Tiger Rice Cooker Troubleshooting: Common Problems & Fixes

Is your Tiger rice cooker not working all of a sudden? Well, since a rice cooker is just an electric appliance, it can go bad over time due to some of its parts getting damaged or broken. Or it could be a battery died situation, which may be why the tiger rice cooker won’t Start.

The rice cooker is the most vital cooking gadget worldwide. You can cook many other delicious dishes along with rice. Therefore, to fix your rice cooker, you first need to learn about Tiger rice cooker troubleshooting.

As long as you can find out what is wrong with your rice cooker, you can easily fix it. So,  I will tell you everything you should know about why the tiger rice cooker is not working and what to do.

Tiger Rice Cooker Not Working: 8 Common Reasons

Despite rice cookers being the most digital appliances in your kitchen, these machines can break down due to rough usage or damage. Therefore, you must find the main causes and a suitable solution.

Just like the Cuckoo rice, the Tiger rice cooker comes with all the latest features you’ll need to make your kitchen tasks easier. However, when the rice cooker won’t start and needs troubleshooting, here is what you need to inspect:

tiger rice cooker won't start

1. Display Keeps Blinking

If your Tiger rice cooker display is suddenly blinking or flashing, it must have been because you pressed the wrong Settings. Besides, it can also happen when your rice cooker is getting enough power due to a faulty plug.

However, if either of the reasons is not responsible for the display blinking, the underlying issue might be the voltage fluctuation.

2. Button Won’t Push Down

If your rice cooker buttons or switches are not staying down, the debris stuck between the buttons may be the reason. As we don’t wash the main body of the rice, the debris can build up in the corners of the switches preventing them from latching but snapping.

On the other hand, the buttons can simply malfunction, and that’s why they are not staying down.

3. The Lid Not Closing

The most general reason for your rice cooker lid not closing is either because the sealing ring is misplaced or you overfilled the pot with water and ingredients.

Besides, if the rubber sealing ring is unclean, it can cause the lid not closing issue. And when the lid is not locked properly, the tiger rice cooker won’t start.

Luckily, these two issues are easy to solve, and you don’t need to repair the whole rice cooker.

4. Buttons Aren’t Responding

When the rice cooker buttons aren’t working at all, you cannot use any of the cooking functions of the rice cooker, let alone cooking. Therefore, the rice cooker switches aren’t working properly because the Internal Circuitry is somehow damaged.

As you know, the Internal Circuitry transmits signals to the buttons to start functioning. However, if the Internal Circuitry is not working, it cannot receive or send signals that are necessary for the rice cooker to operate.

5. Display Timer Blinking Zeros

The display of the rice cooker is flashing the timer, and instead of showing time, it shows zeros when the battery is dead. Therefore, as the rice cooker is an electric gadget, it needs a battery to operate.

And if the battery is dead, it won’t work. In case you are wondering why the Tiger rice cooker is not working, that must be because the battery has been dead for a while.

Therefore, it will be impossible to cook meals with a rice cooker in this situation.

6. The Cooker Timer not Working

Sometimes, you may be forgetful and forget to set the time, and then you will think that the rice cooker timer is not working. On the other hand, if the rice cooker is not plugged in properly, the timer won’t work.

Therefore, when the timer of the rice cooker does not work, you will fail to set the cooking cycle time. Hence, you cannot do any cooking or boiling.

7. Tiger Rice Cooker Leaking Water

If you overfill your rice cooker with too many ingredients and liquids, it will start to leak the food out. Moreover, the rice cooker can boil over when the ingredients are too starchy and expand after boiling.

The cracked pot or clogged steam vents also can cause a tiger rice cooker to leak water. In order to prevent leaks, it is important to inspect the inner pot for cracks and keep the steam vents clean.

8. Tiger Rice Cooker Not Heating Up

There are three primary causes for a rice cooker to stop heating suddenly. Therefore, these three are faulty thermostats, damaged sensors, or broken power cords.

If your rice cooker faces either of three issues, it will fail to heat or steam. Further, the rice cooker can stop heating up when the power supply is insufficient for the cooker to operate.

Suggestion: You can also use this reference to figure out why is the Cuckoo rice cooker not working.

Tiger Rice Cooker Troubleshooting: 8 Easy Ways

Now that you figured out the problems, you must act upon them and solve them immediately. Here are solutions you can try to fix your Tiger rice cooker.

tiger rice cooker timer not working

1. Restart Your Rice Cooker

As you mistakenly pressed the wrong function making the cooker blink, the ideal solution is to restart. So, unplug the cooker first, wait for 3 to 5 minutes, and then start your rice cooker again.

If this solution doesn’t work, the most probable reason for your cooker to blink will be power and voltage fluctuation. In this predicament, you will have no choice but to ask a professional technician for help.

