Instant Pot PrSE Error Code: 4 Easy Ways To Fix It

After pressure cooking on my instant pot, there was still more liquid left than mentioned in the recipe. So, I thought, why not saute it a little?

Just when I tried to saute, my instant pot kept showing the “PrSE” sign on display, and it would not let me continue.

Sometimes, when pressure cooking, I faced this same situation because of the instant pot PrSE error code. It took me a while to get adjusted and solve whenever the error code appeared.

So, here I am to help you with solutions to fix and take preventive measures against the “PrSe” error code that occurs whenever there is excessive pressure. Stick to the end to find out more.

What Does PrSE Mean On Instant Pot?

If you see “PrSE” showing up on the display of your instant pot, it refers to excess pressure. Now, this sign can appear under two circumstances.

First, “PrSE Instant Pot” with a beeping message means the pressure is being detected in non-pressure cooking.

Second, while cooking, the pressure built inside the pot is more than necessary, which stops the pot from functioning properly.

Whenever the “PrSE” strikes, your instant pot will automatically go on standby mode and stop working.

You might ask why excessive pressure is a problem. The answer is simple. It is to save you from any harm. Excessive pressure can make the instant pot explode or crack. So, the error code works as a defense mechanism.

pr se instant pot

A List of Error Codes That Show On Instant Pot

Before trying to solve an error, you need to understand why it’s important. Error codes work as a safety measure of the instant pot. To save your pot from harm, error codes appear so you can solve it without damaging it.

The instant pot manual has instructions explaining the error codes and how they indicate specific problems. Every error code refers to different kinds of problems.

Let’s have a glance at the error codes and what they mean so it’s easier for you to determine the overall problem.

Instant Pot Error CodeMeaning
C1, C3, C4Faulty sensor
C5The inner pot is not properly seated
C6, ECFaulty pressure sensor
C6HFaulty sensor (High pressure)
C6LFaulty sensor (Low pressure)
C7Failed heating element
C8Wrong inner pot
BurnHigh temperature in the lower part of the inner pot
Lid or C9The lid is not in the correct position
PrseExcessive pressure or pressure during other functions than pressure cooking
noPrNot sufficient pressure

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Why Does PrSE Appear In An Instant Pot?

As an instant pot user, I know how devastating you might feel to see your instant pot acting up and not knowing what’s wrong with it.

That’s why I’m here, so you won’t be confused and worried. Here are all the reasons that might be responsible for “PrSE” occurring on your instant pot.

1. High Temperature:

Instant pot builds pressure inside the inner pot when the temperature turns water into steam.

The instant pot takes around thirty minutes to build pressure, so the temperature should be set according to the recipe. If you set a high temperature, two things will happen.

  • The pot will be overheated.
  • The high temperature will result in too much steam.

Both these reasons can cause “PrSE” to appear as overheating and more steam are responsible for creating excessive pressure.

2. Excessive Water:

As I already mentioned, pressure is created through steam and water. I think you know where I’m going with this.

If you use more than two and a half cups of water, the steam will be excessive, creating too much pressure inside the pot.

3. Damaged Vent Valve:

There are two valves in an instant pot. The sealing valve helps the instant pot to lock the pressure inside the pot.

Whereas the vent valve releases the pressure from the pot. If the vent valve is broken or damaged, pressure will keep building inside the pot, but there won’t be any way to release it.

4. Faulty Sensor:

This happened to me quite a few times. Even after double-checking everything, my instant pot kept showing errors.

Why? Because the sensor was not working properly. Yes, sometimes the sensor of an instant pot which detects and shows errors, can give false signals.

5. Saute Function Not Working:

I discussed two scenarios when the “PrSE” error code might appear.

One of them was if pressure is detected during non-pressure cooking. Well, if your saute button is not working properly, the instant pot will keep showing the “PrSE” code because it will detect pressure while you’re trying to use the saute function.

Another point is that not using a lid while sauteing is essential. However, some people still use glass or any other lid. This creates steam inside the pot, hence pressure. And the “PrSE” code keeps appearing.

6. Too Many Food Ingredients:

If you use too many ingredients and cross the “max” line of the instant pot inner pot, the pressure won’t have enough space, which will cause the error code from showing up.

In addition, if the ingredients are unevenly distributed, the water level will not be enough to generate the steam needed to create the pressure.

So, you must stay within the maximum capacity of the inner pot, don’t use too many food ingredients and ensure that all ingredients are evenly distributed properly.

7. Not Following the Recipe:

There are certain steps to follow in every recipe. From ingredients to temperature, everything should be followed according to the recipe.

If you accidentally set high pressure for a recipe that needs low pressure, nothing can stop the building of excessive pressure.

8. Using Instant Pot Without Intervals:

As you can pressure cook, slow cook, saute or even make yogurt in your instant pot, you might get excited and keep cooking continuously.

If you’re doing this, stop today. Because not giving your instant pot the time to cool down will result in overheating. And that will build excessive pressure.

9. Steam Release Button Not Functioning:

The two buttons of the instant pot lid work for two different functions. One is the up or sealing button, and the other is the down or venting button.

Your instant pot will build excessive pressure if the down or venting button doesn’t function.

10. Issues With Outer Pot:

The outer pot is connected to the heating element, control panel, and power cord. If there’s anything wrong with the connection between the outer pot and the control panel or heating element, the instant pot starts acting up.

And as I already mentioned, overheating and sensor problems can cause excessive pressure. And issues with the outer pot can create both.

prse instant pot

How to Fix the Instant Pot PrSE Error Code?

There is no reason to worry if you see PrSE appearing on your instant pot. Do you know why?

Because I’m writing about all the fixes that will help you eliminate the error code in no time, let’s get started.

