Ninja Foodi Watr Error Code – Reasons & How To Fix

Undoubtedly, the Ninja Foodi is a versatile kitchen appliance. It can replace several other cooking devices. But is the Ninja Foodi an error-free appliance? No, like any other appliance, you can also face some errors by using Ninja Foodi.

Have you ever noticed the ‘Watr’ code On your Ninja Foodi? Maybe or not. But what does the Watr mean on Ninja Foodi? Watr is a water error code that shows on the display of the Ninja Foodi due to various reasons.

That means Watr on Ninja Foodi implies the level of water or liquid that is required to add for the cooking process. Other reasons can be the cause of the Watr error code on Ninja Foodi.

Do you want to know more about the Ninja Foodi Watr error? Then keep continuing to read this content to gather information along with keeping you aware of Ninja Foodi Watr errors.

I will try my best to provide detailed information. Here, I am going to discuss the Ninja Foodi add water error, the reasons, and how to fix it with extra data.

What Does Watr Mean On A Ninja Foodi?

The Watr on a Ninja Foodi means that there is a lack of water or liquid inside the pot to complete the cooking process. That means liquid or water is required to add to the pot or cooking vessel for preparing the food.

But why is needed the level of water or liquid? As the Ninja Foodi is a special Kitchen appliance, it prepares food through the power of pressure and steam. For this, an adequate amount of liquid or water must be added to the pot before running the machine.

Because without enough water, the Ninja Foodi may be unable to bring the water to the exact pressure or temperature for cooking the dish successfully. So, it is crucial to add sufficient water before operating the device.

But how the Watr occurs on the Ninja Foodi? Ninja Foodi also has a display screen for showing various indications like other instant pots.

So, when more water is needed for the cooking process, Ninja Foodi will display a water symbol that usually says ‘WATR’ on the screen for adding water.

ninja watr

What About The Water Error Message On Ninja Foodi?

The Watr is called the water error message that shows on the screen of the Ninja Foodi. A water error message can appear when you use the steam feature in Ninja Foodi. It means that extra water is needed to build steam.

Again, it can be shown on the screen that the Ninja Foodi says water. It means that it needs more water or liquid to create pressure. In this case, a Watr error message can also appear on the screen when the Ninja Foodi uses a pressure function.

It can occur if the pressure release valve isn’t in the correct position or seal position. So, you may need to add extra water for the cooker’s function.

However, if anyone has faced the water error of Ninja Foodi, they will want to fix the problem. In this article, I shared some Ninja cooker troubleshooting and solutions for those people who want to fix the Watr error code.

Ninja Foodie Says Watr Error: Causes and Solutions

There is every reason behind every issue. The Ninja Foodi water error can also be occurred due to various reasons.

Generally, the water error message ‘Watr’ on Ninja Foodi will arise during two periods. One is when you will use the Steam feature. The other is when you will use the pressure function.

When you use the steam feature and pressure function, the Watr error code can occur due to some causes, including:

Reason-1: Low Water Or Liquid Level

Sometimes, you can see that you have given less water mistakenly to the cooking vessel or pot for cooking.

This water won’t be enough to build proper steam for preparing the food. As a result, due to too low a level of water, the Watr error can occur on the Ninja Foodi’s screen.


When there is a lack of water in the cooking vessels to create enough steam, it can be the cause of the Watr error on the Ninja Foodi. In this case, you have to add extra liquid or water that is adequate to fix the Watr error.

But before considering the error message, you should check the water level. Then you can add more water to proceed with the cooking process.

Reason-2: Incorrect Installation Of Silicon Ring

If you install the silicon ring improperly, the Watr error code can occur. The pressure won’t build properly due to improper installation of the silicon ring.

As a result, the screen of the Ninja Foodi shows a water error message.


After confirming the error message, you should check if the silicon ring is properly installed. If the silicon ring isn’t installed correctly, you have to reinstall the silicon ring to continue operating the unit. Then you can easily fix the Watr Ninja Foodi problem.

Reason-3: Improper Sealing Of Pressure Release Valve

If you get the Watr error on Ninja Foodi, you must check the pressure release valve. If the pressure release valve isn’t properly placed in the right position or sealed position, it can cause the Watr error on Ninja Foodi.

When the pressure release valve isn’t placed in the sealing position, and enough Ninja pressure won’t build up, the screen will show the water error message.


Ensure the pressure release valve is in the right position to avoid the Watr error code. If not, you have to seal the pressure release valve in a sealed position properly.

As a result, it can be able to build proper pressure to continue functioning. Then you can fix the water error message from the Ninja Foodi.

