Whirlpool Microwave Light Won’t Turn On – Fixing The Issue

When using your Whirlpool microwave for cooking, its light should be working to indicate that the Microwave is working and cooking. Also, it will tell you whether the cooking is done or not.

However, what would you do if your Whirlpool microwave light won’t turn on? There are many reasons why Whirlpool microwave lights will stop working or malfunction, such as broken fuse, power supply, etc.

Therefore, if you know the underlying issue, you can fix it by yourself too. That is why I am going to find out why the Whirlpool microwave light bulb is not working.

As well as I will discuss and explain how you can fix your Whirlpool microwave light bulb after determining the problems and why the Whirlpool microwave light won’t turn off in some situations.

So, let’s start with why is the Whirlpool microwave light not turning on all of a sudden.

Whirlpool Microwave Light Won’t Turn On – 7 Common Issues

The microwave light won’t turn on can be due to many reasons, such as a damaged power outage, broken microwave, fused bulb, etc.

So, here are some of the most common causes of why your Whirlpool microwave light is not turning on:

  1. Not Enough Power Supply: The microwave requires an adequate power supply, including the lighting component, to function properly. If there is insufficient power reaching the microwave, it may result in the light not turning on.
  2. Microwave Is Not Properly Plugged In: If your Whirlpool microwave is not securely plugged into an outlet, it may not receive the necessary electrical connection to power the light. This can happen if the plug is loose or there is a problem with the outlet itself.
  3. Whirlpool Microwave Settings Malfunctioning: Issues with the microwave’s settings can affect the functioning of the light. It could be a malfunction in the control panel or a software-related problem that prevents the light from turning on.
  4. Loose Light Bulb Fitting: A loose or improperly fitted light bulb can lead to a non-functional microwave light. If the bulb is not securely screwed into its socket, it may not make proper contact to receive electrical power.
  5. Faulty Light Bulb Socket: The light bulb socket can also become faulty over time. It could be due to a loose connection, corrosion, or other internal issues that prevent the bulb from receiving power and illuminating.
  6. Blown or Fused Light Bulb: A blown or fused light bulb is a common reason for the Whirlpool microwave light not working. When the filament inside the bulb breaks, or the bulb’s fuse blows, it will no longer produce light when the microwave is turned on.
  7. Burnt Out Motherboard or Fuse: A malfunctioning or burnt-out motherboard or fuse can cause the Whirlpool microwave light to stop working. These components are crucial in powering and controlling the light, and any damage or failure can result in its malfunction.

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Now that you know the plausible causes of Whirlpool microwave light malfunctioning. So, let’s go ahead to learn how to fix them easily by ourselves.

Whirlpool microwave light bulb not working

How To Fix Whirlpool Microwave Light Not Working?

The initial steps to get your microwave light bulb to work again is by fixing the common issues such as checking its power supply, fuse box, fitting, and light socket.

On the other hand, other general issues, such as blown light bulbs and blown motherboard fuses, need to be changed under experts’ supervision.

In case you can’t identify the cause of the error, don’t worry; follow all the instructions one by one. Well, trying out all the methods below sequentially will surely get you to the right solution.

Perform the following steps you should fix any Whirlpool microwave problems with the light bulb issue:

1. Make Sure The Fuse Box Is Supplying Enough Power

The fuse box that controls the electrical power supply in different parts needs to be checked at the very start. If one of your house’s power outlets is using too much power, other outlets may not get enough power.

Regarding this, you may need to make some replacements to ensure a proper power supply. Thus, make sure the circuit breaker is working properly, and there is no power surge in any outlet power adequate power supply.

2. Check If The Microwave Is Properly Plugged In At The Wall Socket

A simple step that most people outlook is to check if their microwave is plugged in and if it’s getting power or not. Sometimes the microwave may be plugged in but not firmly, which might hinder its power supply. This can cause your microwave to not function all of its components accordingly.

So, take a look at the wall socket where the microwave plug is connected to inspect if it’s firmly connected or not. In case you are still confused about whether it’s properly plugged in or not, just unplug the microwave and replug it again.

