PowerXL Air Fryer Not Heating Up – 12 Reasons

It’s frustrating when you want to fry some crispy wedges, and the PowerXL air fryer not heating up problem occurs. Don’t worry; as long as you can find the cause and resolve it, you can go back to frying some wedges again.

I will discuss the most common reasons responsible for Power XL not heating up. So that you can locate the exact issue easily. Moreover, you can easily fix those problems using our guidelines with essential steps.

For example, if your Power XL air fryer is not heating up because of the faulty heating element, you will need to replace it. Further, I will also provide additional tips and tricks from experts.

So, let’s begin figuring out the cause responsible for the PowerXL heating issue and solve it ASAP.

Why Is PowerXL Air Fryer Not Heating Up? – 12 Reasons

Till now, I have gathered 12 causes accountable for the PowerXL air fryer not heating up error. Of course, there can be other reasons for your air fryer not heating up all of a sudden.

Some problems will be solved with a simple hard reset, cleaning, and maintenance. However, some of the issues may need professional attention.

So, stay till the end to understand which causes you can fix by yourself.

1. Defective Power Outlet

A bad power outlet cannot ensure a supply of sufficient electricity or voltage for running your Power XL air fryer smoothly.

As a result, the power voltage may be too low to let your air fryer work properly. On the other hand, too much power voltage can fry your perfectly fine air fryer.

Power XL air fryer won't heat up

Solution: Check The Power Outlet’s Functionality And Repair

Use the 3 methods of Power XL troubleshooting below to inspect your kitchen’s power outlet and fix its issue:

First Method:

  • Plug in other electric appliances in the outlet, such as mobile charger. If it works, the outlet is not defective, and maybe it’s the socket.
  • The power outlet’s circuit breaker can flip on its own, making the socket malfunction.
  • Check for the outlet’s circuit breaker and whether it’s turned down or not. If it’s off, flip it on.

Second Method:

  • If the kitchen outlet has a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI), inspect it. If water is near the outlet, the GFCI trips to lower the electric supply to avoid danger.
  • You need to find the reset switch of the GFCI and turn it back on.

Third Method:

  • You can use a multimeter to test the power socket’s continuity. If the voltage amount reads 120V, the power outlet is good. But if the reading is too high or too low, you must change the power outlet or socket.

Or you can simply use another fully functional power outlet at your home.

2. Broken Power Cord

The power cord or cable of the Power XL air fryer is sturdy enough to withstand harsh temperature conditions. However, it can’t protect itself from the outer damage from bending or exposure to excess heat from overuse.

Moreover, the plastic covering may melt and damage its inner wires due to wear and tear over a long period. Therefore, a faulty power cable can’t sufficiently connect your air fryer to the power outlet.

Solution: Replace The Power Cord

Follow the steps below for further queries:

  • Check the air fryer’s power cords to find any outer damage.
  • If the damage is tiny, use an electrical wire to wrap the exposed area.
  • If there are burned or melted signs, the damage is irreparable.
  • Replace the power cord with a new one.

3. Faulty Heating Element

The heating element in the air fryer is a metal coil that produces heat. In case, the heating element becomes faulty, it will stop generating heat.

That’s because the air fryer detects the defect and stops it from working to prevent accidents. So, your Power XL air fryer won’t heat, and nothing will cook.

In some cases, you may find the food is getting colder rather than heating. The air fryer fan that distributes heat in the food chamber evenly is blowing cold air as the heating element isn’t working.

Solution: Change The Heating Element

If you are a DIY enthusiast who likes to fix things, here are the essential steps to help you replace the PowerXL air  fryer heating element:

  • Unplug the air fryer from the power source.
  • Unscrew its outer body with a screwdriver.
  • Take out the outer shell and control board to reach the heating element.
  • Test the heating element’s continuity by placing a multimeter on its connectors.
  • If it’s working, great! If it isn’t, proceed to the steps below.
  • Disconnect all the wires and connectors of the heating element, and take it out of the air fryer.
  • Get a new heating element of the same model and install it carefully.
  • Reconnect all the wires, connectors, and components back in their place. Then screw in the outer shell of the air fryer.

Pro Tip: While replacing components from electrical appliances, you must wear insulated gloves to keep yourself safe from high-voltage electricity exposure.

4. Blown-Out Thermal Fuse

The thermal fuse detects sudden power surges and saves the PowerXL air fryer from getting fried. This is a safety mechanism to level the voltage surge by a considerable amount.

Therefore, the thermal fuse burnt out, which means the electrical path has been cut off by the fuse. It is a safety measure to save the fryer from the power spike.

