Instant Pot Lid Error: What It Means and How to Fix It

Nowadays, instant pots have been a part of our daily cooking life. Tell me, how? The instant pot not only delivers faster cooking but also provides delicious food. Am I right?

But don’t be panicked when you will notice the lid of the pot won’t close; you aren’t the only victim in this case. Is the instant pot lid not closing? But why?

There may be a couple of reasons behind this issue, including the incorrect setting of the steam release handle, cracked or missing sealing ring, more or less water, and additional issues.

But what happens if the instant pot lid isn’t closed? Do you have any ideas? Generally, enough pressure won’t create. I have deciphered the reasons behind the instant pot lid not sealing along with the troubleshooting.

So, you can follow this content to get more information. Let’s begin with the instant pot lid error.

What’s About Instant Pot Lid Error?

The instant pot lid problem occurs when the pot cover doesn’t close properly. Again, when the saute function of the lid isn’t on, an error can occur.

To overcome these issues, first of all, you have to remove the lid. Then clean the inner corners and the lid to place the lid perfectly. And set the saute function. You must turn and install the lid in the clockwise direction. Cleaning the lid is the best option.

There can be other issues involved in this case, like when steam should come out and when not from the instant pot. The steam should escape from the float valve and release valve when pressurizing.

But should steam release after sealing? Generally, the answer is no. When the float valve is set at the sealing position, the steam shouldn’t come out. But steam can come out after sealing when there is a lot of liquid inside the pot during cooking. So, you should always be careful.

Instant Pot Lid Not Sealing? Reasons & Solutions

Many users, especially beginners, can face the locking and unlocking problem of the instant pot lid. Various reasons may be the cause of the instant pot lid not closing issue.

First, you should identify the reasons. Then take immediate action to fix them. The list of the reasons behind the issue and their solutions are as follows:

Reason-1: Missing or Misplaced Sealing Ring/Gasket

Misplacement of the gasket is the most common issue of the instant pot lid not closing. Sometimes the gasket or sealing ring isn’t placed properly inside the inner pot.

Besides, there may be two sealing rings in the instant pot packages, so you can place the two rings on the inner pot by mistake. In this case, the instant pot lid won’t close.

Quick Fixes:

Please ensure the gasket or sealing ring is at the right position on the tip of the inner pot. Also, ensure the gasket ring is neat and clean for use.

And further, double-check so that you can avoid the misplacement of the gasket. Then there will be no possible reason for the instant pot lid not closing issue.

But after maintaining all of these criteria, if the lid still doesn’t close, you have to replace the gasket.

instant pot won't close

Reason-2: Wrong Position Of The Steam Release Handle

The steam release valve is incorrect position meaning that the steam release handle is in the vent position.

A steam release valve or handle is only used to release the pressure. It is done after the meal is prepared before unlocking the lid. So, if the steam release handle is set at the venting position, the instant pot lid won’t close, which creates issues.

Quick Fixes:

Ensure the steam release handle is sealed properly. Check this before starting to cook. For this, you won’t meet any obstacles when you close the instant pot lid.

Reason-3: Loose Or Broken Sealing Ring

Although the gasket or sealing rings are quite durable. Due to the heatproof feature, they won’t damage quickly. But the sealing rings can damage by foreign causes. However, it’s a common issue.

When the sealing ring is broken, the food junk is stuck on it. This makes the sealing ring or gasket lose. Then there will be a disturbance to closing the instant pot. And you won’t close the instant pot lid properly.

Quick Fixes:

To stop this kind of issue, replace the decayed sealing ring. And also, avoid sticking the food debris on the instant pot lid. Then you can easily overcome the issue of the instant pot lid not closing.

Reason-4: Excessive or Less Liquid Than Required

If the amount of liquid or water is excessive inside the pot, the lid is unable to close. Is this shocking? Yes, too much liquid creates the issue of the instant pot lid not closing.

Less liquid inside the pot also causes the burning of food. And also creates other problems like insufficient steam, half-cooked food, etc.

Quick Fixes:

Follow the ingredients chart so that you can add the required amount of liquid or water. Thereby, you will save yourself from any difficulties during cooking. And also able to close the instant pot lid.

instant pot lid not sealing

Reason-5: Crooked Or Broken Instant Pot Lid

There are many reasons responsible for breaking or damaging the instant pot lid. For instance, too much food debris is stuck in the pot, using a large inner pot, and many more.

