How To Fix Microwave Door Latch – 6 Easy Ways To Fix

Is your microwave door latch not working, and don’t know how to fix microwave door latch? I have faced the same situation. After coming back from the office, I was so hungry that, in a hurry, I put some food in my Samsung microwave to heat up.

Guess what happened? To add to my misery, the microwave door wasn’t latching or closing at all. I tried pressing the button and restarting it again, but still nothing.

That’s when it struck me, and I realized my microwave door latch wouldn’t work because no matter how much I tried, the door wasn’t closing, and the button wasn’t working either.

It was my first time experiencing something like this, but it triggered me to think how miserable one would feel if the door latch breaks when one needs the microwave the most.

So, I thought, why not study a bit and come up with all the reasons and fixes so that you don’t end up like me, hungry and confused? What are we waiting for, then? Let’s get started.

How To Identify If Microwave Door Latch Is Broken?

Before jumping on to problem-finding and professional help for repairing, try these four easy methods to know whether your microwave door latch is broken or not.

And, of course, to make it work again like before.

Method 1: Check if the latch is stuck

The first thing you should do is check whether the latch is disconnected from the door because of being stuck. Here’s how you rule out the possibility of the microwave door latch being stuck:

On the one hand, press the door button, and on the other hand, pull the door manually. If you can open the door only when you’re pulling it but not with the button, then look for any stuff, such as debris or food.

Clean the latch if you find anything stuck, and if not, then it’s time to move on to the second method.

Method 2: Check if the door latch button is operating

This step is only applicable if your microwave has a button that is used to open the door. Or else you can move on to the next step.

For those with a microwave door latch button, press the button. If you can feel pressure, that means the button is working fine.

If there’s no resistance, the button is broken or needs to be reattached properly. Also, if you hear a clicking sound, that means the button is defective.

In this step, you can easily fix the problem without professional help. What you need to do is-

  • First, turn off the microwave and detach the whole control panel.
  • Then, reattach the button to the correct position. If you find any compartment broken, then you need to replace the whole button unit.

So, you just need to get a new button unit, replace the door button and reattach the panel. If the microwave latch doesn’t start working, follow the next step.

If you see sparks in the microwave, please see my previous troubleshooting.

Method 3: Check the lever of the latch

The latch lever is the part that opens the door whenever you press the door button or try to open it using the handle.

If the lever is faulty, the latch becomes unusable. Now you are wondering how you are going to check and replace it. Well, here’s how you’re going to do it.

To get access to the latch lever, remove your microwave from the power supply and separate the control panel. Now, look for the latch lever, a small plastic that you’ll find within the latch. If it’s stuck or not in its place, free the lever.

You know what to do if the lever is broken. Buy a new one and replace it. If still, the microwave latch doesn’t work, then there’s only one method left.

Method 4: Check the Door Hinge, Spring, and Side Latch

Within the microwave door, you’ll find the latch unit. That’s where all these parts are situated. Whenever these parts are not working properly, your microwave door latch starts to throw tantrums.

Methods of checking the parts of the latch unit and replace if necessary are as follows;

  • Turn off the microwave’s power button to ensure no electric accident happens.
  • Take off the microwave door so that you can examine the internal parts without any problem.
  • To remove the door, detach the internal unit and unloose the door hinges. Look into the user manual to become familiar with these steps.
  • Now, check the hinges, side latch, and spring. If any of these parts are damaged or worn out, you need to replace them.
  • You just need to buy the parts from the store simply to replace them. Make sure the parts are the same brand as your microphone.
  • Then, replace the parts with the new ones. And reattach the door.

If you try these four steps, you’ll not only know whether your microwave door latch is broken or not. You’ll also be able to solve them.

Why Is My Microwave Door Latch Not Working? 8 Reasons

After finding out that your microwave latch does have issues, there are also other reasons that might be responsible for your door latch not functioning properly.

The possible reasons are-

  1. The door and the latch are not cleaned properly.
  2. There’s an issue with the microwave latch assembly.
  3. The door latch itself is broken.
  4. The torsion springs of the latch are broken.
  5. There’s an issue with the software.
  6. The frame of the door is damaged.
  7. The control panel of the microwave is not functioning.
  8. The lock is broken.
microwave door latch broken

The Door and Latch are not Cleaned Properly:

Before finding out what to repair, you should make sure whether you actually need to repair the microwave door latch or not.

Because of overuse and not maintaining hygiene, food particles often build up in the microwave. Mostly grease is stuck between the door and the latch.

