Power XL Air Fryer Reset Button – Everything To Know!

Is your Power XL air fryer acting up and causing problems while cooking? Worry not! The Power XL air fryer reset button will help you fix the issues.

If you are a new Power XL air fryer user, you might not know much about it. But the Power air fryer conveniently consists of a specific Reset button, unlike many other electric cookers.

Therefore, you can easily factory reset your fryer with the Power Air Fryer XL reset button to get rid of all the errors. This simple solution can also resolve software malfunction, display errors, and other problems of the Power XL air fryer in a jiffy.

Regarding this, if you are having trouble, I will teach you how to reset the Power XL air fryer in many ways. After that, you will be able to get back to your cooking without a hassle.

So, let’s start by learning more about the PowerXl air fryer reset switch and explore more guidelines on the way.

What Is The Power XL Air Fryer Reset Button?

The Power XL air fryer reset button resets the air fryer to its factory settings and dissipates all the prior errors and glitches.

Therefore, the PowerXl air fryer is an amazing multipurpose cooking appliance to help you experience cooking, frying, baking, steaming, grilling, and many more altogether. So, you can easily make healthy foods and some fried snacks within moments.

On rare occasions, this wondering air fryer can malfunction and halt your cooking progress. This is when the reset button becomes your savior and literally resets every function from the Power XL air fryer.

The cooking mode, time, temperature, and functions you previously set will change back to the default mode after resetting your Power XL air fryer.

While resetting, the reset function resets both newly programmed functions along with the code errors, software shutdowns, program malfunctions, faulty internal functions, and display glitches.

Further, the main objective of the reset system is to remove all the bad codes, programs, and malfunctioning cache data from the system for good.

In case, you have specific settings you input in the Power XL air fryer, you should note it down before resetting. Or the safety reset will clear the previously programmed functions by you.

After the reset is complete, apply the function again to continue further. Now that you know the purpose of the reset switch, you must be eager to locate it and see for yourself.

how to reset power xl air fryer

Where Is the Power Air Fryer Reset Button?

The location of the PowerXL air fryer reset button differs depending on the fryer model. Usually, you can find the reset switch underneath the bottom of the air fryer.

That’s right, you need to flip the air fryer upside down, and there’s a pencil-thin-sized red button.

At first glance, you may not find it; you need to look for it right next to the cord. After locating it, you may not be able to access it just using your fingers.

Therefore, you should use a paper clip, toothpick, or a thin unsharp pin to press the reset button. After clicking the reset button, the powerXL air fryer will reset instantly.

How To Reset Power XL Air Fryer?

The time has come for you to know how to use the PowerXL reset button and reset all the error codes and malfunctions.

Luckily, there are three individual ways to reset the PowerXl fryer, and I’ll explain all three of the methods.

1. Apply Reset Button

Here’s how to reset the Power XL air fryer using the reset button:

  • Disconnect the PowerXL air fryer from the power supply and ensure no electricity can pass through the air fryer system.
  • Let the fryer cool down, and remove all the food inside the air fryer basket.
  • Flip the air fryer upside down and locate the tiny red reset button.
  • Push the button using a clip or toothpick for 5 seconds.
  • Stop pressing when you hear a beep alarm.
  • Connect the air fryer to the power source and start it.
  • The air fryer is now set to the default mode.

2. Reset Using The Power Button And Preset Menu (M) Button

Here’s how to reboot air fryer Power XL with the Power button and M button:

  • Unplug and cool down the air fryer.
  • Wait for 5 minutes.
  • Plug the air fryer in again.
  • Keep pressing the Power and M (Menu) buttons together for 5 seconds.
  • After you release the buttons, the air fryer display will show RESET.
  • Again, press the M button for confirmation.
  • To confirm reset, the display will show OFF and switch off on its own.
  • Turn on the air fryer, and you’ll find it in the factory reset state.

3. Reset Using Time And Temperature Buttons

Reset the Power XL air fryer by following the steps:

  • Disconnect the air fryer and wait for 10 seconds.
  • Plug it in again.
  • Push the Time and Temperature button altogether for 5 seconds.
  • Once the RESET message appears on the display, release the buttons.
  • The Power XL air fryer has now reset.

4. Additional Resetting Methods

Sometimes, instead of using the reset button, I follow these methods to recycle the cooking process in my air fryer. Let’s see:

i: Using the ‘Cancel’ or ‘Stop’ Button

  • Find the ‘Cancel’ or ‘Stop’ button on the panel.
  • Press the button (twice for some models).
  • The display will switch to standby/home and beep.
  • Wait briefly after stopping the cooking process.
  • Select a new setting to start cooking again.

ii: Using Remove and Reinsert the Basket

  • Turn off the air fryer and let it cool if recently used.
  • Firmly grip the basket handle and pull it out.
  • Inspect the slot for debris.
  • Slide the basket back until it clicks into place.
  • Turn on the air fryer.

Now you know how to reboot air fryer with and without the reset button. Also See: PowerXL Air Fryer Not Heating Up – 12 Reasons

Reminder: The Power XL air fryer is not waterproof. So, you shouldn’t clean it with excess water or submerge it.

When Should You Use The PowerXL Air Fryer Reset Button?