3. Reset Your Whirlpool Microwave

You must perform a soft reset on your microwave if the light bulb still won’t turn on after correctly plugging it into the socket. In this case, resetting the microwave will clear any glitches or issues that might be causing its light bulb to not turn on.

Therefore, you can reset your Whirlpool microwave by switching it off for a minute and then switching it on again. This procedure can be followed either by turning it off from the fuse or simply unplugging the microwave from the wall socket.

4. Fix The Loose Light Bulb Fitting

After a long period of using your microwave, its screws might start loosening. This can also affect your light bulb fitting and make it loose. Therefore, a loosely screwed light bulb won’t be able to make a proper connection with the socket. This can also cause it to turn off or on or not function at all.

If you find out the light bulb fitting is loose, the best thing to do is unscrew the light bulb and screw it again. After that, keep on screwing it unless the fitting doesn’t turn anymore to make sure it’s properly screwed this time.

whirlpool microwave light socket

5. Repair The Faulty Light Bulb Socket

You need to check the light bulb socket if your microwave’s light is still not working. The light socket in which you have screwed the light might also be damaged and cause the light bulb to not work properly.

Therefore, the light socket might fail to provide continuous power to the bulb, which can be checked with a voltmeter. This process requires opening the light socket, which can be tough for you.

You might also not have a voltmeter/multimeter available in your kitchen, so it’s wise to seek help from an electrician.

6. The light Bulb May Be Blown And Needs To Be Replaced

The light bulb used in microwaves is similar to normal light bulbs. Well, these bulbs have a coil that heats up and produces light. If the light is fused or blown, you will find that the coil is broken, and there are pieces of broken filaments inside the bulb.

Sometimes, blown bulb glasses become brown or darkened, which indicates that the bulb coil is already burnt and blown. So, if you find your microwave lightbulb to be blown, you can change it by unscrewing the previous light and installing a new one.

However, you should use a soft cloth to hold the bulb while screwing and unscrewing. Well, the light socket might still produce some electricity, and the cloth will protect you from getting electrocuted.

7. The Motherboard May Have Blown A Fuse & Needs To Be Replaced

It’s very tough to say whether a motherboard is broken or not. You cannot just easily check if the microwave motherboard is damaged by looking. However, if your microwave’s motherboard has blown, you will see black marks around some components.

Well, checking the motherboard of a microwave is a bit complex task because it is located behind the control panel. You will have to unscrew the control panel and some other parts without making any mistakes to check your motherboard.

Since these are all very complicated parts, we would suggest you seek expert help in this case. Thus, call in for a repairer to come and help you with the blown motherboard.

whirlpool microwave motherboard

8. Whirlpool Microwave Light Flickering

The Whirlpool microwave’s light flickering and clicking can also happen due to the same reasons why the Whirlpool microwave light won’t turn on.

Flickering indicates that the bulb is loosely connected to the socket or not getting enough power. Screw the light properly with the socket again and check if the problem disappears.

If the light bulb still flickers, you might need to check the socket of the light. Use a multimeter/voltmeter to check if the light socket supplies enough and constant power to prevent the light from flickering.

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What To Do If Whirlpool Microwave Light Won’t Turn Off

You might also come across some issues where your Whirlpool microwave’s light won’t turn off. Well, this can happen due to malfunctioning of different components and control panel glitches.

whirlpool microwave light won't turn off

Therefore, check out the following steps to fix this error:

1. Check If The Door Is Properly Shut

Microwaves are designed to turn off their lights as soon as the doors are shut. So, lights not turning off can happen if the door is not properly shut.

If the door is shut, but the microwave reads that the door is open, the lights will stay on. This can happen because of a faulty or dirty door latch. The door latch can malfunction if there is any food residue or dirt that is affecting its closing mechanism.

You can use a paper towel or washcloth to remove grease, food, and dirt from your microwave’s door. Make sure that there is no residue left on any edge of the door.

