Power XL Air Fryer Troubleshooting – 12 Reasons and Fixes

Are you worried and can’t find a reason why is your PowerXL air fryer not turning on? Don’t fret; I will guide you through this problem and provide you with effective solutions.

As a PowerXL air fryer owner, you know that air fryer is very popular and convenient for making unique and delicious foods. Moreover, air fryers are the healthier version of deep frying and require minimum oil for frying foods.

However, what if your convenient Power XL air fryer stopped working without a reason? That would be terrible as you won’t get to make your meals right away as usual.

Thankfully, you can apply Power XL air fryer troubleshooting methods to make delicious foods again. But before that, you must identify the problem.

So, use my guide to inspect the common reasons and solutions to fix your Power XL air fryer quickly.

Power XL Air Fryer Stopped Working – 12 Solutions

If your PowerXL air fryer stops working or not turning on, there are a few things you can try to find out the cause and troubleshoot it.

First, you’ll start to inspect the minor things that may be responsible for the Power XL Vortex air fryer not turning on issue. For example, check if the air fryer is tightly connected to the power outlet.

This sort of problem will be resolved with just a bit of attention. However, more potential causes are responsible for why the Power XL air fryer is not starting.

Power XL air fryer stopped working

Let’s learn about the possible reasons below with detailed information and troubleshooting methods to make the PowerXL air fryer turn on again.

1. Old And Worn Out Air Fryer

It’s just that your PowerXL Vortex is old, worn out, and misbehaving for a bit. Sometimes, your old Power XL air fryer may act up since it’s not what it used to be.

Also, a lack of caring, overusing, and overheating must have strained the air fryer.

How To Fix:

If your PowerXL air fryer is not turning, resetting may help resolve the issues. So, here’s how to reset the PowerXL Vortex air fryer:

  • Ensure the Power XL air fryer is properly connected to the power source.
  • Press Start to check if the air fryer cooker will turn on.
  • If not, unplug it for 5 minutes and replug it.
  • Now, click Start again.
  • Your PowerXL air fryer will turn on again.

Tips: If your PowerXL air fryer is not too old, it will have a separate Reset button like most models. So, you only need to hit the reset button placed at the base to reset the air fryer.

If the air fryer still shows signs of malfunction (PowerXL not turning on but showing error codes), use the instruction manual for more direction.

2. Defective Air Fryer Plug OR Cable

If the PowerXL plug and cable are damaged or defective due to being bent or fused, the air fryer won’t turn on. The air fryer cable and plug can withstand wear and tear.

However, long-term exposure to heat and overuse can ruin them. Therefore, you must look for signs of burning, melting, bending, or loose pins.

On the bright side, if you happen to forget to plug in the air fryer plug in the outlet, it won’t start. Thus, check and ensure that the plug is malfunctioning or not connected.

How To Fix:

Here’s what to do in steps:

  • Properly connect the air fryer plug to the outlet.
  • Try turning on the air fryer to check if the proper connection helps.
  • If not, inspect both the plug and cable.
  • If they are defective or damaged, repair or replace them.

3. Broken Power Source/Outlet

If the power source socket or outlet is faulty and not supplying electricity, the Power XL air fryer will not work. You can check by plugging the air fryer into another socket to ensure the possibility.

Also, you can try plugging in different appliances in the same power outlet.


If the power outlet is responsible for not letting your Power XL air fryer turn on, use another outlet in the house. It can be a hassle carrying your air fryer in another place.

Hence, the best option is to fix the power outlet in the kitchen. You can call for an electrician for the task.

4. A Blown Thermal Fuse Or Thermostat

Even if the cable and plug are not broken, a burnt thermal fuse and thermostat can make your air fryer stop starting.

The thermal fuse and thermostat are significant components ensuring safety for the air fryer and you. They reduce excess heat and regulate heat evenly in the air fryer compartment.

But if either is blown, the safety measure will prevent the PowerXL air fryer from turning on.


Since the thermal fuse and thermostat are closely interlinked, you need to change both parts altogether.

Don’t fret; you can easily replace the inbuilt thermostat and thermal fuse with proper guidelines. So, check the user manual for detailed instructions and change them carefully.

However, if you get stuck during the replacement process, don’t forget to call customer support. They will cordially guide you out of the trouble.