Since the path running electricity is disconnected, the power won’t reach the circuit board. Hence, even if the Power XL air fryer turns on and seems to be working fine, it won’t heat up.

Solution: Replace The Thermal Fuse

You can easily change the blown-out thermal fuse by following these steps:

  • Unplug the PowerXL air fryer and disassemble it.
  • Find the thermal fuse located near the power cord and connect it to the circuit board. It looks like a black-colored glass body since its inner filament is burnt.
  • Remove the fuse and disconnect it from the circuit board and fryer cord.
  • Now, attach the new thermal fuse of the exact model in the right spot.
  • After completing the installation, reassemble the air fryer and connect it to the power source.
  • Try heating the fryer, and Voila! It works!

5. Broken Temperature Sensor

Like any other electric appliance, the Power XL fryer consists of a temperature or thermal sensor. This thermal sensor is situated underneath the air fryer’s heating element and connected to the control board.

The main function of a temperature sensor is to read the temperature rate inside the fryer’s cooking chamber and send the data to the control board.

After getting the signal, the control board sends corresponding signals to the heating element to adjust the heat accordingly. However, the thermal sensor can be damaged if you mishandle your air fryer by not cleaning it regularly, overheating it, or using it extensively.

Therefore, your PowerXL air fryer will show errors like not heating at all, overheating, error codes, blinking display, and many more. Eventually, the air fryer’s lifespan will decrease very fast.

Solution: Replace The Thermal Sensor

Changing the old defective temperature sensor with a new working one is the easiest solution. So, follow the guidelines below to proceed:

  • Disconnect the PowerXL Vortex air fryer from the Power outlet.
  • If the air fryer seems hot, let it rest to cool down.
  • Unscrew the outer plastic body of the fryer.
  • Get to the temperature sensor right next to the heating coil.
  • Inspect the sensor’s resistance to find whether it has continuity or not.
  • If the multimeter read is infinite, there’s no continuity, and the sensor is fused.
  • Remove it carefully from the wires and connectors.
  • Install the new sensor in its place carefully.
  • Now, assemble the fryer to cook some fries in it right away!

6. Malfunctioning PCB

The PCB, aka Printed Circuit Board, is an associated part of the control panel that controls all the cooking functions and processing. It is also one of the main components operating and monitoring the cooking temperature and time.

Therefore, it can also operate and regulate the heating element features.

However, if the PCB is defective, the heating element won’t receive any operating commands and won’t work. Even if the heating element produces heat, it will either burn the food or cook unevenly.

You will also face other issues with your fryer, such as repeating error codes, display flickering, etc.

Power XL not heating

Solution: Replace The Broken Printed Control Board

The air fryer not heating issue will be resolved by changing the broken PCB with a new one:

  • Switch off the air fryer and let it sit to cool down.
  • Take off the back side of the Power XL air fryer ( near the air vents).
  • Look for the Printed Control Board right next to the control panel.
  • Check the PCB for any signs of damage or burns. If it has a black burning sign, replace it.
  • If there’s no visible sign, test its continuity with a multimeter for assurance.
  • In case, the PCB has no continuity, remove it and replace it right away.
  • Reinstall all the parts of the air fryer.
  • Start frying some chips in it!

7. Malfunctioning Door Lock System

The lid of the air fryer prevents heat and food from escaping the cooking chamber. Further, the lid also ensures that it’s safe to start the air fryer to fry some dishes.

However, if the Power XL Vortex air fryer is not locked properly, it can cause accidents and even minor explosions of steaming hot food.

Therefore, the air fryer won’t operate till the air fryer is closed properly to avoid these types of accidents.

As a result, if the air fryer door is broken somehow, it won’t close, making the air fryer not heat.

Solution: Repair And Replace The Lid

Repairing and Replacing the PowerXL air fryer is not complicated.

  • First, turn off the air fryer and let it sit for a while.
  • Look for any visible damage or dents on the lid.
  • Clean the stuck food dirt and grease from the lid.
  • If there’s a dent, repair the dent.
  • Remove the door from the air fryer and inspect all the lock-release parts of the doors.
  • Replace the parts that seem too worn out to operate.
  • Assemble the door and then the air fryer.

8. Misplaced Air Fryer Basket

Sometimes, you will feel like frying a big batch of chips at one time. As a result, this will make the fryer basket installation improper.

On the other hand, if you put the basket in haste, the basket will not sit at the right angle or position.

Therefore, if the air fryer functions cannot locate the basket in the right spot, it won’t start the heat feature.

Solution: Proper Placement Of The Fryer Basket

You need to avoid overloading your air fryer basket with excess ingredients or foods.