2. Clean & Wipe the Rice Cooker

The most straightforward troubleshooting to make the cooker buttons move properly is to clean them. Well, as you cannot wash the main body of the rice, the best way to clean it is by wiping it.

Therefore, take a washcloth, rinse it with a bit of water, and use this to wipe the buttons on the rice cooker’s main body. While wiping, try to get into those tiny corners of the switches and remove all the dirt.

You can also utilize a cotton bud to help you get to the corners more efficiently. Also, try to find out if there is a faulty button and replace it ASAP, as they can activate the wrong functions.

3. Fix the Sealing Ring

If you want to close the lid of a cooker properly,  you must ensure that nothing is overfilling the lid-locking area. If there is anything extra, take them out, as you can always cook the next batch of meals. As for the sealing ring, always ensure to place it properly. This way, the lid will close without any hassles.

In case the sealing ring is full of food debris, clean the rubber seal with soap and water. Also, always remember to keep the inside of the rice cooker free of food debris. Thus, locking the lid to cook easily won’t be an issue.

4. Repair the Internal Circuitry

The unresponsive buttons of a rice cooker can work back again just with a little bit of help in the Internal Circuitry. Therefore, you will need to disassemble your little rice cooker and then get to the Internal Circuitry panel.

Well, now’s time to get serious about this DIY project. You must arrange a soldering gun, glue, protective glass, and gloves.

Now, you should simply solder all the loose wires and damaged points as you cannot identify the exact points like a professional technician. In case you are confused, check out how to fix the Internal Circuitry of an Aroma rice cooker.

5. Change the Battery of the Cooker

You cannot operate your rice cooker without replacing the old dead battery with a new Lithium battery.

Therefore, if you want to cook beef stew in your rice cooker again, replace the Lithium battery ASAP. So, unplug and switch off your rice cooker to begin the process. Then, open the bottom of the rice cooker and find the battery compartment.

Now, take out the old Lithium battery, dispose of it, and buy its replacement battery from a Hardware store. After that, install the new Lithium cell, close the bottom, and you are good to go.

6. Set the Timer

You must ensure that your cooker is properly plugged into the Power outlet. Therefore, switch on your cooker again, and set the cooking cycle time.

It will solve your issue with the timer. If you do not know how to set the timer of the rice cooker, press the time button until you get the desired cycle.

Also, remember that each time you press the minute button, the timer increases by a minute. So, if you press the timer switch exactly 7 times, the cooking cycle will be set to 7 minutes.

7. Never Overfill the Cooker

You cannot just overfill the inner pot of your rice cooker just to cook a large batch of meals. Well, you can always make another batch if the rice dish is not enough as you want.

Therefore, you should always keep at least half of the rice cooker empty so it can operate properly.

Moreover, overfilling will also block the pressure Valve from operating efficiently. Besides, too much pressure break down the food, which makes it lose texture, taste, and nutritional value.

Tips: If you want a bigger rice cooker, you should try to use the Cuckoo rice cooker. However, if you prefer a smaller rice cooker along with a Tiger cooker for convenience, try these Asian rice cookers.

8. Replace Thermostat and Sensor

As I already said, more than one cause is responsible for your Tiger rice cooker to stop cooking, heating up, or steaming. Therefore, first, you must pinpoint the exact issues by inspecting the power cords on multiple outlets.

As for the damaged Thermostat, you should open up the rice cooker and check for its feasibility with a Multimeter. Lastly, you can also examine the faulty sensors and the steam valve of the rice and see if there is any outer or internal damage.

If any parts turn out to be faulty, replacement is inevitable for repairing your cooker. This is the end of how to troubleshoot your Tiger rice cooker quickly.

How to Reset Tiger Rice Cooker?

Resetting the rice cookers has always solved errors and problems like a charm. Besides, it is the most basic troubleshooting approach. Therefore, here is how you can reset the rice cooker:

  • Power up your Tiger Cooker using a power outlet.
  • Continue pressing the Cancel button/switch for at least five seconds.
  • Now, tap the start button, and then the Menu function will reset.
  • Ensure that all lights are Off.
  • Finally, you start your Tiger rice cooker that has been reset.

Hopefully, if your Tiger rice cooker won’t start, this will solve the undetectable problems.

Reminder: Unplugging the Tiger cooker during the reset process will not make it successful.

Wrap Up

I explained everything you should know about why is the Tiger rice cooker not working and how to fix it. As well as you can also now look into and find out why is your Tiger rice cooker timer not working all of a sudden.

Now, hurry up and fix the problems using the Tiger rice cooker troubleshooting and make rice a Roni in your rice cooker to celebrate.

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