Like any other electric kitchen appliance, the PowerXl air fryer will show problems after a long period of usage.

Therefore, the fryer may show signs of technical or software errors. Besides, there are various kinds of issues and errors that require the use of the rest button of the Power XL air fryer.

So, here are some of the problems that follow:

  1. Blank Or Frozen Screen: The display screen of the Power XL air fryer may become blank or unresponsive. Resetting will make the touch-screen functional again.
  2. Error Codes: On rare occasions, the control panel will display error codes on the screen showing technical issues in the air fryer. The control panel will reset and stop showing error codes after a reset.
  3. Unresponsive Buttons: The buttons of the air fryer may malfunction and not work properly. After factory resetting, the unresponsiveness of the buttons will resolve.
  4. Overheating: If the air fryer becomes too hot after overusing, resetting the air fryer will shut it down and cool it down safely.
  5. Standby Mode: No activity after powering the air fryer will switch it to the Standby mode, where it won’t take any command. By resetting the air fryer, it will get back to the default mode and operate normally.
  6. Power Surge: A sudden power surge may fry the air fryer. Pressing the rest button to shut it down will keep it safe from any damage.

Tip: Keeping the air fryer clean will relatively decrease the probability of having malfunctions. If you still face any random malfunctions, glitches, or shutdowns, the factory reset will help.

power air fryer xl  reset button

When Does The Power XL Air Fryer Reset Not Work?

Performing a reset on the Power XL air fryer will surely resolve most of the problems and errors. However, some of the critical problems, like hardware malfunctions, won’t resolve with just a factory reset.

Therefore, here are a few instances when resetting the Power XL air fryer won’t work:

  • If the air fryer has a fused heating element, the reset won’t fix it.
  • The defective control board with loose wires will not recover with a factory reset.
  • In case the thermal fuse is burnt, it can’t be fixed with a reset.
  • A reset cannot repair the broken parts of the air fryer.
  • The factory reset cannot replace the broken power outlet.

In short, if there is a technical software or program error, the PowerXL reset button can resolve it. However, when it concerns hardware defects and malfunction, the reset is futile.

Power Xl Air Fryer Button Meanings – Instruction Guide

While using the Power XL air fryer, you’ll find a lot of glowing switches with signs or alphabet. All the buttons perform specific commands or functions.

The Power XL air fryer buttons’ specific functions are:

1. Power Button

The first button on the Power XL air fryer is the power button. When you press it, the air fryer activates and starts operating.

On the contrary, if you press it again after cooking, baking, or frying is over, the fryer will switch off. Other than these, it has other functions as well:

  • After you set the booking mode, pressing the power button once will set the default 370F temperature and 15-minute cook cycle in the air fryer.
  • If you click the power button twice simultaneously, it will start the cooking process.
  • While the cooking is progressing, pressing the power button will stop the cooking cycle right away.

2. Temperature Control Button

The temperature button of the PowerXL air fryer will let you program the desired temperature.

Further, you adjust the temperature conveniently with the + and – buttons.

3. Timer Control Button

By using this time control button, you can easily control and adjust the cooking cycle of your meals.

The + and – sides on the button will let you effortlessly increase or decrease the cooking time.

4. Display Screen

It is a display panel that is touch-responsive and shows temperature and cooking time.

Moreover, the display touch screen of the Power XL air fryer will show you the essential messages such as error codes, the cooking cycle is over, the air fryer needs a reset, etc.

5. Menu/Preset Button

The M-signed button on the air fryer is the Menu button from where you can choose different cooking settings.

There are a total of 7 cooking preset options.  So, just by pressing the M button, the cooking function will change along with time and temperature.

5. Reset Button

You already know that the PowerXL Vortex air fryer reset button resets the air fryer to its factory settings.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

What To Do If The Power XL Air Fryer Reset Button Doesn’t Work?

If the reset button of the Power XL air fryer doesn’t work, you can use alternative methods to reset the air fryer. You can do a soft reset by unplugging the fryer for 5 minutes and plugging it back in.

Another reset method is Plug out and plug in the air fryer. Then, press the Power and Menu buttons simultaneously for a few seconds.

After releasing the button, the display will show that the air fryer has reset.

Can You Reset The Power XL Air Fryer?

Yes, you can easily reset the PowerXl air fryer to get rid of all the technical errors. Moreover, the PowerXL has a separate reset button at its bottom.

So, the reset procedure is more flexible and comfortable.

Why Is My PowerXL Air Fryer Not Turning On?

Your Power XL air fryer is not turning on due to defects and malfunctions. You need to figure out the exact cause and Power Air Fryer troubleshoot it.

You can start by resetting the air fryer. If reset doesn’t help, a thorough inspection will help find the reason for the error.

You can inspect these for starters:

  • Power source and power cord
  • Heating element
  • Thermal fuse
  • Control board
  • Door lock system, etc.

Final Verdict

Now you know everything about the Power XL air fryer reset button. Even if you cannot reach the tiny Power air fryer XL reset button, you can use other methods.

That’s why I provided three different methods for how to reset Power XL air fryer. So, if you ever face any random issue with your air fryer, reset it right away to clear up the problems.

Moreover, if the Power XL reset doesn’t help, don’t be discouraged, as the reset can only fix software issues, not hardware problems.

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