Whenever you forcefully close the instant pot lid, the lid may be crooked and damaged. And if you keep continuing to close the lid for a long period, there’s no doubt the lid will damage or break down. Then the broken or crooked pot lid won’t be usable and close.

Quick Fixes:

It would be best if you repaired the crooked or broken instant pot lid. Using the right tools, you can fix or replace the broken lid. Then you can conquer the instant pot lid issue.

Reason-6: Food Debris Is Stuck Under The Inner Pot

It’s no wonder that food residue, grease, and other debris are responsible for being unable to close the instant pot lid. Food grease and other residues can be stuck under the inner pot. These are jammed underneath the inner pot.

As a result, the inner pot will rise a bit when you close the lid. So, you can’t lock the instant pot lid because the pot will need extra space than normal.

Quick Fixes:

You should clean the bottom and inside of the instant pot. And also clean the waste of food under the inner pot. As a result, you can effortlessly close the instant pot lid.

After knowing all of these issues related to the instant pot lid not closing, some other questions come to your mind. You will get these answers in the FAQ section.

How to Prevent Your Instant Pot Lid From Not Closing

Several ways prevent an Instant Pot lid from not closing properly. But how do I avoid the instant pot lid, not closing the problem? Here are a few tips:

  • The sealing ring is essential to the Instant Pot lid and must be cleaned and maintained regularly. After each use, I wash it in warm soapy water and inspect it for any signs of damage or wear
  • I always check the Instant Pot lid and parts for any signs of wear, damage, or misalignment. It can help prevent problems before they occur.
  • Handle the Instant Pot carefully, avoiding dropping or bumping it. When storing it, make sure the lid is clean and dry and that it is stored in a safe and secure location.
  • Always use the correct lid for your Instant Pot. Sometimes, we accidentally use a lid that is not designed for our Instant Pot, which can prevent it from closing properly. Using an incompatible lid can cause issues with the sealing and pressure, and it can even be dangerous

Following these tips can help prevent issues with your Instant Pot lid not closing properly. Also read: How to Fix Ninja Foodi Lid Errors [Effective Ways]

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

What’s Wrong With Your Instant Pot Lid?

Firstly, notice your instant pot lid and explore where the problem is. The main problem occurs from the float valve setting. If the valve is in the up position due to food debris stuck in, your instant pot lid won’t close definitely.

In this case, you will need to push on the float valve from outside and inside of the lid. Then jiggle the lid to reset the button.

Can You Replace The Lid On Your Instant Pot?

Yes, you can replace the instant pot lid. But you make sure that the replacement lid is correct and similar to your instant pot model. Otherwise, the lid won’t lock properly with the instant pot.

Why Is The Instant Pot Beeping And Saying Lid?

Generally, if the pot is overheated, it will be beeping. That means there isn’t sufficient liquid inside the pot. It’s a warning before burning the food.

Sometimes, the instant pot beeps for no reason after starting it. When the Ovht code displays on the screen of the pot, you should open the lid to check it.

How Do You Tighten Your Instant Pot Lid?

For an instant pot user, ensuring the instant pot lid is properly protected and maintained is crucial. To tighten the instant pot lid, check the sealing rings’ position.

Ensure the rings are in the right place until the lid is set firmly. Thus, the instant pot lid will be tight.

How Do You Ensure The Instant Pot Valve Is Sealed?

You can ensure the valve is sealed adequately by installing the sealing ring in good condition. If the sealing ring is missing or destroyed, you should replace it quickly. You have to test the sealing ring set before cooking.

Can You Use The Instant Pot If The Lid Is Broken?

Using a cracked lid or a cracked pot for cooking is not recommended. The cooker lid seals and builds steam for better cooking.

The cracked lid releases all the steam from inside the pot. And also prevent reaching the required temperature to cook delicious food.

Why Does The Instant Pot Lid Loose?

There are two possibilities behind the instant pot lid being loose. One reason is the inappropriate setting of the instant pot lid when closing.

The other reason is a damaged gasket or sealing ring. So, it would be best if you replaced the gasket.


You shouldn’t worry if your instant pot lid isn’t closed. It’s simple when you prepare a lot to cook a meal. I think you have relaxed after knowing how to fix this type of issue.

I also mentioned the most popular reasons why the instant pot lid won’t close. The above guidelines will help to overcome this issue.

So you can keep yourself thought-free. And follow our instructions to enjoy a rapidly cooked meal without any obstacles.


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