Instant Pot C7 Error Code – Common Reasons and Solutions

A new problem that people are lately reporting in their instant pot is the c7 error code.  You can easily fix the instant pot c7 error problem if you know why it appears. Don’t worry; I am going to discuss the reasons and methods to fix this issue.

Instant pot is the most popular and versatile multi-cookers across the global market. It comes with a combination of different cookware’s and reliable after-sales service.

However, if you have been using an instant pot for long enough, you know that its problems arise from time to time. Thus, let’s know more about the c7 error on instant pot along with the guidelines to solve it.

What Does c7 Mean on My Instant Pot?

Before going through the detailed reasons and solutions for the Instant pot c7 error message, you might be wondering, “what does c7 mean on my instant pot?”.

The message actually means that your instant pot’s heating element has stopped functioning properly. This can happen if the heating element is faulty, which can be caused by many reasons.

Here are some reasons which can cause your instant pot’s heating element to malfunction:

  • Not having enough amount of liquid in the pot.
  • If the quick-release valve is set in the vent position.
  • The inner rubber ring is broken.
  • The Inner pot’s lid surface is dirty.
  • Fault to the factory setting of the instant pot
  • Food particles in the heat sensor of the instant pot
  • Technical fault or another hardware problem

So, if you get an Instant pot c7 message, one of the reasons above is mainly responsible.

What Are the Reasons For C7 Error Code On Instant Pot?

There can be several reasons behind the C7 error code. The most important reason is the instant pot’s heating element. When it doesn’t work properly, the C7 error code shows up that we have deciphered.

The error code C7 on instant pot is comparatively new. So, the explanations for these reasons are few. That’s why we will talk about only the main culprits behind this error code in this section.

Reason-1: There Isn’t Sufficient Liquid in the Pot

Cooking with an instant pot depends on the liquid in the pot that creates pressure. A minimum quantity of liquid is needed to build up proper pressure in the pot.

If the liquid isn’t enough in the pot, you will face the failure of the heating element issue. When the instant pot monitors the level of liquid, it will show a C7 error message on the instant pot.

Reason-2: Quick-Release Valve Is Placed At The Vent Position

If you notice that after adding enough liquid, the C7 error code still appears on the instant pot. Then you should check the quick-release switch.

There is a quick-release valve on the instant pot that acts as a safety tool. If the quick-release valve is at the vent position, it won’t release pressure from cooked food correctly.

Then there may be a problem with the heating element. And this will be the reason for displaying the C7 error code on the instant pot.

Reason- 3: Heating Element Isn’t functioning

There is another serious cause of showing C7 error on the instant pot is a defective heating element.

When the inner pot won’t heat up properly that is needed, the heating element is defective. Then the instant pot will show the error code C7.

Reason-4: Food Particles Stuck in the Heating Sensor of The Instant Pot

Building up the food ingredients on the sensor board of the instant pot is the most common issue of C7 error. It is the indicator of the heating element problem along with the electronics of the instant pot.

When you cook with a lot of grease or oil, this creates a situation. Thereby, this causes the C7 error code on the instant pot.

Reason-5: Technical Fault or Another Hardware Issue

If the instant pot has a technical fault or hardware problem, the error code C7 can be displayed on the instant pot.

Your instant pot may come with a bad unit that creates technical problems.

As the reasons are known now. Then what can be the next step? How to fix the C7 error code? Right, you got the point. Now, this is the time to fix the C7 error code immediately. So, let’s look at the remedy for the C7 error code on the instant pot.

what does c7 mean on my instant pot

How To Fix Instant Pot C7 Error – Troubleshooting

Now that you know the problems that can cause your instant pot to indicate a c7 error, here is how you can fix these problems:

1. Add Enough Amount Of Liquid In The Pot

The Instant pot consists of sensors to monitor the optimal cooking condition. It can easily detect if the Inner pot doesn’t have enough liquid and show a c7 error.

Pressure cooking requires a lot of steaming pressure, for which the liquid is really necessary. Without enough liquid,  even you will be unable to cook your meals properly. Then how do you expect your instant pot to do it?