Before trying any fixes, press the ” Cancel” Button and wait an hour. So that your instant pot can cool down and rest a little from all the cooking.

Then, plug in the device; if the error remains, it’s time to start working with solutions.

Release the pressure:

If your instant pot shows a “PrSE” error, the first fix is using the quick pressure release button. It’s the easiest way to stop the error code.

If that doesn’t work, then try unplugging the pot and plugging it back in. If that doesn’t work, then you will need to reset the pot.

To reset your instant pot, press and hold the “keep warm/cancel” button for 3 seconds. It should clear the error code, and your instant pot will work perfectly.

Replace the Valve and Steam Release Button:

When trying to release pressure, if you find out you can’t do it, it can mean two things: either the vent valve or the steam release button is damaged.

So, what you need to do is replace the valve and the steam release button. To replace either of them, you need to contact a professional.

The only thing you have in your hand is you can look for a replacement from the store and buy it. But to remove and replace the handle and valve, professional help is needed.

Faulty Sensor:

If you find no problems mentioned above after checking, it means your sensor is showing a false signal or is broken.

Unplug your instant pot, wait for half an hour, and then plug it into a different switchboard. If the error is still there, you need to contact experts to help you.

Reconnect the Outer Pot:

You have the option to disassemble your instant pot. Disassemble your instant pot by taking out the parts individually to reconnect the system.

Then, clean every part thoroughly. Now,  reassemble and connect the outer pot. Your instant pot will get rid of the error automatically.

However, if you get the C7 code on your instant pot and need help with what to do, please read my previous troubleshooting to solve this error.

How To Avoid “PrSE Instant Pot” Error Code?

To avoid error codes, you must be very careful as an instant pot user. There are specific points you should always remember. They are-

  • Never fill your pot with food, crossing the “max” line.
  • Never use more than two and a half cups of liquid.
  • Always follow the recipe.
  • Always set the temperature and pressure according to the recipe.
  • Avoid using high-temperature functions.
  • Never use your instant pot without intervals. After finishing cooking, at least wait half an hour to start the next one.
  • Always let your pot release pressure and cool down to make sure the saute function works properly.
instant pot pr se

Keep the Instant Pot Clean:

Regularly cleaning your Instant Pot prevents the PrSE and other error codes. Food residue or debris can interfere with the pressure sensor’s operation.

To clean your Instant Pot, you can use warm soapy water and a soft cloth to wipe down the pot’s interior, lid, and exterior. Make sure to rinse thoroughly and dry completely before using again.

You should also check the steam release valve for clogs or debris and ensure the sealing ring is in good condition. You must follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning your instant pot.

Check the Sealing Ring & Sealing:

The sealing ring is crucial for maintaining pressure inside the Instant Pot. To avoid the PrSE error, inspect it regularly for any cracks, damage, or wear.

However, if you notice any issues, replace the sealing ring with a new one. Also, before starting cooking, please ensure that the sealing ring is properly seated in its groove and that there are no gaps or misalignments.

Clean the Pressure Release Valve:

The pressure release valve releases excess steam during cooking on an instant pot and ensures the correct pressure is maintained.

Sometimes, food particles or debris can accumulate and affect its operation. So, you need to properly clean the pressure release valve using a small brush, such as a toothbrush and running water.

Avoid Overfilling:

Never fill your instant pot with food, crossing the “max” line. The instant pot works best when at least half full but no more than two-thirds full. This ensures that the ingredients are cooked evenly and allows steam to build up in order to create the necessary pressure.

Overfilling can lead to excessive pressure build-up and affect the pressure sensor’s accuracy. So, you should avoid overfilling while using an instant pot for cooking.

Check the Float Valve:

The float valve is a small metal pin that pops up when the Instant Pot is pressurized. It indicates the pressure level inside the pot. Before cooking, you must check that the float valve moves freely up-down and is not stuck or obstructed.

If it doesn’t move easily, clean the area around the valve to remove debris or food particles.

Follow the User Manual:

The user manual provided with your Instant Pot model contains specific instructions, safety guidelines, and troubleshooting tips. It is an essential resource for understanding the proper use and maintenance of your Instant Pot.

Familiarize yourself with the manual and follow the recommended practices to prevent errors like PrSE.


Now you don’t have to be confused anymore, thinking about how to fix the instant pot PrSE error code. Because I’ve provided you with every solution and precaution you need.

To fix the PrSE errors, just read the manual carefully and follow the instructions mentioned in it. If none of the solutions work, contact the customer service for further assistance.

Do you want to know more about the PrSE code? Please see my FAQ section, where I tried to provide some answers. Leave a comment if this article helps you clear out all your queries about instant pot error code PrSE.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Do I need to turn off the instant pot as soon as I see the PrSE error code?

Yes, before trying to find out any causes or solutions, turn off the instant pot as soon as you see the PrSE error code appearing.

Is it essential to follow the recipe?

Yes, every recipe must be followed accordingly. If you don’t follow the instructions on pressure, temperature, ingredients, and liquid, you’ll simultaneously hamper the recipe and the instant pot.

Why is my instant pot not releasing pressure?

If your instant pot doesn’t release the pressure after pressing quick or natural pressure release, that means the pressure release valve or button is broken. You need to replace it immediately.

Is the lid essential while sauteing on an instant pot?

No, you should never use a lid while using the saute function on an instant pot. Because the lid creates steam inside the pot, resulting in a “PrSE” error code.

Why is my instant pot beeping while showing a PrSE error?

If your instant pot is beeping while a PrSE error code is there, it means you’re using a non-pressure cooking function. But still, pressure is being detected. In that case, you must let your instant pot cool down.

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