Is A 900 Watt Microwave Good For Your Kitchen Needs?

Microwaves come with different watts. I’m using a 900-watt microwave in my kitchen. I’ve been wondering, “Is a 900-watt microwave good for my kitchen or not”.

After researching online, I’ve found different facts and watts-related information. A 900-watt microwave is a perfect option to handle your meal.

Now, I know when I need to get a microwave and what watt I need to choose! Isn’t it interesting?

Microwaves are available in different watts like 700 watts, 900 watts, 1000 watts, etc. All can save you valuable time in the kitchen. Let’s find out more secrets about it.

Is A 900 Watt Microwave Good?

Undoubtedly, the microwave is one of the best inventions as a home appliance. It can warm your supper quickly and easily. A perfect watt of microwave can serve you without fail.

Among different watts, a 900-watt microwave is a great and ideal option for the rapid preparation of meals. You need the right reason to use a 900-watt microwave.

As you know, a 900-watt microwave can accomplish numerous things as a decent option. To warm food and water, nothing can do the best, like a 900-watt microwave.

Higher watts take less to warm. In this case, a 900-watt microwave takes standard time to do it. 900 watts are always found to warm simple things like water or food.

Remember, a 900-watt microwave is a higher option than 700 watts. So, it’s not such a bad option for you.

In your tiny kitchen space, workplace, or RV, this microwave is a perfect fit. Most models of 900-watt microwaves are available between $70 to $120. Even it comes with a standard stove limit (2 to 4 individuals).

is 900 watts good for a microwave

What You Need To Use A 900-Watt Microwave?

I will find out different reasons why you need a 900 microwave in your kitchen. It is a home appliance of excellent efficiency to make the day on the table better in a few minutes.

Let’s have a glance at all these reasons below.

  • A 900-watt microwave has a good amount of cooking power.
  • It lets you cook food easily and offers great cooking speed.
  • Easily serve to meet your daily cooking purpose.
  • Comes with different types of brands, models, and prices.
  • Very much convenient to use.

How Many Temperatures a 900-Watt Microwave Can Produce?

A 900-watt microwave already comes with enough power! But inside it, the temperature is insane! Do you know the temperature of a normal boiler? It’s almost 350 degrees.

A 900-watt microwave can produce up to 525 degrees Fahrenheit or 273 in Celsius. Don’t think, this temperature is the constant state of your microwave.

Different power levels let you control the power as well as the heat. To cook and reheat things, a 900-watt microwave is the best option to choose.

Such temperature is very reasonable for making your water and food warm. Even its best for bubbling water rapidly.

525-degree cooking efficiency makes this microwave perfect for small kitchens, offices, couples, singles, break rooms, and small kitchens.

The maximum temperature we talked about is the peak temperature of this microwave. Most of the things will be easy to handle in this heat situation.

What Can You Do With A 900-Watt Microwave?

The use of microwaves depends on what you want to use. It’s all about your personal needs. Even a frozen meal, steam, or fry is easy at 700 watts, but only on one condition.

Using a microwave of 700 watts once a week, let you cook the meal, but what about 900 one? It opens more options than a 700-watt microwave.

You can boil rice, cook rice, dessert, popcorn, and many more. Even a microwave of such watts lets you use it all the time.

Such an option makes a microwave the most common home appliance for us. Sometimes you require extra time to cook. A 900-watt microwave lets you add another minute or 30 seconds.

How Much Do You Know About 1000-Watt Microwaves?

Now all you know is about the 900-watt microwave, but what about 1000-watt microwaves? Apart from other options of microwave, I’ve 1000 watts and come in a capacity of 1.1 cubic feet to 1.3 cubic feet.

Only a few sizes are available in this watt. It starts from 18.11 W x 22.8 D x 14.25 H inches, 20.4 W x 16.6 D x 12.4 H inches, 14.97 W x 15.36 D x 9 H inches, and 20.2 W x 15.6 D x 12.1 H inches.

Like other microwaves, this one also has a quick start button to get fast cooking service. Most of them have 10 power levels. As a result, you can easily level up the power from 10 to 100%.

Due to such power, manufacturers of 1000-watt microwaves add more options to cook, like air fryers and broiler making.

In a few ranges, you can operate it like 100°, 215° to 425°F. Such heat variation lets you make toast, brown and crisp.

what is the best microwave wattage

900 vs 1000 Watt Microwave: Which Is Best?

It’s hard to choose a microwave of the right wattage for you. To lessen the stress in your life by quickly preparing the meal and heating leftovers, you must pick the right one.

To find the right microwave for you, we need to compare some key factors for both 900-watt and 1000-watt microwaves. Without wasting time, let’s find out what they are.

Differences1000 Watts Microwave900 Watts Microwave
SizeIt’s larger than a 900-watt microwaveIt is more compact and smaller than the 1000-watt microwave
PowerIt’s more powerful than the 900-watt microwaveIt’s less powerful than a 1000-watt microwave
SuitableA 1000-watt microwave is perfect for a medium family. It is even better for office breaks.Perfect for single, couple, and comparatively small families.
CapacityIts capacity is 1.1 cubic feetIt has a 0.9 cubic feet capacity.
SpaceIt comes in bigger sizes. So, it is going to take up a lot of space.It comes in small sizes. So, it needs a small place to fit.
PerformanceEnsure high performancePerform better, but not good as a 1000-watt microwave
Cooking TimeA 1000-watt microwave can boil water in 90 seconds and can defrost frozen food in a short time.A 900-watt microwave takes 120 to 150 seconds to boil water.
CostYou must pay $110 to $130 for a 1000-watt microwaveYou can buy a 900-watt microwave for $110 to $120.
Turntable diameterIts turntable diameter is at least 11.5 inchesThe turntable diameter is at least 9.5 inches.

