Instant Pot Stuck On Off and Not Turning On – Quick Fix

It’s a busy day, and you just put lunch in your instant pot. Pressure is set; you walk away and leave it to work.

Ten minutes pass, but the instant pot is not turning on, or maybe it keeps turning off. Ever experienced something like the instant pot stuck on off while cooking?

Well, I have. We all have had our own share of kitchen nightmares. While smart techs have made our cooking journey easier, instant pots stuck on “off” are a big no!

Are you someone like me who wonders why your instant pot keeps turning off or not turning on during rush hour? Then, you are in the right place because I have the perfect tricks and tips to save your day. Keep reading!

How Does An Instant Pot Work?

Electric pressure cookers like the instant pot transform how you prepare your meals. As the name implies, you can prepare meals in under an hour with an instant pot.

When it comes to using new technologies, some of us may not prove to be tech-savvy. It is also natural not to understand the big words in the device manuals as well. Well, how does an instant pot work?

The instant pot comes with control panels. The settings carry a range of options for you to choose from while cooking.

Depending on your meal, you may start with a slow cooker and increase the pressure level. For example, higher temperatures for ribeye steaks would tenderize the meat more.

Then, you can program the cooking time by pressing the timer buttons. The instant pot will turn into a “keep warm” mode when it finishes cooking.

If you want to serve immediately, you can press the cancel button, and it will end your cooking session.

Instant Pot Keeps Turning Off

Why Is Your Instant Pot Stuck On Off?

The troubleshooting strategies for your instant pot may vary. The solutions would also be based on the particular problem you’re experiencing.

As said before, the instant pot not turning on or being stuck on “off” mainly happens due to electrical issues. Even so, other causes might be responsible-

Issues with Power Supply

The power supply problem is one of the most common reasons if your Instant Pot gets stuck on “Off. A faulty power outlet, a loose power cord, or a blown fuse could cause this.

Also, sometimes we use a lot of appliances in one outlet, and the instant pot does not get enough power while we are cooking.

Faulty Control Panel:

The control panel or the buttons on the Instant Pot may be experiencing a malfunction, and it can cause Instant Pot keeps to turn off.

Over time, buttons can become unresponsive or get stuck due to debris or wear and tear. You should inspect the control panel for any visible damage or signs of malfunction.

Unclosed Lid:

As different types of cooking are done in an instant pot, sometimes people forget to close the lid in the proper way.

The lid of an Instant Pot is a crucial component that ensures proper cooking, pressure build-up, and safety.

So, when a lid is not closed appropriately, the instant pot doesn’t start.

Safety Measure:

Overheating can cause the instant pot to turn off as a safety measure. The Instant Pot is equipped with safety features to prevent excessive heat buildup and protect both the appliance and the user.

When the Instant Pot detects that it is reaching an unsafe temperature, it will automatically shut off as a safety measure.

Broken Heating Element:

Using an instant pot without giving it a rest or not releasing pressure can hamper the internal heating element.

Also, If you set a delayed time before the delay has passed, the pot is maneuvered forcefully, which can also damage the internal heating element.

Once the internal heating element is broken, the instant pot will get stuck on/off.

What To Do If Your Instant Pot Is Stuck On “Off”?

If your Instant Pot is stuck on OFF, there are a few simple troubleshooting steps you can take to try and fix the issue.

You can follow these solutions to fix it:

Checking the Power Cord

The first thing to ensure that the electrical socket is operational where your instant pot is connected. Try plugging it into a different outlet to rule out any issues with the current one.

If other appliances work fine in the same outlet, move on to the next step.

Closed Lid Properly:

To fix your instant pot from being stuck on or off, you must first secure the steam release valve in the sealing position and fasten the lid.

The steam release valve on the Instant Pot controls the release of steam during cooking. Please make sure the valve is set to the “Sealing” position. It helps create the necessary pressure buildup inside the pot.

Resetting the Instant Pot

You should try resetting the Instant Pot if you see any malfunction in your instant pot. So, how to reset an instant pot?

Unplug the power cord and wait a few minutes before plugging it back in. This can help reset the device and fix any minor issues that may be causing it to be stuck on OFF.

Inspecting the Control Panel

Inspect the control panel or buttons to see if there are any visible issues like any cracks, damage, or debris that may be affecting the buttons.

Try cleaning the control panel with a soft cloth and see if it helps. Sometimes you may need to replace the control panel and buttons.

Fix Overheating Issue

You must make sure that the pot is not overheated. If it is, turn it off, cool it down, and then try turning it on again.

If your Instant Pot keeps overheating and shutting off, it may be due to insufficient liquid levels or blockages in the venting system.

Ensure that the Instant Pot contains sufficient liquid for the selected cooking mode. Also, check the venting system for any blockages that might impede the release of steam.

Repair Heating Element

If you find out the instant pot isn’t cooling down, then it means the heating element is broken. For repairs, it is preferable to get in touch with the manufacturer.

Finally, always check the display and do not set the delayed cooking time until the delay has passed.

By following these simple troubleshooting steps, you can diagnose and fix the issue of your Instant Pot being stuck on OFF.

Instant Pot Keeps Turning Off: Common Causes

Even though electrical issues are a common factor behind instant pots being stuck on “off”  or not turning on, there are also different reasons that are not common for these problems.

Issues with the power cord:

The detachable power cord of the instant pot needs to be pushed into the outer pot completely, or else the pot won’t be turned on.

