

Here, I will talk about all the answers to these questions one by one. You just read that we will share this content.

What About Keep Warm Button On Instant Pot?

The instant pot Keep Warm button is used to keep food warm at a favorable temperature until you eat the food. This allows the food to be safe or hot overnight or for long hours.

The meals remain warm without drying out or overcooking, even after switching on the Keep Warm button. So, it is important for busy individuals or families who prefer to enjoy their meals together without worrying about reheating.

When you cook food for friends and families during holidays or go out all day to hang out, keeping a warm setting on an instant pot will be a perfect choice.

There is a very common question among instant pot users, especially beginners. Can I Use the Instant Pot Keep Warm Mode For Cooking Food? The answer will be no.

Remember that this mode isn’t for cooking your meal. Instant pot Keep Warm setting serves only as a mode to keep your food warm until you serve it.

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How Does The Instant Pot Keep Warm Mode Work?

The instant pot comes with multifunctional features. It can cook food slow or fast, saute and bake food. The most interesting feature of the instant pot is keeping the cooked food warm until you serve the meal.

Now the question is, how does it work? There are two methods to activate the instant pot Keep Warm mode:

  1. The first method is to “automatically switch on Keep Warm mode”. That means you have to press the Keep Warm button when you set the instant pot for cooking. This will automatically turn ON the Keep Warm mode after finishing the cooking.
  2. Another technique is to “manually switch on the Keep Warm mode”. That means when the instant pot is turned off after cooking, you have to press the Keep Warm button. As a result, the food inside the instant pot will remain warm at a safe temperature without overcooking.

Note: Remember that the instant pot will be ON when you will activate the Keep Warm setting.

When Should You Use The Instant Pot Keep Warm Mode?

You can use the Keep Warm mode at any time to your preferences to keep your meal hot. You can also use it as an alternative to microwaves for reheating food.

Besides for example, when you organize a family event or a dinner party with clients or friends, you can also use the Keep Warm mode. As everyone may want to take a meal at their leisure.

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What Types Of Food Can Keep In The Instant Pot Warm Mode?

Many foods are kept in Keep Warm mode to warm. But certain foods keep for long periods, others not. Some foods like stews, soups and other dishes are warm for a long time in Keep Warm mode for up to 5 hours.

Whereas some other foods like rice, pasta, and leafy greens may lose their appeal and turn mushy if kept for a long time. Rice can dry out for long exposure at a high temperature.

You can use a separate dish to place the food in this case. Then the pot has to be filled with water to create steam. Thereby, the food can’t come into direct contact with the pot.

What Is The Temperature Of The Instant Pot Keep Warm Mode?

The instant pot Keep Warm temperature ranges from 140°F-172°F after cooking. You can use any temperature of this range to keep the food safe.

There are three modes of Keep Warm setting: high, medium and low.

  • Low Setting: Used to keep food warm overnight or prepare yogurts like breakfast recipes. The low setting temperature is around 140°F to maintain food.
  • Medium Setting: Used to keep food warm for a few hours or longer. The medium setting temperature is around 158°F. This temperature prevents the meal from becoming mushy or drying out.
  • High Setting: Used to keep the food really hot for a few minutes if you prefer. The high setting temperature is 172°F.

Keeping the food at 140°F or higher is recommended to prevent bacterial growth and the danger of contamination. Besides, changing the instant pot Keep Warm setting may vary depending on the model.

Is The Instant Pot Keep Warm Setting Safe?

Yes, it is safe to use the instant pot Keep Warm setting. Because the Keep Warm setting is set at an optimal temperature that is safe for food sufficiently.

You already know that according to the instant pot manual, the 140-172°F temperature is recommended for the Keep Warm setting.

Besides, you can change the temperature according to your preferences or needs. The low warm setting temperature can also decrease the chance of contamination and bacterial proliferation to keep food protected.

How Long Will You Use The Keep Warm Mode?

Generally, the instant pot Keep Warm mode will last for up to 10 hours. So, you can use this mode from a few minutes to a few hours to keep your food warm.

It depends on you what you want and need. But you shouldn’t keep your meals for a long time in Keep Warm mode. However, most cooks instruct to use Keep Warm mode on the instant pot for more than 5 hours.

If you keep the meal for longer than this period at a heated temperature, it can destroy the flavor and texture of the food. Besides, the instant pot can also be harmful to turning on for longer periods.