If you’re unable to close the microwave door, the door and the latch not being clean might be the reason.

An Issue with the Microwave Latch Assembly:

The microwave doors normally have one or two latches connecting with the switch through an alcove. The microwave starts only after the switch is engaged with the door hook.

So, as you can understand, there’s a whole system going on here. There are several issues that may occur here.

First, the door hooks and springs may lack tension. So, the hooks will not connect with the switch to turn on the microwave.

Second, the switch itself can be broken or damaged.

The Door Latch Itself is Broken:

If you find out the switch and hinges are working just fine, then there’s a high possibility that the latch itself is broken.

The door latch is in the inner panel of the door and clenched by a plastic tang. So, just remove the inner panel, and you can see for yourself if the latch is broken or not.

Even if the latch is small, it’s essential to close the door and connect the microwave to the switch.

The Torsion Springs of the Latch is Broken:

The torsion springs might be broken if your microwave door is not latching or closing. Torsion springs help to close and open the door.

You can locate the torsion springs just by removing the door panels. After that, you can access the springs and replace them if they are broken.

microwave door latch not working

The Software Problem:

Sometimes the software of the microwave starts to act up and show wrong signals because of overusing or unstable power connection. This might even lead to the door latch assembly not working properly.

So, if your microwave door latch does not work properly, you need to check whether the microwave software is working perfectly or not.

The Door Frame is Damaged:

Whenever an issue occurs with the hinges, this might also affect the door’s frame. If the frame of the door is damaged, the door won’t be latched or closed.

Even if you forcefully shut the door, the microwave won’t start.

The Control Panel Is Not Functioning:

As the button and the switch are also a part of the microwave, this may signal that the microwave’s control panel is not functioning as it’s supposed to.

Possible reasons for a non-functioning microwave control panel could include a power issue, a faulty control board, or a malfunctioning keypad.

Even if the button and switch are fine, if the control panel is faulty, the system won’t work. As a result, the door won’t be latched.

The Lock is Broken:

If the lock that helps the door to latch is broken, the microwave door will show signs of failure, such as not closing, opening, or latching.

It may also not heat properly or make strange noises. Additionally, the interior light may stay on when the door is closed.

It is important to replace the broken lock as soon as possible in order to ensure the microwave is functioning correctly and safely.

How to Fix Microwave Door Latch? 6 Ways

Here’s what you need to do to solve different issues that are stopping your microwave door from latching.

1. Clean the Microwave Thoroughly:

Using a damp cloth or sponge, clean the inside of your microwave. You can also use warm, soapy water.

Use a soft bristles brush to clean the hooks, spring, and latch of the microwave by dipping the brush into warm soapy water.

Make sure to clean the microwave daily so that debris and grease cannot create disturbance in the latch.

2. Fixing the Door Latch, Torsion Springs, and Assembly:

The tools you’ll need to fix the microwave door latch are a flat-blade screwdriver or paint scraper, drill, and replacement for your door latch and spring.

Make sure the drill is 1/16″. Now it’s time to start the work. Follow the steps I’m writing here, one after another.

  • Step one: Trim the inner part of the microwave door by using the screwdriver or scraper.
  • Step two: Pry the plastic clips holding the trim. But just pop them loose, don’t snap them.
  • Step three: You’ll see two clips on each side. Only remove the side clips that are attached to hook latches.
  • Step four: After removing the trim, you’ll see the door latch assembly.
  • Step five: Now, replace the latch, spring, or hook if that’s broken.
  • Step six: To replace the torsion springs, drill the place where the hook broke off. Then, hook the spring through the hole you drilled. Now, hook the other corner with the microwave door hole.
  • Step seven: Just pull up the assembly and feed into the holes, and you’re done.
samsung microwave door latch broken

3. Check the Software Failure

Normally, this happens due to over power supply and overuse. So, turn off the device, wait for ten minutes, and turn it on using a different switchboard.

If still, the software doesn’t start; you need to take it to a professional.

4. Repairing the Door Frame:

With a screwdriver, loosen the mounting screws and then just remove the frame. Now, put some grease and replace the worn parts.

You can remove the protective cover as well. However, if the frame is broken, it’s time to call for professional help.

5. Fixing The Control Panel:

To fix your microwave control panel, first, you must ensure that the microwave is properly plugged into a functioning power outlet.

Sometimes, dirt, debris, or spilled liquids can cause the keypad to malfunction. So, you need to clean the keypad with a soft cloth-dampened and mild cleaning solution.

Moreover, if the control board appears damaged or burnt, it may need to be replaced.