However, if the power cord gets damaged by any chance, there is no way you can turn on your instant pot.

Connection problem:

There can be two possible causes. One is the outlet not getting any power, and the second is that your circuit breaker or fuse box is broken.

Complications in the inner pot:

Food waste, debris, or water can stop the inner pot from functioning, which may result in the instant pot not turning on.

Also, the inner pot must always be seated at the heating element. The pot won’t turn on if you don’t set it properly.

Broken control panel:

If the display isn’t lit up, the plus and minus buttons of the control panel are not working.

It means the control panel is broken and needs to be replaced for the instant pot to be turned on.

Lid error:

Not securing the lid properly is a common reason behind the instant pot not turning on.

However, sometimes, if the sealing ring of the lid is broken or not fitted accordingly, these might create lid errors, which won’t let the instant pot turn on.

“F” error:

The instant pot only shows F on the display when there’s something wrong with the float valve.

Either the float valve is not sealed, or it’s broken. It can be caused by your instant pot won’t turn off.

instant pot automatic shut off

Quick Fixes If Your Instant Pot Not Turning On

You already know the reasons for the instant pot not turning problem. Now I will share some solutions which can help you to fix your instant pot easily:


You should reboot your instant pot if it hasn’t turned on. To do this, unplug the pot from the outlet, then replug it. Press and hold the “Start” button to reset it.

Inspect the float valve:

The release valve must be in the “sealing” position; your pot will only operate correctly.

Move the valve to the “sealing” position and make sure your float valve is clean. Because it could cause it to become trapped in the sealing place.

Place the inner pot accordingly:

Watch whether the inner pot is on top of the heating element. If not, then place the inner pot and lock it into place properly.

Clean the sealing ring and inner pot:

Inside the instant pot lid, you’ll find the sealing ring. Remove the call and clean it with antibacterial soap and water to repair it. Make sure it is correctly positioned before reinstalling it once it is clean.

While you’re washing the sealing ring, clean the inner pot as well so that no debris or water can create problems.

Stable the power connection:

You need to verify from an electrician that your house’s fuse box or circuit breaker is not broken and all the outlets are getting power.

Check for replacements:

If you’ve tried all these solutions and your instant pot is still not working, you must replace some parts.

You may need to find replacements for the power cord, the sealing ring, the inner pot, the control panel, or the lid of the instant pot.

But for these, you have to consult a professional. You can only check for damages, but the work needs to be done by a professional.

Does Instant Pot Shut Off Automatically?

The instant pot has safety measures to stop the pot whenever it senses anything unusual such as overheating, pressurizing, or a problem with the power connection.

This is a defense mechanism to protect the device from unwanted events. So, if your instant pot shuts off automatically, it saves itself from long-term damage.

Nevertheless, the reasons behind the defensive precaution are-

Inconsistent power supply:

If power keeps fluctuating due to a loose connection between the outlet and the pot, damaged fuse box, or surge in electricity, the instant pot shuts off automatically.

Temperature problem:

Setting high temperatures unintentionally can make food and pot overheat. In such cases, instant pot detects the problem and, to stop the food or pot from burning stops working immediately.

Wrong alignment:

After putting ingredients, if you don’t align the inner pot and the lid clockwise as it’s supposed to, the pot will stop working.

Pressure anomaly:

If you don’t release pressure from the instant pot properly, after every use, after some time, the internal environment of the pot and entered settings won’t match, which will also create an over-pressurizing problem.

Hence, the instant pot will turn off halfway through cooking.

So, now that you know what might cause the automatic shutdown of your instant pot, what can you do?

Wait a few minutes if the instant pot has shut off after the timer has gone off. Next, open the pot’s cover after the pressure has subsided. Then, unplug the connection from the main outlet.

If your pot stopped working without the timer going off, the reasons mentioned above are responsible. However, you must take precautions, not preventive measures, to stop the pot from going into its defense mechanism.

The precautions are –

  • Always release pressure from your instant pot.
  • Be careful while setting the temperature, and only set the temperature needed to cook.
  • Before using any electrical devices, check your power connection at home. Regularly check your fuse boxes to stop accidents.
  • Align the lid and inner pot according to the user manual.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

How to turn an instant pot on?

Plug the instant pot into a power source and click the “Start” button. Then, view the control panel and press whatever you want to book from the “Manual” button.

How long does the “keep warm” mode stay?

The length of the “keep warm” mode varies based on the instant pot’s type and manufacturer. While some models can keep food warm for up to 24 hours, their typical setting is ten hours.

How long can you leave an instant pot on?

While using the slow-cooking feature, you can leave an instant pot on for up to twelve hours. When pressure cooking, leave your instant pot alone for at least two hours.

Why does my instant pot keep turning off?

The internal temperature of your instant pot might be too high, causing it to turn off. There might also be a faulty cord, and the electric connection might be disruptive.

When do you have to replace parts of your instant pot?

The sealing ring needs replacing every six to twelve months; as for the other parts, you need to replace them only if they are somehow damaged.


If your Instant Pot is stuck on the “Off” setting and not responding to any commands, it can be frustrating.

Now you know everything I know about why is your instant pot stuck on Off or not turning on. So you can fix the errors with no issues at all.

I hope to have covered all the fast fixes to get your instant pots working in this article. Please give them a try, and if the techniques I described have been helpful for you, let me know in the comments!

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