What About A 700 Watts Microwave?

Without knowing everything about a 700-watt microwave, you can’t choose the right option for your kitchen. To make the best-informed decision, find out whether 700 watts is a good choice for you or not.

It is designed as a compact one based on the watts and capacity. Undoubtedly, its best use depends on you; it can heat up quite well.

Maybe not as fast as a 900-watt or 1000-watt microwave. It’s powerful enough to handle pizza, frozen vegetables, popcorn, beverages, potatoes, etc.

It can take 1 to 6 minutes to cook your food, and it’s not a big deal to wait 6 minutes if you have enough time on your hands.

Most 700-watt microwaves have a function of 30 sec expressing cooking function with 6 to 10 levels to control power.

It is even better to save your energy by 50%. To cook food, it’s not a big enough option because its capacity is 0.7 cubic feet.

Most of these microwaves start from 12.75 inches in both length and width terms, and the height is 10.25 to 11.46 inches. Its temperature can rise around 350 degrees. Such temperature is suitable to handle daily kitchen tasks.

700 vs 900 Watt Microwave: Which Is the Best One for You?

Understanding the difference between a 700-watt microwave and a 900-watt microwave helps you to decide the best one.

Only a few factors make it distinct from others. I made a comparison table to dig more into it. Check them all below.

Differences700 watts Microwave900 Watts Microwave
SizeComes as a compact one and is smaller in sizeLarger than the 700-watt microwave
PowerOffer low power with limited levelsOffer higher power with the more level setting
Turntable diameter7.5 inchesStart from 0.9 inches
CapacityThe interior capacity I 0.7 cubic feetThe interior capacity is 0.9 cubic feet
PriceAffordableA bit expensive
FeaturesComes with the most basic featuresEquipped with some advanced features.

How Do You Know Microwave Wattage?

Microwaves have different wattages like 700 watts, 900 watts, 1000 watts, etc. Remember, the higher the wattage is, the quickest you can cook your meal. To understand the wattage of a microwave in size, follow the chart below.

Microwave sizeMicrowave wattage
0.7 cubic feet,700 watts
0.9 cubic feet,800 watts
1.1 cubic feet,850 watts
0.9 cubic feet900 watts
0.8 cubic feet,950 watts
1.1 cubic feet,1000 watts
1.2 cubic feet,1100 watts
1.2 to 1-3 cubic feet,1200 watts
1.6 to 2.2 cubic feet1250 watts
what is the best wattage for a microwave

What Is The Cooking Time of 700, 900 & 1000W Microwaves?

Different watts of microwaves define different cooking times. There are so many ways to find it, but I am going to share something reliable for you.

I can measure it by taking a single item to cook it, like boiling water. Check the table below to find out how much time a microwave of different wattages takes to boil water.

1 Minute1200 Watts
1 and ½ minutes1000 watts
2 minutes900 watts
2 and ½ minutes800 watts
3 minutes700 watts
4 minutes600 watts

How To Know the Temperature of the Microwaves?

Knowing how much temperature a microwave can produce is important, especially your chosen one.

Before you make a final decision, know about the degrees of available watts of a microwave. It will help you to decide your needs and match them with the microwave.

As you know, more watts mean more temperature with higher degrees, but how much are they? Here is the list of degrees against watts of a microwave.

Watts of MicrowaveDegrees of Microwave
1100 Watts625 degrees
1000 Watts575 degrees
900 Watts525 degrees
800 Watts450 degrees
700 Watts350 degrees

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Can I cook frozen food in a 700-watt microwave?

Yes, you can. A 700-watt microwave is good for defrosting frozen food, even in low-power situations. It will take longer to complete the task, but cook for sure and give you the best result.

How long does a 700 microwave take to cook?

A 700-watt microwave comes with minimum power. It will take time to cook, 5 to 5½ minutes. You can check the instructions of your microwave to see how long it will take to cook your food.

Can I use a 900-watt microwave for daily kitchen tasks?

Yes, a 900-watt microwave is good enough to handle all of your cooking-related kitchen tasks. It will take less time to cook and reheat your meals. For small families, such a microwave is the best choice.

How often should I use my microwave?

To handle time-to-time cooking, you should take care of your microwave. For multiple cooking sessions, a 1000-watt and above microwave is good, whereas 700- and 900-watt microwaves suffer.

Where should I place my 900-watt microwave?

The size of a microwave depends on its power and capacity. Yes, more watts mean more capacity and bigger. A 700-watt microwave takes a small place, but a 1000-watt microwave needs more of it.


Microwaves are an excellent choice for your home, but watts make some confusion. Choosing a microwave with the wrong watts is not a big deal.

The fact is, you need to get a more efficient microwave to serve your needs. Because of it, knowing about the watts is the key factor in choosing the best microwave.

Most of us use a 900-watt microwave. Before you do the same thing, find out “is a 900-watt microwave good enough or not for your needs”.

There are other options available to choose from if it’s not the perfect one for you. This guideline is a clear instruction to make you knowledgeable about a microwave and its watts.

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