5. Misplaced Air Fryer Basket

The air fryer basket helps you fry different foods in different ways (works like a toaster oven, deep fryer, steak grill, etc.). Also, it consists of hooks and anchors to prevent cooking disasters from happening.

Therefore, if it is installed in the wrong position, the air fryer won’t mechanism won’t detect it and won’t let you turn on the fryer.

How To Fix:

You heard it. Although nothing is wrong with your air fryer, it won’t start because of its safety system. The safety feature of the PowerXL air fryer ensures all the parts, like the grill, rack, or basket, are in the proper position.

Thus, install the air fryer basket in the right place so that the air fryer can detect every part in order.

6.    Air Fryer Door Won’t Close

After properly installing the air fryer basket, it’s time you check on the lid. If the door is loosely closed or not properly locked, the air fryer will stop functioning. There is a safety feature in the lid-locking system as well.

In the worst case, the door won’t close if a dent or the lock system and release lever are worn out for good.

How To Fix:

If the air fryer door or lid is not closing because you overfilled it, take some of the food out to make space. You can always fry the next batch within minutes.

However, if the air fryer isn’t working properly for no apparent reason, search for dents or stuck food debris on the lid. Clean the dirt and fix the lid. You should change the interlocking system if the lid is not locking properly.

7. Faulty Heating Element

In this scenario, your Power XL Vorte air fryer will turn on and light up as usual. But when it comes to cooking, the PowerXL air fryer won’t cook at all.

That’s because the heating element is fused or broken somehow. Continuous overheating will fuse the heating element. This can also happen when you don’t regularly clean grease and dirt, which can create more heat.

Therefore, the air fryer won’t produce or distribute heat to cook food. Hence, the heating element failure is a bit hard to notice. But it can occur, and your air fryer won’t work.

How To Fix:

You cannot repair a heating element easily, so replace the heating element to restore your Power XL air fryer.

Again, you can use the PowerXL user manual for help and thorough guidelines.

8. Defective PowerXL Touch Screen

You can’t understand whether the PowerXL air fryer has switched on or not if the touch screen isn’t working. Regarding this, the touchscreen won’t work for a few reasons:

  • The PowerXL Vortex isn’t powered up.
  • The air fryer isn’t connected to the outlet.
  • The power switch is Off.
  • The Control board is malfunctioning.
  • The Touchscreen keypad is damaged.

How To Fix:

Follow the steps below to repair the Power XL air fryer touchscreen:

  • Restarting may resolve the error code responsible for making the PowerXL air fryer display blank.
  • Ensuring a sufficient power supply may make the touchscreen work properly.
  • If the touchscreen and its buttons are unresponsive, fix the control panel wire connections.

9. Air Fryer Light Bulb Fuse

Maybe your PowerXL air fryer is turning on just fine. But the light bulb inside is fused, and you can’t see it apart.

That’s right, the screen display shows you all the functions and settings through the LED light inside it.

However, if it is fused, the screen display will go blank, making you unable to identify whether it’s turned on or not.

How To Fix:

If the touchscreen isn’t lighting up because the internal light bulb of an air fryer is fused, change the bulb.

Changing the Light Bulb in an Air Fryer:

  1. Unplug the air fryer.
  2. Open the fryer to access the bulb.
  3. Locate the bulb inside.
  4. Unscrew the old bulb counterclockwise (use gloves).
  5. Screw in the new bulb clockwise.
  6. Close the fryer.
  7. Plug in and test the new bulb.

10. Control Panel Malfunction

A rare failure in the appliances is when the control board becomes faulty. The control board is like the heart of any cooking appliance.

When the control panel is faulty, it will also affect the keypad or button operating functions. As a result, pressing start won’t work, and the air fryer will not work.

Therefore, if the control board is malfunctioning, it will affect all the functions of the air fryer. Considering this, the air fryer will not turn on.

How To Fix:

You need some soldering tools, wires, and screws to fix the control board of the air fryer. Follow the quick guidelines below:

  • Use the user manual to dismantle the PowerXL air fryer and reach the control board.
  • Now look for burning signs in the wire and the control board.
  • Use the soldering tool to solder the burnt connections in the control board.
  • Replace the burnt wires with a good one.
  • Make sure all wires are connecting the right inputs.
  • Assemble the air fryer and use it.