6. Installing a New Lock:

If your microwave lock is broken, you must replace it. Like before, loosen the screws and remove the inner panel using a screwdriver. Then unscrew the broken lock and replace it with a new one.

You can do it easily by yourself, following the same methods as the door latch fixing I’ve already mentioned. If you don’t have any experience, you shouldn’t do it by yourself and hire a professional technician.

What to Do If Samsung Door Latch Stops Functioning?

As there are different types of microwave brands, the mechanisms can also vary. So, here I’m mentioning how to fix the microwave door latch of two of the most used microwave brands.

Finding out what part is causing the issue with the microwave door latch is the same for every brand. The latch, hook, spring, switch, panel, and loose screw are the parts that might be damaged or defective.

So check the assembly of the spring, screw, hook, switch, and latch. Then, depending on the issue, either solve it yourself or ask for professional help.

Besides software and control panel, here’s how to repair your Samsung microwave door latch.

  • In case you’re replacing a faulty part like a hook, spring, screw, or latch, buy the exact replacement that matches the model you’re using.
  • Remove the screw and bolts on the door using the correct size screwdriver.
  • Without stripping the inner panel, gently remove it. Then, unscrew the inner panel.
  • Inside the inner panel, you’ll find the assembly. Replace the broken parts.
  • Then, screw the bolts again, and your microwave will start working on its own.

But be careful and make sure to wear gloves and goggles while working.

Is There Any Way to Fix My Broken Whirlpool Door Latch

Whirlpool has different functions, so whenever there’s something wrong with the door or the latch, the device keeps displaying “door error.”

This door error can happen for four different reasons. The reason along with solutions, are as follows:

I) The door switch is faulty:

The safety feature of Whirlpool stops the function of a microwave if the door is not closed. It can happen when the door switch is faulty.


Close the door manually. If that doesn’t start the power supply, reset the latch by pressing the microwave button with a screwdriver.

To replace the switch, remove the cabinet. Then, following the user manual,  replace the switch. But make sure to use the exact model.

II) Connection problem:

A damaged door, switch, and dirt in the hinge area can cause a discrepancy in the connection between the door and the control unit.

So, if there is a connection problem, this can cause latching issues.


Clean the dirt after every use. Tighten the screws and then reattach the door with the hinges.

III) The door latch is faulty:

If the spring that holds the latch is broken or damaged, the door won’t be secured. So the error will keep showing.


Replace the spring by opening up the latch assembly that’s inside the control panel using a drill and screwdriver.

IV) The quantity of moisture is too much:

If there’s too much moisture inside the microwave, it can cause overheating that might damage the latch.


Always control the moisture level. And never use a teakettle in a microwave.

What Precautions Should I Take to Stop Hampering the Microwave Latch?

Electronic devices should be used with utmost care. Because no matter how you repair it, there’s a thing called original.

It’s hard for a device to function like before if it has to be mended several times. So, here are some tips to help you secure your microwave door latch from breaking.

  • Always use your microwave according to the user manual.
  • Never smash or slam the microwave door.
  • Always open and close the door without force.
  • Always clean the microwave every day after use.
  • Make sure to clean the inside and outside with a sponge or damp cloth.
  • Always use a soft brush to clean the hooks, hinges, and latches.
  • Only use the microwave when the connection is stable.
  • Never use the microwave when the power supply is up and down.

If you follow these tips, there is a higher chance that your microwave door latch will work fine.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Do microwaves need to be cleaned daily?

Yes, microwaves and its door need to be cleaned daily, or else stuck-up food can cause issues.

How does a microwave door reset?

You need to press the off or clear button for almost three seconds. When everything is canceled, restart the microwave.

How much does it cost to repair a broken microwave door latch?

Depending on your brand, repairing a microwave door latch can take from twenty dollars to hundred dollars.

How much time does it take to repair a microwave door latch?

The time span is between a few minutes to a few hours. As there are things, you can fix on your own at home.

Is it worth it to repair the microwave door latch?

Yes, the door latch is a small part, so you should repair it instead of buying a new microwave.

How to lubricate a microwave door?

You can use special silicone grease to lubricate a microwave door. It should be applied to the hinges and latches of the door, as well as any other parts that may require lubrication.

Final verdict

Electronic devices are unpredictable. You never know when they might act up. So, it’s always better to take precautionary measures to avoid any disturbance.

However, if you still face any problems regarding the microwave door latch, this article is here to your rescue.

I’ve written about all the possible reasons, solutions, and precautions to help you use your microwave without any issues.

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