How To Reset Whirlpool Microwaves: Quick and Simple Guide

To fix your Whirlpool microwave errors and Settings glitches, it’s essential to know how to reset Whirlpool microwaves.

Even if you have the best microwave, it will sometimes show error messages and malfunction, which can be easily fixed by resetting its system.

Well, it is typical for all microwaves to malfunction or glitch after a long period of use that can be easily fixed by a simple reset.

Moreover, if you mistakenly insert information Settings on your microwave, the best thing to do is reset it. This way, you can prevent your microwave from errors and glitches before it stops functioning.

However, many people don’t know how to fix their nonresponding Whirlpool microwaves as they don’t know how to reset the microwave.

So, here is an easy guideline you can follow for doing a Whirlpool microwave reset. Before you know more about resetting your Whirlpool microwave, let’s see whether you can factory reset Whirlpool microwaves.

Can You Factory Reset A Whirlpool Microwave?

Yes, you can easily factory reset your Whirlpool microwave to restore its default Settings to where they were. Therefore, you can do this by disrupting the oven from power and creating a power outage for a few minutes.

After the reset, you can customize your microwave’s Settings and functions again in minutes. Thus, you can start using your Whirlpool microwave without any errors.

Now, you may be wondering whether there is a reset button in the Whirlpool microwave as an easy method. So, let’s find out more about it.

Whirlpool microwave reset

Does Whirlpool Microwave Have Any Reset Button?

Unfortunately, Whirlpool didn’t include any reset button on any of their microwaves, but they designed all of them with resetting controls.

Well, Whirlpool purposefully didn’t include any reset button to prevent us from making frequent resets. That’s because we will be more careless with microwave Settings as we think resetting fixes every.

However, that’s not true, and you should be very careful with the microwave functions and reset the microwave only when it is highly necessary.

Regarding the Whirlpool microwave reset, you’ll get all options for soft and hard reset options with all Whirlpool ovens. Thus, it is time to learn how to reset the Whirlpool microwave.

Simple Ways To Reset Whirlpool Microwave

There are two easiest methods you can apply to reset the Whirlpool microwave and solve any functional errors. These methods are a Soft Reset and a Hard Reset.

A soft reset system can quickly fix any normal errors and malfunctions in your microwave. But if the problem is severe and resetting the whole Settings is the only way, you will need to perform a factory reset/hard reset.

Here are the guidelines you need to follow for a Whirlpool microwave reset:

1. Soft Resetting Whirlpool Microwave

The Whirlpool microwave soft resetting process is very easy as you only have to utilize the off/clear/cancel buttons and press the buttons to reset the program.

To soft reset the Whirlpool microwave, press the Off, Clear, or Cancel buttons for 3 seconds. By doing this, the soft reset cancels all the programs saved on the screen and gets you out of the programs you have started.

After performing the soft reset, you won’t be able to continue using your oven unless you set the timer again.

But if the Whirlpool microwave still malfunctions, you must clear the Settings to default. To remove these Settings, you will need to apply the factory reset on your microwave.

2. Factory Reset/Hard Reset Whirlpool Microwave

The factory reset will delete all the existing Settings in the Whirlpool microwave and require you to set them again.

Performing a hard reset requires disconnecting the microwave from the power supply for a few minutes. You can do this by temporarily unplugging the appliance or turning off the circuit breaker.

After that, you have to wait for a few minutes before reconnecting the microwave to the power supply. Finally, you’ll find out that the microwave is back to Default Mode, which means the factory reset is done.

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Common Whirlpool Microwave Errors That A Reset Can Fix

The Whirlpool microwave reset can solve almost all technical errors and glitches (whether it is a common error or a severe error)you were facing.

So, resetting the microwave can easily fix the following problems with your Whirlpool microwave:

1. Frozen Screen

The touch screen of the Whirlpool microwave might stop responding, or the touch sensors might stop working.

If this happens or the touch display stops showing any information, you can fix it by resetting it unless it’s a technical issue.

2. Error Messages

The microwave system shows error messages when any system is malfunctioning. This happens due to glitches in Settings which can be easily fixed by resetting.

A factory reset may ensure that the error message won’t appear again.

3. Door Errors

If you stop cooking after putting it inside the Whirlpool microwave for a long time, it might produce a system error on the microwave’s door.

To prevent the door from being closed for an extended period, you should reset it if you face door errors.

4. Light Issue

Sometimes the light inside your microwave might not work properly if there’s any issue with the control panel. This control panel glitch can easily be fixed by resetting it.

Resetting is a good option if you face these problems because these glitches might produce more errors if they continue to be used.

However, if your Whirlpool microwave light does not work, please follow these steps, which I discussed.

reset Whirlpool microwaves

What To Do If Microwave Resetting Doesn’t Solve Errors

There are issues with microwaves for which resetting might not be enough. For such problems, you have to be able to identify the source of these issues.

Here are some technical issues that you might check for to keep your Whirlpool microwave running:

1. Locked Controls

There is a control lock feature in most electric appliances that locks the control of the touch screen. This lock is featured to protect the screen from accidental touches.

If you mistakenly enable the control lock, your microwave’s control buttons might stop working.

2. Outdated Mobile App

Using an incompatible mobile or outdated mobile app of Whirlpool will make your mobile controls Settings complicated.

Whirlpool mobile application requires regular software updates, which will also ensure smart and smooth configurations for your microwave.

