How Hot Does A Microwave Get? You Need to Know

Do you know the standard temperature for heating food in a microwave? And how hot does a microwave get?

There is no particular temperature for cooking. It depends on the types of food and the wattage. Generally, a microwave can get 212 Fahrenheit at max.

So, what do you know about baking or heating food in a microwave? The electromagnetic energy goes through the food. It creates vibration in the water molecules of the food. In a wet food like soup, the energy makes more temperature.

Therefore, the more wet food is, the higher the temperature. On the contrary, dry food items like cereal can generate lower temperatures than soup or stew.

Indeed, a microwave can not get heat itself. It can create waves inside the food by electromagnetic energy.

How Hot Does A Microwave Get?

temp of microwave

The heating capability of a microwave depends on its wattage. If your microwave’s wattage is high, it will get hotter than a low-wattage microwave. For instance, your microwave is 1000 wattage.

Generally, the microwave will get a 350-degree temperature. How do you find out the wattage of your microwave if you are a new user? Very simple; you will find it inside the door of your microwave.

However, the wattage is essential to determine the temperature of the microwave. Besides, according to the temperature, you need to fix the cooking or baking time of any food item.

What type of food do you want to heat in your microwave? The food type is also responsible for getting your microwave hot. The liquid item can generate more temperature than the dry item because the water molecules make vibrations inside the food.

The cooking or baking time is also responsible for getting your microwave hot. So, if you heat food for a long time, the microwave will absorb more temperature than a short cooking time.

So, what is the average wattage of microwaves? Seven hundred to twelve hundred watts is the standard wattage of a microwave.

Now, what is the average temperature of a microwave? Generally, a microwave gets a 350-degree temperature according to the wattage.

Therefore cooking in a microwave is very easy. But, it is essential to keep in mind the wattage. According to the wattage, you should heat your food item. Otherwise, it may burn.

Here is a list of degree temperatures:

Watts of MicrowaveDegrees of Microwave
1100 Watts625 degrees
1000 Watts575 degrees
900 Watts525 degrees
800 Watts450 degrees
700 Watts350 degrees

What is the Process of Heating Food With a Microwave?

What do you know about a microwave? A microwave is an essential kitchen appliance. It uses electromagnetic energy to heat food.

So, how can it work? The electromagnetic energy creates a vibration inside the food by using water molecules.

If the item has more liquid molecules, it will get more heat. So, the dry food item could get less heat than the liquid one.

Do you want to reheat your food very quickly? Yes, most microwave users use the appliance for quick and effective heating.

The water molecules inside the food generate a quick vibration. So, it is the main reason for quick heating.

how hot is a microwave

Here is a chart with heating time and microwave watts.

1 Minute1200 Watts
1 and ½ minutes1000 watts
2 minutes900 watts
2 and ½ minutes800 watts
3 minutes700 watts
4 minutes600 watts

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What Will Happen If Your Microwave Gets Too Hot?

Your microwave can get overheated. So, it is crucial to know how to prevent overheating. You have already noticed that microwaves heat food by using a scientific process.

The water molecules create a quick wave inside the food. That’s why the food starts to become hot from the inside.

The safety features help to prevent your microwave from overheating. But, some microwaves may not have this feature. So, there is a chance of overheating the microwave.

So, what should you do if your microwave has no safety feature? That is an excellent question! Now you should go to the manufacturer’s website and try to download the safety manual.

Therefore, what will happen if your microwave starts to become too hot? If your microwave has a safety manual, it will automatically shut off before overheating. The safety system is beneficial to prevent dangerous situations in your kitchen.

What should you do if the microwave overheats the food item? Some parts of the food may stick in the microwave. So, you need to bring out the food from the microwave very carefully. You can set the temperature and time during the cooking period to prevent the problem.

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Essential Facts That Are Responsible for the Temp of a Microwave

Some remarkable factors are responsible for the high or low temperatures of the microwave. Let’s see the important factors:

  • Weather: How does the weather affect the temperature of your microwave? If the weather is hot, your microwave will take less time to reheat the food. But your microwave will take longer to reheat the food in cold weather.
  • The Quantity of Liquid Inside the Food: The water molecules are responsible for generating heat inside the food. So, if a food item contains more water, it will heat the microwave quickly. Comparatively, the dry food item will take more time to heat in the microwave.
  • Microwave Wattage: The high-wattage microwave will heat it more than a low-wattage microwave. Besides, the size of the microwave is responsible for the temperature. So, if your microwave is big, it will generate more heat than a small one.
  • Food Type: The type of food is responsible for the temperature of the microwave. For instance, if you want to reheat a frozen food item, it will take more time to reheat it. On the other hand, if you’re going to reheat your coffee, it will do it quickly.
  • Food Container: The reheating food container is also responsible for the temperature of the microwave. So, if you use a ceramic container to reheat the food, it will take more time. But the glass container will take less time to reheat the food.
  • Present Temperature of the food: The cold food item will take more time to reheat than a warm item.
  • Food Size: The food size and shape affect the temperature of the microwave. A big-shaped food takes more time to heat than a small-shaped item.

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How to Prevent Your Microwave from Getting Overheat?

Microwave is an essential kitchen appliance. If you know the proper way of using it, you can prevent your microwave from overheating.

So, it is essential to follow the appropriate instructions to avoid danger. Let’s see the proper instructions:

  1. Proper Cleaning: It is essential to clean your microwave after every usage. If there is any part of the food, it will start to burn in the next use. So, the burning may cause overheating.
  2. Time Maintaining: How hot does a microwave get in 1 minute? It depends on the wattage and the food type. So, you should maintain the time. Do not heat the food more than the recommended time.
  3. Choose the Right Container:  The container is significant for reheating food in a microwave. Therefore, the plastic container is not appropriate for the microwave. The heat can melt the plastic. So, it will be better to avoid plastic containers.
  4. Microwave unplugging: If you notice any burning smell from the microwave, you should unplug it from the electric power supply.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

How long does a microwave take to get 165-degree temperature?

Generally, a microwave takes approximately three minutes to get a 165-degree temperature. To reach the temperature, you need to set the microwave to a high position. You should not overheat the food.

Is there any food item that you should not reheat in a microwave?

Yes, there are some food items that you should not reheat in the microwave. Among them, coffee, rice, fish, boiled egg, and already reheated foods are remarkable.

What will happen if you reheat milk in a microwave?

Milk is a liquid food item. It is full of water molecules. So, the water molecules help generate waves using electromagnetic energy inside the food. The energy will excite the water. For this reason, it will quickly get hot.

Is it possible to boil water by using a microwave?

Yes, you can easily boil water by using your microwave. But it would help if you used a microwave container. It is safer than other containers. Besides, you must keep a wooden spoon in the water container to prevent overheating.

Can you reheat food two times by using a microwave?

You should not reheat the food two times. For food safety, every food item has a specific period to reheat.  So, if you reheat it more, it may lose its usefulness.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, are you clear now about the heating process of a microwave? Hopefully, you have got your answer to the question: how hot does a microwave get?

So, is it possible for the microwave to become hot itself? No, if there is no food inside the microwave, it is tough for the microwave to become hot.

Generally, the water molecules help to generate heat inside the food. The microwave starts to become hot from the temperature of the food.

Indeed, a microwave is unable to heat food by using its internal temperature. The hotness of a microwave depends on the food type, microwave wattage, and the size and shape of the microwave and food.

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