2. Repair The Damaged Or Broken Door

The metal door latch might also be damaged, which can cause the microwave light to stay on. Here are the ways you can check whether the door latch is damaged or not:

  • Check if the door makes any clicking sound while closing. Microwave doors are designed to make a clicking sound while closing for confirmation. If not, you do have a door latch problem.
  • Inspect the metal arm of the latch and look for any cracks, damages, and tears.
  • The metal arm of the door is supposed to be in a straight position. If you find the arm to be bent, gently straighten its fixture.
  • Debris and dirt can also damage microwave doors, which cease latch.

3. Clean Stuck/Dirty Control Panel Buttons

The Whirlpool microwave control panel has both on & off buttons for lights that must be properly maintained and cleaned. If you use the buttons roughly, the touchpad might get stuck on the inside and not recognize touch commands.

When pressing the control panel light buttons, your microwave will make a beep sound, which means the buttons are working. If you don’t hear any such sound, this means that your panel buttons are faulty. This can happen because of the dirt, grease, food residue, etc., that gets stuck on the platform of the touchpad.

Clean the control panel surface with a soft cloth and a little warm and soapy water. Further, you can also utilize a cotton bud to wipe between the buttons. However, please do not use any harsh chemicals as they might damage the touchpad.

4. Check For Other Problems With the Control Panel

Your Whirlpool microwave’s light might also stay on due to control panel glitches and malfunctions. When you press any buttons, the control panel sends the signal/command to the Whirlpool microwave. The control panel cannot send or receive any signal/command if it is faulty.

Power outages are harmful to the control panel. If you perform any maintenance or reset on your microwave without unplugging it, then control panel failure can happen.

In case, your microwave fan also shows any damage, you can be assured that the light issue is due to control panel failure. You can also look into the panel for any signs of damage.

Although most microwaves have their control panels behind the keypad, you must check your microwave’s user manual before opening any part for checking.

5. Hard Reset The Whirlpool Microwave

At last, resetting previous settings from your microwave’s control panel might do the magic for you. You can perform a soft reset by simply pushing the clear button. However, if even this doesn’t work, you can perform a hard reset.

A hard reset will put your microwave in factory settings and resolve glitches. You can hard reset your Whirlpool microwave by simply unplugging it from the power output and waiting 5 minutes before plugging it in again.

After performing the hard reset, you will need to set the timer and readjust your microwave’s suitable settings. Thus, all the technical issues will be gone for good.


Whether your Whirlpool microwave light won’t turn on or off, always start with the most basic steps for fixing it. However, you can prevent such issues from occurring by ensuring the cleanliness of the touchpad and door.

If you still can’t fix your microwave’s issue with our discussed methods, seek help from Whirlpool customer service. Microwaves have a life span of at least five years, so don’t worry too much about these small issues.

You will always find a solution; if not, customer service is always there. Of course, I am also here to solve your problems, so let me know anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Is It Safe to Use Whirlpool Microwave Without Light?

Yes, it is safe to use the Whirlpool microwave without light. The cooking will not get hampered just because the light bulb is fused. However, it is always recommended to replace the light bulb if it gets fused to ensure that the microwave operates at the optimal level.

Does the Whirlpool Microwave Light Always on?

No, the Whirlpool microwave and all other microwave lights only turn on when the microwave is working, or the door is open. This means the microwave light does not stay on all the time.

How Do I Reset My Whirlpool Microwave Light?

To reset the light on your Whirlpool microwave, there are a few steps that you should follow. First, unplug the power cord from the wall outlet and wait about 30 seconds. Then plug the power cord back in and press the “Start” button for three seconds.

The light should then be reset. If this does not work, try pressing the “Stop/Clear” button for three seconds. This should reset the light.

Why Is the Light Inside My Microwave Not Working?

A defective or burnt-out bulb, faulty wiring, or a blown fuse could cause it. To determine the exact cause of the problem, it is best to unplug the unit and inspect the bulb, wiring, and fuses for any signs of damage.

If everything looks ok, then you may need to replace the bulb or contact a technician for further assistance.

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