3. Damaged/Loose Wires

Whirlpool microwave’s touchscreen display can go on and off if any wire inside the display panel is loose or damaged.

However, it’s not a good idea to open and check the display panel on your own as it is a very sensitive part. Rather you should ask a technician to diagnose and fix this problem.

4. Faulty Display Panel

After fixing all loose and damaged wires, if your microwave’s display panel still has errors, then your display panel might be faulty.

This panel controls the screen and all other controls of the microwave. So, you will have to replace the panel.

Hence, replacing the panel will also require professional hands as you might also end up damaging the new panel.

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Whirlpool Microwave Resetting For Different Settings

Here are a few tips on how to reset a Whirlpool microwave for specifically restoring different Settings and controls:

1. Reset Lights On A Whirlpool Microwave

Minor issues like light malfunctions can easily be solved by either soft or hard resetting the appliance. If you can’t find the issue for light malfunctions, you might want to reset the Settings in the control board, which is also a good idea.

If you think there is a problem with the bulb, don’t try to replace it yourself, as you will have to remove the control panel, which is risky.

The control panel and capacitor contain a deadly level of electricity. Thus it should only be removed by professionals.

2. Resetting the Control Board

Correcting errors on the Whirlpool microwave’s control can be done by disconnecting the control board from power. You can also unplug the circuit breaker for a few minutes, and the control board will reset to the factory system.

Regarding this, resetting the microwave fixes control board issues by dissolving the pent-up energy.

However, if you are performing a hard reset, be cautious because the capacitor will carry a dangerous amount of electricity even if the microwave is unplugged.

3. Reset Whirlpool Microwave Touch Screen

If the touch screen of your Whirlpool microwave is frozen or not responding, you can reset it by performing a system reboot.

Here are the easy steps to reset the Whirlpool microwave’s touchscreen:

  • Power off the microwave’s circuit breaker for a minute.
  • Turn on the circuit breaker again and power up the microwave.
  • Verify the information shown on the display panel and change them if necessary.
  • Restart the Whirlpool mobile app to check if the application’s information matches the information on the microwave’s screen.
  • If the information doesn’t match, refresh the page by pulling it down and holding it until it starts loading again.
  • Once the loading is complete, the mobile app is refreshed, and the touchscreen reset is successful.
  • Log out and log in again to the app’s home page if the refresh is still unsuccessful.

4. Reset After Cleaning the Filter

Even after cleaning the filters of your microwave, if your appliance still shows an error code, you need to reset the filter. Resetting the filter can also be done by performing a hard reset on your microwave.

There’s another method to reset the Whirlpool microwave filter status light by pressing the open button and clock button to scroll the menu.

While scrolling, you will eventually see an option for filter resetting. Now press the start button to start the reset process.

5. Door Switch

Malfunctioning microwave door switches need to be replaced. However, Whirlpool features a ‘door’ written message on the screen if there’s any error or glitch with the door switch.

Door switch errors can be easily fixed by simply opening and closing the door again. However, if the error message still occurs, you might need to perform a hard reset.

6. Reset After a Power Outage

After facing a power outage, your microwave might start showing error messages which are quite common. To fix these errors, you only need to disconnect your microwave from power and reconnect it after a few minutes.

If reset is necessary, you can start trying with soft reset and hard reset later on if necessary.

How do I reset my Whirlpool microwave

How To Reset The Clock On A Whirlpool Microwave?

Resetting the clock can be done by unplugging the microwave oven and disconnecting it from the power source. This will reset the clock to zero and allow you to make new changes.

Another way to reset the timer/clock is by pushing the clock button a few times unless it restores back to factory Settings.

Set Time On Your Whirlpool Microwave

Here is a step-by-step guideline on how you can set time on your Whirlpool microwave:

  • Locate the open button and clock button.
  • Firstly, press the open button and then the clock button.
  • Insert the time depending on your time zone/ location.
  • Pause the process unless the display shows ‘saved’.
  • Your time is set now.

Set the Light Timer On A Whirlpool Microwave

Whirlpool microwaves come with a 12-hour clock format which is efficient for better time functions. Here is how you can set your cooking light to turn on and off at different times:

  • Locate the button options/clock.
  • Press the button, and you will get a timer submenu.
  • Click on the setup Settings to adjust the light on time and light off time.
  • The time options you will have will be in minutes and hours
  • You can use the same process to cancel the light timer.

Final Words

Now that you know how to reset Whirlpool microwaves, you can quickly run your appliance like a pro. Whirlpool microwaves are designed to last years with an astounding performance in the kitchen.

The Whirlpool microwave reset will always ensure that it’s working correctly. Furthermore, you can also make any changes in time and fix any errors with this reset guide.

However, if your microwave is still overheating or causes any other errors after resetting, you should take it to a professional for repair. Happy cooking!

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Where is the Whirlpool microwave reset button?

Unfortunately, there is no reset button in the Whirlpool microwave. But there are other controls and buttons you can ultimately use to reset the microwave.

How do you hard reset a Whirlpool microwave?

Disconnect the Whirlpool microwave for a minute, connect it to the power source, and start it. Now, you can start the cooking cycle and monitor the oven for a minute for any error codes while you’re at it.

How to reset the Whirlpool microwave display Not Working?

Doing a factory reset on the Whirlpool oven will solve the display error or the display not working. Try powering off the oven and powering it on again to check whether the display error has resolved.

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