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Can You Leave The Instant Pot In Keep Warm Mode?

Yes, you can leave the instant pot in Keep Warm mode overnight. It keeps your meals warm for longer periods. But experts don’t recommend it. You have to follow some precautions to do so.

When the instant pot is kept in Keep Warm mode overnight or for a prolonged time, it must be kept in a well-ventilated location. Besides, all foods can’t resist the hot temperature overnight.

However, you should read out the instant pot handbook for vital heating instructions before cooking. Manufacturers have advised avoiding leaving the instant pot unattended for the whole night.

Benefits Of Keep Warm Function On Instant Pot

You can be benefited from Keep Warm function on the instant pot, including:

Keep the Meals Moist:

When using the Keep Warm function on the Instant Pot, any foods such as fish, poultry, and meat are not dried out even if they are kept warm for an extended period.

This is particularly useful because it helps maintain the moisture content of the food, ensuring that it remains juicy and tender until you’re ready to eat it.

Excellent for PotLucks:

This feature is also highly beneficial when you need to keep a cooked meal warm for a potluck gathering. It allows you to prepare your dish in advance and keep it at a safe serving temperature.

So, it saves you from the hassle of reheating the dish just before serving, and the food remains warm and ready to be enjoyed.

Perfect for Late Homecomings:

The Keep Warm function is a convenient choice for individuals who have long working hours and often come home late.

It allows you to cook your meal ahead of time and keep it warm until you return home. This ensures that you have a hot and ready-to-eat meal waiting for you, saving you time and effort after a tiring day.

Warm-up Morning Meals:

Another advantage of the Keep Warm feature is that it can warm up meals that were cooked the previous night. It’s designed to keep food hot for hours, ranging from as short as 10 minutes to as long as 10 hours.

If you have leftovers from dinner and want to have a warm meal in the morning, this function can quickly reheat the food without overcooking or drying it out.

Energy-saving Feature:

Keep Warm mode comes with an energy-saving function for an instant pot. This means that while keeping your food warm, the Instant Pot consumes minimal energy and helps you save electricity and reduce energy costs.

So, these benefits make the Keep Warm mode a valuable and practical feature for individuals who use an Instant Pot for cooking.


Finally, there is no doubt keeping food warm safely, the instant pot Keep Warm feature is an ideal choice. Although some precautions you have to follow for long time preservation of food.

But you won’t deny that Keep Warm mode on an instant pot will rescue you from an emergency. This mode acts as an amazing appliance.

Sometimes, your food may lose its texture and flavor for a long time in the heated temperature of Keep Warm mode. So, you must maintain the time sense depending on the food type.

Hopefully, the overall discussion will help you to understand the Keep Warm function on the instant pot.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

How Long Can You Keep Food Warm In The Instant Pot?

In general, you can keep your meal warm for up to 2 hours inside the instant pot. After that, your meal may dry out and even burn. So, when you will use Keep Warm mode, check your food to prevent it from getting too dry.

Can I Use The Keep Warm Mode With A Dish Of Food?

Yes, you can use it. For this, you will just put your food in a heatproof dish. Make sure that the dish fits into the instant pot. Then place the trivet into the extra pot and set the dish on the trivet.

Then the Keep Warm mode will maintain the temperature to warm the dish of food in the pot. If the food is dried out over time, you can add a little amount of water to the underside of the insert pot. This will generate a steamy environment that keeps food moist.

Why Do I Need The Instant Pot to Keep Warm Mode?

The biggest purpose of using Keep Warm mode is to keep your meals warm until you eat the meal. In fact, how many times have you stayed aside by putting one meal for dinner for someone who will come home later? So, using Keep Warm mode, you can serve the food warm anytime.

When Not To Use The Keep Warm Mode On Instant Pot?

To cook crispy food, you shouldn’t use the Keep Warm mode. For example, you want to keep potatoes crispy for hash browns or potato soup. Then if you activate the Keep Warm mode, the meal won’t crisp as you want. The meal will be moist.

Why Is My Instant Pot Counting Up On Keep Warm Mode?

Instead of counting down, your instant pot will count up during ON the Keep Warm mode. When the Keep Warm mode is ON, it counts up with a specific number.

Then a new number starts. This number will continue until reset to the Keep Warm setting or switched off. This won’t impact the operation of the Keep Warm function.

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