Moreover, try to properly place the basket in its place to ensure everything is fine. Hence, the air fryer won’t detect any malfunction and start frying some chips as usual.

Note: You can get the spare parts easily from the online hardware stores and at a cheap cost.

9. Faulty Door Safety Function

The PowerXL air fryer consists of a safety switch that ensures the lid is tightly closed along with other components.

After all the parts of the fryer are in place, the safety switch will let the air fryer turn on and operate as usual.

However, if the safety function malfunctions and signals that the air fryer is not locked in place, it will not heat up.

Solution: Replace The Safety Switch

Here is what you should do:

  • If the safety switch goes off suddenly, you need to double-check your PowerXL air fryer lid and basket.
  • If they are locked and secured, the safety function is broken.
  • Buy a new safety switch and replace the old one for good.

10. Malfunctioning Air Fryer Fan

The main function of the fan inside the air fryer is to circulate and distribute the heat or hot air evenly in the cooking chamber for perfect cooking.

Sometimes, the air fryer fan motor can malfunction, causing the fan to stop working. Besides, power surges can also damage the small fan motor very easily. On the contrary, the fan won’t rotate or operate if it is clogged with food debris and grease.

Therefore, the PowerXL air fryer won’t heat up evenly, and the food will be either uncooked or burnt in some places.

Solution: Change The Fan

It is a hassle to repair the motor of the tiny fan. Instead, you can easily replace the fan.

To install the new fan in the PowerXL air fryer:

  • Dismantle the air fryer and let it sit till it’s not hot to touch.
  • Locate the fan right next to the heating element.
  • Remove the fan by disconnecting its wires and other parts.
  • Attach a new fan in place of the old one and reconnect all the wires and connectors.
  • Reattach all the parts of the air fryer with a screw.
  • You’re good to go and make some dishes.

Suggestion: You should regularly clean the food debris and grease from the PowerXL air fryer’s fan, heating element, and door. Or else the build-up grease will clog them and cause trouble.

11. Air Fryer In Standby Mode

After switching on the power Xl air fryer, you will select a particular cooking function to make some food right away. However, sometimes, you get caught up in something else and don’t continue anymore.

In this case, the Power XL air fryer switches to the Standby or Sleep mode after distinguishing certain times of inactivity. The Standby mode is designed to save energy while the air fryer is turned on but not working in any cooking mode. On the contrary, in sleeping mode, the air fryer shuts down on its own.

In the Standby mode, the air fryer will start after pressing the start button. But the air fryer display won’t take any command.

Solution: Soft Reset The Air Fryer

Performing a soft reset or restart will switch the power XL air fryer’s Standby mode to normal mode:

  • Unplug the air fryer.
  • Keep it unplugged for about 10 minutes.
  • Replug the air fryer.
  • The Standby mode is deactivated, and the normal mode is activated.
  • Now, the Power XL air fryer will heat up as usual.

Tips: If you use the latest PowerXl version, there’s a reset button at its base. You can simply use that reset button to initiate a soft reset.

12. PowerXL Error Code

Sometimes, the Power Xl displays error codes because of some internal or software issue.

As a result, the air fryer will stop heating and act up till you factory reset it. Moreover, this can also occur when the cooking mode you set is glitching for no reason. So, you need to resolve this brief annoyance by resetting the fryer.

Solution: Factory Reset The Air Fryer

Here’s how to reset the PowerXL air fryer:

  • Keep the air fryer plugged in.
  • Press the Power switch and hold it for 10 seconds.
  • If you hear a beeping noise, the air fryer has reset.

Another way is:

  • Press the reset button under the base of the Power XL air fryer.
  • Unplug the device for 5-10 minutes.
  • Replug and start the air fryer.
  • The air fryer is now in its default settings.

You may need to set time and a few other settings to make it operable as before.

Additional Tips For Power XL Air Fryer Won’t Heat Up

Before you start doing DYI repairing and replacing the Power XL air fryer for not heating, keep these things in mind.

  • Perhaps the temperature you set is too low to heat up fast.
  • You should preset the temperature and preheat the fryer to see if that works.
  • You must have set the cooking time too little.
  • Different amounts of food need different temperatures or cooking time.
  • Choosing another cooking function than the desired one is a common mistake.

So, keep these things in check before abruptly deciding that your Power XL air fryer is not heating up.

Last Conclusion

This is the end of the PowerXL air fryer not heating up guidelines and solutions. You should first reset the air fryer, and resetting removes all the temporary errors or glitches.

Moreover, if you feel hesitant or diffident, you can stop after identifying the Power XL not heating causes.

Afterward, you can seek expert help to repair and replace the issues for you. Thus, enjoy air frying some chips and wedges and eat them at ease.

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