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11. Auto Shut-Off Function

PowerXL air fryer comes with another safety mechanism, and that’s an auto shut-down function.

If you’re overworking your PowerXL air fryer and making it overheat for a long time, it will shut down. After that, it won’t turn on till the heat cools down.

How To Fix:

If the auto shut-off function is activated due to overheating, you need to let the air fryer sit till its temperature drops. After that, your air fryer will turn on without any delay.

On that note, overheating the air fryer to avoid activating the auto turn-off feature.

PowerXL air fryer not turning on

12. Internal Damage

Although the PowerXL air fryer is robust and long-lasting, it can sustain damage from harsh abuse. Yes, it can cook and fry many dishes and even work for hours without overheating too fast.

However, if you keep abusing it just because it’s perfect for most quick meals, it will deteriorate and malfunction. Or what if you dropped it and some of the internal parts have been damaged by getting exposed to loose wires? It’ll malfunction.

On the other, a power surge or short circuit may fuse multiple components of the air fryer, which is disastrous.

Now, you can identify the cause with ease. Thus, let’s go ahead and apply the Power XL air fryer troubleshooting methods, which you will find below.

How To Fix:

To identify the internal damages, you must inspect the whole PowerXL Vortex air fryer. After figuring out the fused or broken parts, please repair or change them.

However, having too much damage may be a sign that the air fryer is beyond saving. But you can still try to save it. Even if you fail, you can always get a new PowerXL air fryer for a good deal.

Of course, you must contact the manufacturer to see if there are other alternative options you could use.

Power XL Air Fryer Troubleshooting: Keep Shutting Off

Sometimes, your air fryer turns on properly but keeps shutting down. Therefore, this can happen for no reason at all.

However, if your PowerXL air fryer keeps turning off, maybe it’s because of one of the reasons below:

1. Power Outage

A sudden power outage will switch off your Power XL Vortex air fryer.

In this case, the air fryer has no issues or problems you need to look out for.


Wait for the load shedding or power outage to resolve. After the power comes back, you can continue using the air fryer again.

2. Cooking Program Not Selected

Usually, you set the cooking program right after you start the air fryer.

However, if you forget to set the program, the air fryer will turn off automatically after 15 minutes or so.


Set the cooking function within a few minutes after you start the air fryer. Or turn on the fryer again and set the program to continue.

3. Overuse The Air Fryer

Using the air fryer for too long will make it turn off for a break. Straining the air fryer will also strain the air fryer’s components and may permanently damage them.


Don’t use an air fryer for way too long. You can try using it periodically and let it rest in between.

4. Overheating The Air Fryer

Overheating your air fryer by cooking meals at a high temperature for too long will make the Auto Shut-Off feature turn it off.

This safety function will let you use the fryer after 30 minutes of cooldown.


You shouldn’t overheat the air fryer beyond the limit, and make sure to follow the precaution tips from the instruction manual.

5. Air Fryer Basket, Lid, Or Cable Is Loose

A loosely installed basket will cause an error and make the air fryer turn off immediately after turning it on.

On the other hand, if you don’t lock the air fryer lid properly, it can become dangerous and shut down the air fryer.

The loosely connected cable or plug will fail to supply sufficient power.


You need to install and connect everything correctly before you start cooking in the air fryer.

Thus, these are the most common causes responsible for making your air fryer turn off all of a sudden.

Power XL Vortex Air Fryer Not Turning On – Extra Solution

Before you start trying out the solutions, you must remember to be careful and always prioritize your safety.

Also, clean your air fryer regularly; sometimes, it’s just the buildup of grease and food debris causing all sorts of issues.

Here’s what you should do:

  • Ensure all the parts of the air fryer are installed properly and have no damage.
  • All the functions must be fully functional or need repairing.
  • Reboot and switch the air fryer on again.
  • Replace broken components (i.e. blown fuse).
  • Contact the manufacturer for more guidelines.

Final Thoughts

After going through the problems and solutions above, you will easily fix if your Power XL air fryer stopped working suddenly. Air fryers or other electric appliances make your life more convenient.

However, they do come with a fair amount of problems and errors. Fortunately, you can resolve most of them by yourself with a little bit of knowledge and support.

Of course, the Power XL air fryer not turning on may be a more complicated problem that requires more complex solving. In this regard, do not hesitate to seek the manufacturer’s or professional’s help.

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