Here are some types of liquids you can add to your instant pot cooking:

  1. Water
  2. Broth
  3. Juice
  4. Milk
  5. Other thin liquids

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2. Set The Quick Release Valve In Sealed Position

Are you still having a c7 error after adding enough liquid? Well, you might have set your instant pot’s release valve in a vented position.

If the quick-release valve is in a vented position, the pot isn’t sealed, which doesn’t allow proper pressure cooking. You can seal the quick-release valve by rotating it clockwise.

3. Check The Heating Element & Power Supply

Instant pot c7 problem mainly indicates faulty heating element. But before checking the heating element, please check your instant pot’s power supply in different outlets.

If the error remains even when the power supply is good, you can check the heating element by going to the “saute” function of the pot. This function is supposed to heat your pot within 5 minutes if the heating element isn’t faulty.

4. Check/Replace Instant Pot’s Inner Rubber Ring

The Inner rubber ring of the instant pot can often get damaged. You should check it for cracks, specks of dirt, and debris. You must clean your pot’s inner rubber ring if it is dirty.

However, if you find your instant pot’s inner rubber ring to be broken, you should replace it with a new sealing ring.

5. Clean The Inner Lids Surface

A dirty and full of debris inner lid can also cause a c7 error. Instant pot is a very sensitive appliance that can easily get triggered to error if the inner lid is dirty. You can clean it by removing any baked food that is stuck to the lid.

Therefore, the Instant pot’s inner lid surface can be cleaned with gentle detergent. However, you should avoid using abrasive products or cleaners as they can scratch and damage your pot more.

6. Restarting Your Instant Pot

Even though instant pot functions with some advanced sensors and software, its system can suffer from glitches. These glitches in the operating system can also cause a c7 error on your instant pot. Glitches can happen after too much workload or pressure on its software.

You can restart or turn off and unplug your instant pot to fix these minor glitches. After turning off and unplugging the pot, it’s better to wait a few minutes before restarting it to fix glitches and reduce pressure on the pot.

7. Resetting Instant Pot Settings

Saved programs and settings of your instant pot can also cause a c7 error. In this case, resetting your instant pot to factory settings can fix the c7 error problem. You can reset your pot by putting it on ‘standby’ mode and pressing the ‘adjust’ button for about 3-5 seconds.

Therefore, the issue with resetting your instant pot to factory settings is that your saved programs will be deleted. It means you must re-enter the cooking programs you frequently use. So, you should only use this method as your last option.

Whether you still have your instant pot’s warranty or not, its customer service will try to help you as much as possible. They will help you diagnose the problem in your instant pot and advise you the further steps. Customer service can also assist or refer you to find out necessary parts or tools you might need to buy and replace.

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Why Is My Instant Pot Not Working?

The Instant pot display won’t turn on if the power outlet or the chord you are using is faulty. You can try checking it by plugging your instant pot into a different power outlet. You might also need to change your pot’s fuse or chord.

How Long Does An Instant Pot Last?

The average lifespan of a good-quality instant pot is around five years. However, its lifespan depends on how gently you use it and how well maintenance you provide. If you treat your instant pot with care, you can prolong its lifespan a lot more.

What Would Happen If The Instant Pot Is Overfilled?

No matter how much food you want, you can’t cook more than your instant pot’s capacity. Overfilling your instant pot with too much food will only lead to undercooked food. As an instant pot isn’t designed to cook that much food, overfilling can also cause leakage and make a mess in your kitchen.

What Happens If The Instant Pot Doesn’t Have Enough Liquid?

Instant pot cooking is done by steam pressure which requires a lot of liquid. Without enough liquid, your instant pot will start showing errors and might even stop working. However, if it works, your food will be undercooked if you don’t pour enough liquid.


Now that you know how to fix your instant pot c7 error code, it must be easy for you to identify the source of its error too.

So, do not panic when you get a c7 error on Instant pot, as now you can understand its meaning. Therefore, you can even troubleshoot the c7 error on Instant pot quickly by yourself.

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