Reason-4: Lack of Water

Lastly, like the steam feature, if there is a lack of water in the cooking pot, the pressure function won’t work. This leads to the cause of the Watr error code on the Ninja Foodi.


To fix the water error message, you have to also check the water inside the inner pot for pressure function. The appliance can’t build pressure due to insufficient water. That’s why you have to add at least one cup of extra water or liquid to continue the pressure-cooking cycle.

Sometimes, Ninja Foodi users claim that their appliance wants more and more water by showing the water error message even when it’s not needed. Even if they add extra water, the device still displays the Watr error code on the screen.

In this case, you can contact Ninja Foodi’s customer service helpline. They will help to solve your issues through the professional support team.

ninja foodi says watr

Preventing the Ninja Watr Error Code: 4 Easy Steps

The Water error code on the Ninja Foodi typically indicates a problem with the water level in the cooker.

To prevent this error code, you can follow these instructions:

Keep Proper Water Level:

The first and most important step is to ensure you have the correct amount of water in the Ninja Foodi while cooking.

Different recipes may require different water levels, so you should follow specific recipe instructions for the recommended water amount.

Adding too much or too little water can trigger the Watr error code on the Ninja Foodi cooker.

Use the Inner Pot Markings:

The Ninja Foodi comes with markings on the inside of the inner pot that indicate the minimum and maximum water levels. When you will add water, make sure it falls within this range.

Avoid exceeding the maximum level or going below the minimum level to prevent the error code.

Check the Water Reservoir:

If your Ninja Foodi has a detachable water reservoir, please ensure that it is securely attached to the pressure cooker.

Improper attachment or a loose reservoir can lead to the Watr error code, so double-check that it is properly seated and locked in place before cooking.

Clean and Inspect the Water Sensor:

If the water sensor is dirty or malfunctioning, the Watr error code can also occur. So, you need to locate the water sensor and keep it clean.

You can clean the sensor gently with a soft cloth or sponge to remove any debris or residue. Ensure that there are no obstructions or damage to the sensor.

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Where Can You Add Water In Ninja Foodi?

You can always add water or liquid to the bottom of the inner pot. Then the steam will build up and enables the pot to pressurize.

You need not add any extra liquid or water to the container that you have put into the inner pot of the Ninja Foodi.

Again, one question comes to your mind: can you add extra water to the air fryer? The answer will be no. You shouldn’t add more water to the air fryer of the Ninja Foodi.

Because an air fryer isn’t for creating steam for food, so, you always avoid adding an excessive amount of water to the air fryer.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

How Much Water Do You Put In The Ninja Foodi Cooker?

You can add ½Addof water to the Ninja Foodi pressure cooker. But sometimes it depends on the recipe you will prepare. Some recipes can require a wide range of water.

For example, soups or stews need more water. So, it is recommended to add water to the recipe; you should follow the specific instructions for a specific recipe. According to the general rule of thumb, you can add 1-2 cups of water for a maximum recipe

Why Does Ninja Foodi Take Time To Pressurize?

The seal can take so long to pressurize if the seal isn’t correctly positioned silicone seal is placed in the grooves of the cooker lid. Then the problem will be solved. Sometimes this can also cause the Ninja food water error.

Can I Put Too Much Water In The Ninja Foodi?

Yes, you can put too much water. But you may face some problems. For adding too much water, the cooker will take a long time to reach the needed pressure. Then the food will be overcooked and waterlogged. So, you should add the right amount of water.

What Should I Do If Ninja Watr Error Occurs During Cooking?

Watr error can occur during the cooking process. It happens if the water level sensor is unable to detect the level of water or liquid properly.

In this case, after getting the error message, you should immediately stop the cooking process. Then check the water level. Ensure the sensor is working. If necessary, clean the sensor of the water level. Then whenever the error is resolved, you can continue the cooking process.

Should You Still Use The Ninja Foodi When The Watr Is Shown?

No, it’s not recommended because the water error message indicates that the cooker has a low water level during cooking. So, if you still use the cooker after displaying the Watr error, it may cause damage your cooker.


Despite being a reliable kitchen appliance, you may also face Ninja Foodi errors, like Water errors. Most people are unaware of this water error. But when you will face this error, don’t be afraid.

The Ninja Foodi Watr error is a common issue. By maintaining some instructions, you can overcome this issue. I have already discussed all the details you need to know. I think you don’t have any doubt about Watr on Ninja Foodi.

Hopefully, this beneficial discussion will help you resolve the Watr error code on Ninja Foodi. Lastly, I have a suggestion for you to practice before cooking a meal with a water test.

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